Springbank ( Official) - 10 years - 10 y.o. - 46,0%
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Springbank 10 years

10 years
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J.L. Zamora

Nose: refreshing, herbal, menthol, sea air. Palate: refreshing, toffe, spicy mint and late salt as if it was a question of a spray. A complex whisky where they are and a drink that must not get lost anybody .


C.: Very pale, white wine
N.: A very strong and zesty nose in the beginning: Almost chloroformical, biting, with a hefty spritty, alcoholic attack. Later, after leaving the glass for a short time, a very different picture appears: It's not alcohol anymore domanting the nose, this is the most oaky nose I ever experienced. Deep beneath there are layers of friuts, coconut (pina colada) and burnt sugar surrounded by the oak.
T.: Very firm, but after this nosing sensation the first impression is a little bit one dimensional. No caribbean cocktails anymore, it's oakwood again. After adding one drop of water, there is far more complexity to discover: Bitter herbs combined with a very flattering sweetness (creme brulée) and cocoa powder.
F.: A big herbal crescendo, medical, ! very long traces of a very cheerful bitterness (radicchio).
Not having the pleasure to try the older bottling mentioned, I can state that this is a dram very worth trying.

Henrik Johansson

Apperance: Pale straw
Nose: Quite closed to begin with but with some encouragement it lends lots of nicely balanced aromas with an interesting complexity. Warm but not very prickly. There are some fresh fruits with ground pepper and some aniseed (reminicent of Ouzo) on the background. A nice toasted oak hint is also present, reminds me in some way of a hot steaming bath and also a hint of brylcreem or possibly bubble gums. Reduced dram lends some impressions of green plants and heather flowers in addition. A second dram revealed more maritime hints together with the distinct peppery ness.
Body: On the lighter side.
Palate: Continues the nice impressions left by the nose. Potent and mouthfilling, well balanced and pleasant. It! feels sweeter than I expected with some interesting candy like like elements. The finish is quite long and becomes drier as it shifts from a earthy or mossy dampness to a spicy oakiness.

Jean-Marie Putz

The rather smooth nose is particularly marked by coconut. It is pleasant but not exceptional.In the mouth, the first attack is both malty and slightly woody, and the coconut is still there. The finish is pleasant, rather long and prolongs perfectly the mouth.

Jean-Marie Putz

Unfortunately, this bottle is not to compare with the 12 years old version which is not available on the market anymore. Far from the pleasure explosions in the mouth, this bottle stays however pleasant for the nose and the palate, however a hint of acidity could be disturbing. A too short finish does not save the bottling, which remains however a good Campbeltown malt...

Jean-Marie Putz

Very fruity (I mean very sweet) and discrete nose. Some sickly sweet impression first...
In the palate a greater complexity even if ripe fruit with added sugar still dominates before developing on slightly acid notes, with at the same time an increasing alcohol feeling. The mouth is much more pleasant than the nose was.
The finish is lingering and fresh with nice memories of green apple.
Amazing dram, starting on excessive sugared notes to finish on acid hints...

Jean-Marie Putz

The nose is rather complex, from vanilla to a kind of medicinal smell (ether?).
The medicinal hints remain in the palate, but are dominated by some pleasant spicy touches.
The finish is rather bitter and salted. A good bottle, but not to compare to other products which mad the reputation of Springbank, one of the last distilleries from Campbeltown.




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