Scotland and Scotch whisky: Grain whisky through the producing distilleries: history, making, maps and tasting notes



Carsebridge Distillery
Alloa, Clackmannanshire

Creation year: 1799
Demolished in: 1992

The Carsebridge distillery was foundend in 1799 by John Bald. Carsebridge was first a malt distillery but was changed to grain distillery in 1851-1852.
In 1877, after being managed successively by the two sons of the founder (Robert fom 1844 to 1845 and John thereafter), Carsebridg has been one of the founders of the DIstillers Company Limited (DCL) with some other grain distilleries: CambusCameronbridge, Glenochil, Kirklison et Port Dundas).
In 1966 it became part of the Scottish Grain Distillers, within ehe Distileer Company Limited group.
The annual production in the years 1885-1886 was between 6 and 8.000.000 litres, which made it the biggest distillery at that time.
The distillery was closed in 1983 and demoslished in 1992.
Some of the original buildings are still visible on the business park which has been build on the site. Some of the are usedfor storage and others as a technical and biotechnologic center.


Cameronbridge Distillery
Leven, Fife, KY8 5RL

Owner: Diageo

Creation year: 1813

The Cameronbridge distiller was the first in Scotland to produce grain whisky. It was however created as a malt distillery, and produced both grain and malt whisky for a while. Cameronbridbe was founded by Hohne Haig, who was also one of the founders of DCL (Distillers Company Limited) which will later become UDV and Diageo. 
The first legal licence was obtained in 1824, but the distillery produced whisky from 1813, when it belonged to John Edingon & Co. 
The distillery was mothballed form 1815 to 1821 and during the second World War, from 1941 until 1947.
Malt whisky poduction has been stopped from 1950.
Between 1880 ans 1929, the distillery also produced "silent malt", a whisky made from malted barley, but with continuous Stein stills,. "Silent malt" is a kind of malt whisky having no flavour. 
The distillery also produces other grains spirits, like Gordon's London dry gin or Smirnoff ice vodka.
The production capacity of the distillery is huge, as about 100 millions liters of spirit come out of the stills every year. 


Cambus Distillery
Station Road,
Tullibody, Clackmannanshire
FK10 2NZ 

Owner: Diageo

Creation year: 1806

The Cambus distillery was founded in 1806 and produced both single malt and grain whisky (from 1823). It was one of the founders club of Distillers Company Limited (DCL) with some other grain distilleries: Port DundasCameronbridge, Glenochil, Kirklison et Carsebridge)

The distillery was founded by John Mowbray and was converted from a mill. The distillery has been mothballed between 1914 and 1938 and closed on September 14th, 1993.
A new life foer the old distillery began in 2011. It is now a big cooperage for Diageo.



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