Talisker ( Official) - 57 Degrees North - N.A.S - 57 %
4F: 2E: 87/100

Talisker 57 Degrees North

57 %
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Jean-Marie Putz

A powerful and smoky nose. Peat and a discrete smell of citrus fruits on the background. A mix of ash and oranges amongst the sea spray. A promising nose.
In the palate an amazing freshness mixed with an ashy and citrus fruit taste. Nice complexity. Developing constantly between barbecue ash and vague coffee notes then coming back on too ripe orange tastes.
The finish is long and chocolate and coffee notes dominate.
An excellent Talisker


App.: Medium dark amber with yellowish glints, very oily, long tears in the glass.
Nose: Surprisingly mild for a Talisker in cask strength, but after a while there is plenty to notice: Mild but very clear peat, leather bound books in an old library with a cold burnt chimney. This is very beautifully mixing with hints of lime peel, grapefruits and sugared plums, green tea and black pepper.
Palate: Very round and firm, strong traces of smoke and leather combined with spicy forest honey. Even without water reduction, despite the high volume of alcohol this is a very accessable dram. With water added, there's more complexity in this combination adding citrus fruits, cocoa powder and, again, sweet gingerbread spices.
F.: Very dry, medium long, but a big smoky crescendo leaving bitter flashes on the tongue
Conc.: A dram to fall in love with for every Islay and Talisker afficionado preferring stronger bottlings.