Glen Grant (Duncan Taylor) - Rare Auld Cask Strength 36 years - 36 y.o. - 53,6%
 alt=2F: 2E: 79/100

Glen-Grant Rare Auld Cask Strength 36 years

Duncan Taylor
36 years
Rare Auld Cask Strength
Bottle details:
distillation: 02-1970 bottling: 10-2006
non chill filtered cask strength
cask nr:818
48 /190 bottles
price class:

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Jean-Marie Putz

A very nice nose marked by sherry with woody hints. Very nice balance announcing an interesting complexity in a pleasant smoothness.
This mouth is rather surprising, as it is not on the same palette as the nose was. Rather rough and first very bitter, with lots of woody notes, a touch of acidity and quite an alcohol impression. It developes slowly to balance, but the mouth is clearly less interesting than the nose.
The finish is relatively long, with the same woody bitterness. This bottle deserves certainly a new chance after a few days, in the hope the aeration will fade the dominance of woody hints and present more pleasant aromas.

Jean-Marie Putz

Color: Dark Mahogany
The nose is extremely marked by notes of sherry, with the smells of plum jam. The whole has a certain complexity and unquestionable balance despite the obvious domination of sherry.
The palate is very different from the nose. Strongly influenced by acid notes that take the place of wood and drought that characterized the first impression, the mouth held nothing of the sweetness announced in the nose.
Would be dealing with a whisky that had spent too much time in the barrel? ...
The finish is of medium length and marked by acid notes from the mouth mixed with a hint of sherry.

Note: More than six years have passed between the first and second tasting. Little change.