Inchgower (Malts of Scotland) - 33 years old for the 10 years of Whisky-Distilleries.info - 33 y.o. - 52,6%
6F: 6E: 88/100

Malts of Scotland
33 years
Bottle details:
distillation: 10/12/1980 bottling: 12/2013
non chill filtered cask strength
Embouteillage spécial 10 ans Whisky-Distilleries.info
Sherry Hogshead
cask nr:13069
2 /189 bottles
price class:

6 notes disponibles en français


Nose: vinous, dried mushrooms, old cellar, a little menthol. Rather complex.
Very pretty mouth, rich, nervous, spicy and fruity. Mandarin oranges, raisins, honeydew, bitter orange, coffee and kirsch.
Long finish, more malty. Bitter almonds. A complex and powerful for his age whisky.

Probably refill sherry. The bitterness may scare some, but I really like.

Jean-Marie Putz

Colour: Pale gold
The nose is quite mesmerizing, combining notes of biscuit, ripe fruit and dried fruit, dates, nuts. Floral notes come later, giving the whisky a nice complexity while maintaining a fine balance.
Leaving him some time, floral notes take over and new more fruity ones appear.
The mouth presents also an admirable complexity, combining a touch of bitterness (dried fruit, nuts, dates) with notes of cooked plums. So a nice contrast between bitterness and freshness, complex fruity but very balanced notes, all of them are playing on the register of subtlety.
The finish is pleasantly long and subtle. Here also notes slightly tinged with bitterness perfectly extend the pleasure of the mouth.

This Inchgower is just beautiful ...


Color: Yellow copper.
Nose: Quite some toffee signing these young Sherry that they wanted to give character in record time, and thus lack of character. Some worship it, it annoys me . But let's be fair : here , proper breathing is beneficial. The cheap caramel escapes in favor of roasted pineapple notes ... caramel (still ...) that you can ask for the dessert in Chinese restaurants , you know what I mean? A little sour note is good. Gingerbread , also (clove and anise), and a discreet sulphurous touch that pleases me in this case. Finally, it will eventually seduce me , that nose ...
Palate: Good news: the cheap caramel has almost disappeared. Water of life (eau de vie) now dominates . "Kirschy" and drier than the nose could suggest, still with a note of roasted pineapple. A beautiful power, fat and chewy, but perhaps a little lack of finesse.
Finish: Long , carried by a fine woody bitterness, it can evoke certain agricultural rums.
Comment: An Inchgower lacking a bit of finesse and aromatic richness for my taste. One can be seduced, but other independent bottlers have produced some quite more seductive ones. A relative disappointment .


Nose: burnt wood not far from sulfur (match from being rubbed). Developes on discrete fresher and fruitier notes after aeration. Marzipan. Too typed / unbalanced for me.
Mouth less pronounced than the nose and that's good! So far difficult to discriminate even if the result is nice. Dried fruit. Nice mix, but still not expressive enough in my opinion.
Final average and a little dry notes of nuts.
Conclusion: A good malt but I find unattractive nose. More mouth still lacks distinction. A little too tired cask?


Nose: A first woodworking shop impression: sawn and heated timber, rather dry with notes of toasted hazelnuts and toast crust it swells slightly at the opening notes of cinnamon and perry.
Taste: Powerful and rather vinous it is marked by notes of raisins, prunes and cinnamon cooked apples with a slight bitterness "à la Campari Orange".
Finish: Long, lingering and quite warm it extends onnotes of Rancio with a retro olfaction that balances between Vino Santo and the country ratafià.
Balance: As our friends in the pub "Bellevue Kriek would say "The more you taste it the better it will tastes!."

Jean-Marie Putz

Color: Gold
A beautiful nose. Gingerbread and spices as desired. Some scents of hay behind the pleasant pastry smells. That's a nose you that not get enough.
On the palate, the first impression prolongs perfectly the nose. Then came a wave of alcohol that disappears quickly, followed by acid notes, even a little metal which is less pleasant than the nose was. But the mouth is extremely enjoyable.
Wood is there also, with some rather positive influence, with a nice bitterness
The finish is very long and impressions nose come back.




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