Bruichladdich ( Official) - Scottish Barley - N.A.S - 50%
19F: 19E: 81/100

Bruichladdich Scottish Barley

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Nose: Aromas quite covered at first nosing, alcohol only in the background,
Fruity with fresh pineapple, cereals, burnt rubber

Palate: Sweet, creamy mouthfeel
smoky in a way, but not the typical smoked style like an ashtray, cold fire or smoked bacon, more on the burnt oil side
Alcohol again not in the foreground
Very pleasant combination of the flavours, again with a hint of pineapple

Finish: Medium to long, with the burnt notes lasting longer than anything else,
Oak, tannins, a little bit bitter, but nice, getting dryer with the time,
Tastes a bit "dirty"

A nice Whisky, which definitely needs more than a single dram to be discovered.



“Not my favourite type of sherry cask. It is bottled at high strength but something is not completely right”
This dram has a fino like color.

Nose (84): (4)average. honey, vanilla, cream, spices, floral.

Taste (84): powerful, oily. honey, wood, citrus, chocolate, spices.

Finish (85): (5)longer than average. wood, cocoa.



Nose: Chocolate, nuts, cereals, toasted brioche, red fruit jam, a hint vinous.

Palate: oily texture. Strongly influenced by the nuts and dryed fruits. Bitter cocoa, Light bitterness in the finish.

Finish: rather short, in the continuity of the mouth



Colour: Pale gold.
Nose: Rather herbaceous green plants. Anis. On green banana on barley (green malt), floral (heather, purple, lavender).
Palate: fresh, clean, saline, grapefruit, mango, orange, a little on the rubber.
Final: Return of spices and iodine notes.


Nose: light citrus
Mouth: dry herbs, a lot of alcohol on the tongue
Finish: long, intense



Color: Straw
Nose: Vegetal, vetiver, lemon
Mouth: Weakness at the begining, orange juice then spices (pepper and redpepper)
Finish: On the spices



Colour: straw.
Nose: sweet cookies with a little malt.
Palate: strong, sweet cheese cakes and burnt milk.
Finish: short.

Overall: a straight malt, not playful but a nice everyday dram.



Nose: This is quite powerful with hazelnut cream, honey, hints of bacon (a bit dissonant). Then comes the sweet with almond and pastry. It was then spicy (pepper , paprika) with a little lemon. This becomes melted and less greedy with time despite the appearance of a little yellow fruits (apricot) .

Taste: It's pretty explosive but closely linked with lemon, hazelnut, vanilla, pastry and spice. A bit of wood appears but heat input mouth is covering. Just a few drops of water helps removing the ethanol through but the woody character is a little too strong in the second half of mouth. OK but it lacks character .

Finale : Lemon, vanilla and spicy heat that gives little weight to all but it is not very long. The aftertaste returns to diffuse bitterness and hints of soap.

Comment: The nose is rather unsettling (unwelcome savory notes) but greed desserts and strength pepper agree quite well. Then it is more laborious with a wobbly malt and too timid into the final. Dispensable .


Nose: Flat. Very simple. Slightly fruity, some cereal, a little vanilla. Hmm, not really funny...
Mouth: No soul. Again quite simple, there are still traces of the fruit, malt, vanilla and a hint of honey.
Final: Without relief short of vanilla
Conclusion: A too standard whisky, and not too interesting in my taste. 79


Colour: Straw
A very fresh nose, not very complex, but not unpleasant with notes of green fruit mixed with cereal. A kind of slightly acidic vanilla. With some extra spice.
On the palate, the first impression is not surprising. A slightly sour taste, not unpleasant but relatively linear. Still this mixture of malt and green fruit.
A final with no surprise either. Long and fresh, it prolongs perfectly the mouth.


Colour: Gold
Nose: Floral, young, on tobacco smoke, quince and some oaky notes. With time, it becomes very much on toffee and fudge.
Taste: Smooth, floral, slightly spicy, oaky, on toffee, fudge and slight smoky notes. The finish is medium, floral, slightly smoky and fragrant, on toffee and fudge.
Impression: A nice floral daily dram with strong notes of toffee to sweeten your day



Nose: Pleasant spicy, little bit sourish, light fruit tones and some wood tones with vanilla. The wood tones are a little bit smoky.

Taste: Very spicy in combination with sweetness and some wood tones.

Finish: Long and spicy with a little bit sourness.



Colour: Jonquiripe corn.
Nose: Very grassy. Industrial crystallized angelica and artificial pistachio flavoured ice cream. Orgeat syrup. Not unlike Johnnie Green, as far as I can remember (well, this was a long time ago…), but with a little more oomph (46%?). Orange blossom water flavoured brioche (ever heard about Mouna?).
Mouth: Hotter than expected. Quite some vanilla, and after a while, loads of soft liquorice. Quite harsh at first, with heavy tannins before turning bolder and creamy. And somewhat short of entertaining flavours.
Finish: Long, drying, with a growing woody bitterness.
Comment: Not an easy one. Not my cup of tea anyway.



Nose: spirity and aeration will not change anything. A little fruit, some spices including vanilla. Adding water softens a bit but does not develop the flavors.

Mouth spirity too. Austere, little to discover, some fruit, some new make

Finish: very long, slightly citrus.

Comments: strong malt liquor with little flavor. Surely bottled too young. More like a pear than a whisky.


Colour: Straw yellow
Nose: floral, cereals, some dried fruit, sweet notes and a hint of spice in the background.
A balanced and pleasant nose.
Mouth a little less balanced than the nose, very malty, spicy enough and a lot of dried fruits.
Pretty basic but no particular fault.
Final: average with a slight bitterness.


Nose: This is very pastry with a very buttery nose and a slightly pungent odor of raw dough .
We also have cereals, fruits (green apple , pear) and white chocolate ( Galak type).
With aeration I feel the macaroni gratin of my childhood (with an egg yolk and melted Swiss cheese ) !
Adding water makes the nose more diffuse and therefore seems to me very interesting .

Mouth : In the continuity of the nose, you bite the cereal is less fat on the nose and then share it on the green banana with quite a lot of bitterness and spice that dry a little finish.
The finish is warm and spicy and a drop of saliva revives .
The water makes it less spicy but strengthens the green side with a more bitter (too) and has shortened the final.

Conclusion : I am a little confused is it's a little too monotonous for me or it is too difficult to understand but the mouth seems a little unbalanced anyway.


nose with light salty air notes and a cereal base. With water and time, citrus aromas are revealed.

mouth without water, acid, woody and astringent. Holding and consistency is difficult and becomes woody overwhelming. Adding water breaks the wave of alcohol, but the whiskey retains the same signature. This reminds me of the wooden pencils I mâchouillais in my childhood ... Unfortunately nothing

final: fleeing, woody and bitter

Although lightweight, the nose is however more demanding than the mouth. Despite the weather and a touch of water, drink fails to open and reveal new flavors. I do not like.


Color: white wine
Nose: fruity (peach, greengage, fresh white grape), milk, freshly cut grass, resinous, spicy, pastry, butter, rum (Negrita?). Suddenly, I felt like making pancakes.
Taste: the marzipan, anise. Mineral and astringent evolves on menthol. Flattens quickly unfortunately.
Final: Sweet on rice pudding, light caramel.

Comment: Beautiful and complex nose mouth, alas too discreet. This whisky request to return.


appearance: straw
nose: low to medium intensity, fairly well integrated alcohol, partially burnt caramel (disappears while breathing), peaches, mint tea, bread dough
taste: low to medium intensity, not too well integrated alcohol (slightly anesthetic), dry, pepper, walnut skin, slightly burnt caramel, the sweetness of the nose is no longer found in the taste
finish: medium (which is not an advantage if, like me, you do not like the bitterness)





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