Deanston (Master of Malt) - 19 years - 19 y.o. - 53,4%
23F: 23E: 85/100

Deanston 19 years

Master of Malt
19 years
Single Cask Series
Bottle details:
distillation: 16-12-1992 bottling: 11-2012
non chill filtered cask strength
Refill Hogshead
28 /260 bottles
price class:

23 notes disponibles en français


Nose wax, floral, very closed.
With water, it does not change much

Mouth wax, honey, vanilla, grassy, ​​peppery.
The water makes the mouth waxy.

Finish: Dry and woody and slightly bitter.

Overall comment: It's a whisky à la Clynelish. It is not very complex and I think the final too dry for my taste.


Colour: Jonquiripe gold.
Nose: Unusual farmy notes. Rustic vegies and tubers ala old Clynelish. Celeriac and salsify. Given time, gets "Ardmorer", with discreet farmyard notes.
Mouth: Oh I like that! Indeed a great farminess ala Ardmore, with less dung notes than usual and more rustic vegetable. Sweeter than usual too, with a hint of pineapple. And a pleasant coating feeling.
Finish: Long and hot, with a sweet and rumy aftertaste.
Comment: An elegant farmy malt with a delicate rumy sweetness. Highly advisable.



Nose: The nose first clearly reminds me of peanut butter but the smell disappears very quickly. Then we have something very bright , really carved with lots of lemon, grapefruit , some marine notes, iodine mainly, spray. After aeration , the marine notes gaining accuracy and power, and a delicate fruity develops.
Palate: Complex and scalable. Is both a good presence on the palate and an interesting texture. Peat, I can not say , hot embers, cold ashes , vegetable bitterness , and some tar and herbs without forgetting the yellow fruit (light anyway) . Only the palate does not please me : too sweet , too syrupy , too much contrast with the rest .
Finish: The finish is much more vegetal , more saline and with hints of hot embers and oyster shell.
Conclusion : The only flaw of this whisky seems to be his palate , too syrupy for my taste. Otherwise, it is a very nice young malt full of pep ( Caol Ila ? ) 87-88



Nose: first impression on the parmesan! After salivating for Italian stews, I then go on notes of mint, dark chocolate, then lemongrass, balsamic vinegar. We continue to place really pleasant aromas of the nose, and we find a hint of peat, discrete odors of coniferous forest, a fine scent of fragrant smoke. All this rhymes very well!
Taste: fine bittersweet notes on tobacco, pine resin and citrus. Then comes a sudden a salt and pepper powerful wave of dry peat, spices, herbs ... A great entry into peat scene after all this sly introduction.
Final: all ends with sweet caramelized notes and tobacco
Conclusion: I love parmesan too much. A teasing whisky hiding his game to the nose, revealing a beautiful slap peaty finish. A beautiful story!


Nose: Mineral, salty, bread, mild lemon, strawberry, blueberry, hay, some grassy notes, some alcohol. Nice combination of minerals and fruity notes.
With water: gets mild, more mineral, less alcohol.

Palate: very delicate and sweet lemon note, green apple, some herbs, strong alcohol
With water: like the nose, the alcohol is not as strong any more, sweeter lemon (like a lemon drop)

Finish: long and warm, some citric notes and apple
With Water: even longer, more on lemon drops

Overall: Very strong, but improves with water. I like this combination with these nice citric notes.



appearance: Riesling
nose: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, pineapple, vanilla, soft sweet, slightly iodized, a bit of damp cellar
taste: medium intensity, fairly well integrated alcohol, in line with the nose but slightly rotten pineapple and nut skin
finish: medium



Nose: Quite a lot of things but a little classical register. Quite melted. Wood notes, vanilla, varnishes, vinegar. A rather special but not unpleasant mixture. Hints of apples and pears arise. Reminds me some hints of candied industrial cake and bread spices.

Taste: Relatively austere. On wood, vanilla, herbs, flowers may be.

Finale: Medium on the apple.

Comments: A very special profile. I am neither amateur nor buyer but we must recognize that it is well done. I guess that this whisky can come from a very intense and floral distillate, aged ten years in a not very active hogshead.


“Nice whisky. Could it be a Speysider from an ex bourbon cask?”
This dram has a fino color.
Nose (87): (5)more than average. honey, vanilla, herbs, citrus.
Taste (88): powerful, oily. honey, citrus, spices, wood, pepper, vanilla.
Finish (88): (5)longer than average. citrus, honey, spices.



The nose is primarily woody with distant peat in the form of burnt rubber, ginger and cloves distant. With aeration, alcohol passes in front of the stage, with spices (black pepper, clove), orange net but also traces of peppermint, hay and pineapple. On the palate, the attack is soft, and shows an amazing range: candied lemon, black pepper, pear, licorice, marzipan, pineapple and raisin rare. The set is rather pleasant. The finish is medium length and licorice, coffee, passion fruit raisins and dried figs. At the very end a slight bitterness and astringency show the tip of their nose.
A coherent and varied or evolving set. More interesting than pleasant.

Alex Kooby

Nose: lots of alcohol at the opening. Floral notes, pretty cool, a hint of vanilla. The set is fairly closed nose first. With the opening, alcohol recedes and is replaced by sugar, maple syrup.
Taste: Very strong. Bitterness of grapefruit, pistachio Chamalow. Impression of biting into a leaf. Sap. With aeration, sweet flavors fade in favor of an orgy of cereals.
Finale: bitter grapefruit, maple syrup sap.


Nose a little closed, malty at first, cut flowers, then evolves: light oak (precious wood)), spicy, a little ginger, floral, fragrant
Taste: round, greedy, barley sugar, alcohol present fairly, perfumed
Finish: long on sugar and alcohol


Colour: Gold
The nose is fresh and relatively unobtrusive. It takes time to express itselves. After a few moments, it becomes quite complex, combining notes of spice with unripe exotic fruits, topped with a nice veil of smoke.
The first impression in the mouth is nice, although slightly behind the nose.
Exotic fruits have matured (a bit too) and freshness announced by the nose has turned into something quite bland, with fortunately some bitter notes for raising .
The finish is quite long and tingling acids give it a certain freshness, despite the bland appearance of the mouth that lasts.


Nose: bread, hay, very light nose, the nose has completely gone after some minutes, thin legs in the glass.
Mouth: perfume, intensive lavender, after some minutes more intensive.
Finish: long finish .


straw colored

Particular nose. At first it is a herbaceous register with a hint of smoke.
We feel something cool behind the set. Then come yellow fruits.

Mouth with a slight texture. Still this background of smoke that adds volume.
Field of flowers and white fruits are the frame.
Great finesse.

Lightweight final and vanishes quickly. Notes of overripe melon.


Nose: honey, white fruit (pear), later appear some touch of varnish and ripe fruit; All is very melted and fine.

Mouth: expressive, honey, ripe fruit, varnish, a little vanilla and spices. A slight bitterness balances together. It is melted and not very easy to read. With water is more expressive but not more readable.

Finale: Short on white fruits.

Comment: nice and easy to drink.



Nose : Cereals, hay, yeast, malt and cacao beans. Only little alcohol

Palate : Very clean, sweetness, hints of vanilla. On the palate, aromas are changing to roasted sunflower seeds, later hazelnuts.

Finish : Medium to long. Spicy with the second sip, getting bitter. Hazelnuts stay in the mouth



Color white wine

Quite a lot of cereals when opening the sample and a light veil of smoke and once in the glass becomes rather vegetal with a little sour/white fruits ( citrus and granny smith ) and eucalyptus which brings an interesting freshness to the whole.
It is quite powerful but alcohol is fairly well integrated .
With aeration, the fresh / vegetal duo intensifies (wet grass and vegetable peelings )
Water also enhances the green side

Fresh and enveloping attack on green fruit quickly swept by tea, tobacco and many spices . Almond milk and shavings of fresh coconut bring a bit of bitterness and cools a bit the whole.
Adding water makes it lose precision and complexity.
The final is on this mix of green fruit and almond milk but remains relatively astringent due to a too present wood again ...

Conclusion :
Flavors discovered at nose are present in the mouth but I do really appreciate this kind of vgetal profile and the big flaw of this dram is too steep wood which imbalances the whole !


Colour: Pale, white wine

Nose: Starts on fresh hazelnuts, apple, lemon, on fresh dough. Rather closed altogether. Once it opened up, it didn't offer much more. This seemed young or perhaps the cask just wasn't active. The bottomline remains on peated new make, with white fruit jam (pear, apple, quince). This will most likely be sweet.

Mouth: Quite sweet indeed, on chemical candy and rose. Overall quite floral and seems young, even though it is definitely more welcoming than its nose was. The wood shows through its bitterness, on notes of grapefruit.

Finish: Short, peppery.

Comment: A young but not unpleasant profile. This is a bitter whisky that not everyone will appreciate. Is this Caol Ila perhaps?



color: clear gold

Nose: fresh on a beautiful blend of smoke / iodine and honey. Alcohol peak is present, but the nose is candid and clear. Citrus zest accompanies the first perfumes. Clynelish?

Palate: The palate grows on oily notes but quite dry up very quickly. The whole remains on the candied citrus but without greed and freshness of the nose. Adding water does not open much but over time, dark chocolate notes appear.

Final: becomes rather quickly discreet

A whisky that promises a lot on the nose, with a real freshness and underlying notes of fruit and mocha. However, the mouth remains on drought and bitterness without really return of gready notes.


Colour: Straw
Nose: oh a fresh nose of lots of fruits, like grapes, oranges maybe and some sweet honey.
Palate: I've found somewhat comparable to the so called "old bottle flavour" waxy and honey aromas, a menthol freshness with a little pepper and Toffee. The fruits coming up, maybe a little oakiness later on.
The finish is very nice, not too long but lots of aromas leaving their impressions.

A wonderful dram, I like this combination of the flavours very much.



The nose offers a nice range of yellow fruits (pear, peach skins, apricot), with a little wood and grain. This is very nice, however, even if it lacks complexity. Over time, we also have some citrus and exotic fruits (pineapple). The water makes it more austere.

The palate confirms the nose: lots of yellow fruits, with a nice power and a small grassy side. It also has hazelnuts. The fruit development is interesting, yet all remains linear. Adding water does not change much.

The final average also remains on fruits: peach, apricot and banana.

In conclusion, well built fruity whiskey, but does not offer much else. For fans of the style.



Nose: A young fragrance (spirit and wash) at first. Clear influences of a bourbon barrel, such as fruity and vanilla tones, but also spiciness, wild honey and tones of smoked wood. After more minutes and air the smell gets warmer and heavier.

Taste: Sweet fruit tones, zestful/spicy with some slightly bitterness. After a few minutes the taste supplies more bitter tones combined with spiciness.

Finish: Medium to long, spicy (pepper) and again slight bitterness. At the end some sweetness, similar to mild honey.



Color: light gold

Nose: fruity (orange and tangerine) and fragrant (hints of coconut), pineapple notes that develop, traces of vanilla. The nose is fruity with a particular blend of pineapple and citrus.

Mouth marked by new wood, fresh fruit (and young ones), slightly acidic, chewing gum notes. Develops into a tangy fruitiness with a hint of salt.

Finale: average, in line with the mouth and marked by acidity. Also slight bitterness. Light smoke appears and disappears quickly in the end. The salt springs frankly out and dominates a bit the whisky.

Comment: The nose is pretty with a nice fruitiness. The mouth lacks of complexity, wood and acidity dominate. Water softened a bit. Water calms acidity and brings out the wood.




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