Bowmore (Specialty Drinks Ltd) - Single Malts of Scotland, 26 years - 26 y.o. - 54,9%
22F: 22E: 82/100

Bowmore Single Malts of Scotland, 26 years

Specialty Drinks Ltd
26 years
The Single Malts of Scotland
Bottle details:
distillation: 27/09/1985 bottling: 27/04/2012
non chill filtered cask strength
cask nr:24372
/225 bottles
price class:

22 notes disponibles en français


Color: Gold
The first nose is discreet. A slight peat and a light veil of smoke and spray and hints of heather. With a few minutes of aeration, the nose is more present.
Mouth immediately betrays Bowmore from the 90's. An initial attack on the violet perfume palace continue throughout the tasting. A shame, this violet. Behind the dominant few notes bitter sweet mocha, green fruit.
  The memory of this violet haunting finale. It is fresh and of medium length.


Colour: Pale gold
Nose: Alcohol, hay and smoke. The next dominant is grass after aeration. Rather light and fresh.
Mouth: explosive, a cask strength certainly. Nose the aromas are contained in a fireworks of herbs raised by the cereal gradually becoming greedy. Smoke comes to its touch afterwards. At the stroke of the tasting, aromas of candy appear. Slight bitterness.
Finale: In the end, the grass gave way to cereal, all in a puff of smoke.


Nose: violet to death! A little vanilla and peat hidden behind this wave of purple!
Mouth Grasse, perfume. Lavender and violet.
Finish: Long


appearance: clear Riesling
nose: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, peat, fine smoke (becomes more present after breathing), flavored tea, haribo sweets, cow stable
taste: medium to strong intensity, well integrated alcohol, smoke dominates the palate, the aromas of cow stable, fruit (apple) and tea come in addition
finish: medium



The first nose is mineral with cologne, violet. Then toast, light red fruit, jam greengage mingle their scents to give a very attractive set. With a little aeration arrive powerful spices, orange confit (unless it is the sweet orange marmalade) and a basket of fruit from all backgrounds. With more aeration whisky becomes vegetal on a return to first mineral notes. Approaching the glass to the mouth, one is taken by a peat which is confirmed after passing in the mouth. The attack is frank and sharp mixing peat, tannins, alcohol discreet. Retro olfaction can feel the heated metal. The evolution is on clear notes of flint and a little salt. A final of a beautiful length, is first peaty and fruity. It turns off slowly spices and iodine.
Interesting and pleasant whisky.


Color: straw yellow
Nose: fine and elegant, with notes of fruit, the almond paste, honey and hints of smoke in the background.
Mouth: less elegant than the nose but the original, with notes of bourbon ,rosewater, spices but also on the chemical aspect sweet and synthetic flavorings.
Finish: medium dryer, as the mouth, too marked by the wood.
Comment: A whisky that needs aeration and oxidation in bottle which will be beneficial.
We feel that the fruit is not far but remained a little too long in the cask, or the cask was a bit too active.


Couleur paille avec reflets or
Le nez s'ouvre sur la fumée. celle ci enveloppe des notes de fruits murs (pêche). L'alcool est présent mais ne gêne pas. Ensuite on passe sur des impressions de fleurs blanches avec par exemple l’odeur lourde du muguet.
La bouche propose une attaque tout en rondeur et en douceur. On est de nouveau sur les fleurs blanches avec cette fois ci des effluves de liseron. le whisky offre une belle structure et se développe ensuite sur la pêche de vigne. La dilution révèle une superbe note mentholée.
La finale est puissante. Elle propose néanmoins une certaine amertume qui vient troubler la chaleur de la rétro olfaction.

Un whisky charmeur et très original


Nose: mineral, peaty with some fruit. The whole remains balanced and wise.
Palate: Fresh (mint), tobacco, at least peaty nose and more complex. Yeast. Canary melon. A little bright (not reduced?).
Finale: In line with the mouth long enough (like all peaty).
Conclusion: Composition with interesting complexity. Deserves some attention.


Nose: Sea influence, plastic
Mouth: Platic hint, vegetable (artichoke), salt
Finish: salty, bitterness



C : Gold
N : The first nose is full on peat (very peaty) and mint (eucalyptus too). Ashy, it is also full on liquorice. Some herbal notes and floral notes (violets) develop with time. The nose is still very malty.
B : Very (too?) much on exotic fruit (lemons, grapefruit, pineapple) still with these floral notes which develop even more (violets again, lavanda, gentian), musc. Smoky in almost a fizzy way, fine. The bitterness of the lemon and the lemongrass appear also later on.
Smokier with water, but also spicier (cloves, white pepper especially). Still very floral, soapy.
F : Smoky and ashy, dry and peppery.



Colour: Pale gold.
Nose: medium expressive nose first, a little bitter, a bit grips, alcoholic hint, freshness, a bit vegetal. Some form of austerity. Softens and harmonizes with the time, a little fruit (exotic?).
Mouth: quite light in texture, it gains in power till it almost bites. Spices, fruits, honey pungency already received a little rough on the nose. Woodiness quite present but without going to excess. Peat also.
Finale: In the extension of the mouth, warm. The woodiness is gradually on slightly astringent ash.

Comment: A whisky with a certain character, a little too much to make it a daily dram, but without having enough complexity to make a whisky in a superior category.


color: bright hay
nose: full sweetness, mildly perfumed, wood chips, apricot and almonds
taste: smooth, balanced vanilla with woody notes (nuts) the finish is more perfumed lots of floral notes



Colour: Pale gold.
Nose : Light peat and fruit with a whiff of smoke. Quite elegant given the high ABV (55% ?). Subtle notes of vanilla and marshmallow. Given time, it opens up on lavender notes ala Bowmore 80’s, but that remain quite restraint. Freshly set up offices. Wrapping plastic. Fresh putty.
Mouth: The lavender notes are huge now. I fear these kind of profiles, but I’ve tasted worse, I must admit. Once again, quite mellow given the high ABV. And pleasantly citrusy.
Finish: Gets soapier and smokier.
Comment: If you just can’t bear the Bowmore 80’s profile, just go your way. As far as I’m concerned, it’s far from being my cup of tea, but its sweetness and the great alcoholic balance is of some interest. Undoubtly.



Color: Pale / light gold
Nose:Strong alcohol, soap for the dishes (dreft), flowery, aniseed. Nice and energetic
Taste: smoky, malt, with still some of the soap hints, spicy

After: spicy burn, fades away slowly



Peat marvel! And with that color this can only be Octomore.
Lovely peat and citrus with some red fruits on palate.
And bottled at a very high strength. I want more!



Nose: Pungent of fragrance and sweetish. After a while bourbon influences are clear in sight, what can be described as malty (cookie dough), vanilla and fruity. After even more time influences of toasted wood (smoky).
Taste: Direct pleasantly sweet and tingly, but also coastal tones (salty) and just like the smell also influences of toasted wood.
Finish: Long, with nice after taste of liquorice and some bitterness.



Colour: old gold.
Nose: perfume and soap (Bowmore 80's style FWP!), Later on some smoky notes as well.
Tasting: this is very strange. Soap intermingled with peat! Harsh stuff, but also chewy. Some lemon at the background.
Finish: very long. The perfume stays in your mouth the whole night...

Comment: I never tasted something like this before. Is this a disastrous cask or just an experiment for the taste buds? Not really my cup of tea, though interesting to taste.



The nose is marked by a mob chased well controlled and ample. The maritime influence is clear with a little lemon. It also has a small side plant, with a bit of chocolate and coffee. This peat is really well used. With aeration, this beautiful nose transports us to a saline atmosphere, also with a little citrus. All with power and a remarkable mastery.

The mouth begins on dark chocolate and coffee, with a hint of excitement before pleasant sod farm and earth. Peat quickly turns to something more (too?) rocky and industrial. Citrus appear, reminding a sort of lemon soda without sugar. Water highlights the rocky side somewhat unpleasant. That's the only downside of this beautiful mouth.

The final, peaty, also iron and rocky. Long and warm, it also develops on dark chocolate and a slight fruitiness.

In conclusion, a very nice peaty whisky. Too bad that this rocky side is a little too pronounced for me.


Colour: gold
Nose: Round, peaty, slightly farmy, floral, with some aromatic notes. Given time, it becomes cleaner, more peaty and youngish. Diluted, more on pears.
Taste: Soapy, peaty, floral, slightly aromatic, young, clean, dry, tarry to very tarry. Rather rough. Diluted, it falls apart. The finish is medium, peaty, very tarry, soapy, clean, on bitter floral and farmy notes.
Impression: A young, very peaty and tarry whisky, with rather strong floral and soapy notes. The flavour balance is rather disturbing and not to my liking.



Color: Gold
Nose: It starts with nice notes of roasted almonds. Smoke, rich peat. This is iodized and slightly lemony. A nice minty freshness. A little ripe mango. Ash, blond tobacco and a little white pepper.
Palate: This is powerful, with notes of tobacco and ash. Roasted almonds, hazelnut and chestnut. A slight bitterness, chiseled. A nice exotic fruitiness.
Finish: Long, warm, on peat and orange liqueur. Lasting, on roasted almonds. Very nice finish.

Conclusion: A nice dram, peaty and chiseled. Some exotism, dried fruits. Good choice for winter.



Nose: butter banana and salt (many) coats soft peat, marine, lemon. The nose is not very powerful but little raised with aeration (pulls on the pastry). However, it is still very pleasant.
Taste: A well rounded peat and salt together with a little banana, a little lemon mineral (sparkling water with lemon) and a good dose of chocolate.
Finish: The finish is a little short on peat slightly lemony. Chocolate becomes evanescent while the salt explodes.

Comment: A Scotch rather bare but pleasant. Peat is a very well integrated and is in good agreement with sweet components. We regret by over presence cons saline.


Color: Gold
Nose: both marine (sea spray) and delicately floral (violet), and then develops a cloud of fine peat. Also the fruit (citrus), a tart touch . The whole is extremely nice.
Palate: frank, still a slight peat even more candid than the nose, lemon, iodine, a delicate floral violet touch , served by a great power and a smooth texture and pleasant.
Finish: Long and peaty, but still on the dry and fine peat. Violet is still too present.

Conclusion: A fairly refined peaty one, if not the most complex, has the good taste to be different from what we usually tastes. Violet, although present, but his tends to be too much present on the finish.




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