Aberlour (Anam Na H-Alba) - 17 years - 17 y.o. - 60,6%
18F: 18E: 85/100

Aberlour 17 years

Anam Na H-Alba
17 years
The soul of Scotland
Bottle details:
distillation: 21-02-1995 bottling: 10-04-2012
non chill filtered cask strength
Bourbon Hogshead
cask nr:913
/129 bottles
price class:

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Light gold color
Nose quite closed and fiery. Wow, it smells like alcohol all that .. The 70% alcohol changed pharmacy, Dakin. Behind it, a little red fruit. What makes me think of candy strawberry. A kind of small white sticker strawberry taste. But I can not remember the name. Otherwise, it's a shame that stings the nose .. It hides a lot of things, for sure.
Mouth medium, hot and too powerful. It's not pleasant. And just like the nose, this mask at all. A good twist hoses.
This final while being absent. This power, absent in aromas. We will still return a spicy finish.
comment: 78 because it is too powerful. This is really not pleasant. I do not see the point to make as strong a whiskey .. I did not like and I smell HS.


Nose: Floral, Fruity. With vanilla, lemon becoming lemongrass with the addition of water, mint.
Taste: Lemon, herb (plant liquor), sugar / acid with an acidity that dominates. Beautiful power.
With a little water: The fruity and sweet side gain some power. Appearance of a slight bitterness.
Final: Citrus, acid. Average length.
With a little water: more power, more spices.
After a long breathing: herbs, plant liqueur, anise.

Comments: Very good, final less powerful than the mouth. The fruitiness is a little weird.



Color: straw yellow
Nose: very round, slightly sweet, citrus, caramel and bottom notes of wet dog. With aeration some fresh fruits appear. With a little water it becomes more floral and balanced.
Mouth: quite original, the chemical candy, caramel, nuts and spices. With a little water there is less chemical and more sweet, nut remains present in the background.
Finish: rather long in the cane sugar and nuts.


“Nicely floral... maybe a highlander? finished in sherry cask?”
This dram has a fino like color.
Nose (88): more than average. honey, vanilla, citrus, toffee. Powerful toffee aroma. Like a Cadbury box
Taste (89): powerful, oily. honey, floral, spices, citrus, wood, chocolate.
Finish (88): average. toffee, spices, vanilla.



Nose: pungent attack (alcohol not well integrated?), Vinegar and pepper. Improves with aeration though confused enough while being pleasant fruity, floral, pastry, fresh / marine ....
Taste: Entry into living matter on the kirsch, sugar, rather dense but does not open either. Evolves on an apple vodka a little more racy?
Final: salty tip
Conclusion: The taste is a pleasant surprise even if it ultimately lacks expressiveness. A little spirity and dry.


Colour: Straw
The nose is slightly influenced by alcohol, but that's little disturbing. It is fresh, fruity, marked by notes of orange zest, with hints of acidity which are quite pleasant. It is fairly complex, still turning around the same characteristics, freshness ... By cons it is pretty well balanced.
On the palate, first impression of fairly strong alcohol, but the fruity notes appear quickly, still with the acid notes that give it a nice freshness, and a touch of bitterness. Here again no great complexity. The palate is nice, but we has clearly not dealing with an exceptional whisky.
The finish is long and remains on the same register of freshness. The slight hint of bitterness mixed with a fruity fairly discreet continues for minutes.


Nose: green apples, passion fruit, fresh, subtle.
Taste: fruit bomb! oranges, very sweet but complex. Beautifully balanced, full of life. Definitely cask strength. Speyside style. I like it.
Finish: very long, some nuts, drying on soft spices

Comment: taste reminds me of a recent Strathmill 1974 joint bottling of the Daily Dram and The Whisky Agency



Color: Gold
Nose: juicy pear and vanilla are the dominant of the first nose. It changes little with aeration, notes of barley sugar and nutmeg appear, but little else. Alcohol, very present, stifles aroma that are better expressed with a little water.
Palate: The attack is violent, burning alcohol taking precedence over the flavors. We perceive, however, the fruity notes already identified nose. This is much better with a little water. It has a mouth ranging from fruity and spicy (pepper) flavors.
Finish: Medium length, quite spicy (pepper) and slightly woody.

Conclusion: A nice whisky though lacking complexity.


Colour: Old gold
Nose: Warm fruit and subtle sweetness. The nose has an old smell (dusty). After some time some smells like pine cones.
Taste: Rich, fruity and delicious tingle, which probably is formed by the high alcohol (± 60%).
Finish: Long, warm, with at last some liquorice.



Colour: Pale gold
Nose: At first glance, one feels a lot slightly floral alcohol. Aeration should be beneficial. Chocolate, honey and a little cream of chestnut but still feeling it has more potential. Water brings us the fruit on the front banana, pineapple, apricot . A pleasant introduction.
Taste: Very powerful water that can only relax with a lot of good dark chocolate, fruit so indefinable alcohol salt, with a sense of papering the palace. It's nice but too ethanolic. The water balances all around the chocolate malt, a hint of pineapple, but also a lot of salt without moderation, damage .
Finale: Powerful: Chocolate and some grain. There are notes well salted. The finish is unbalanced, not enough sweet, too salty.

Comment: A frank whisky . Without water, it only scratches the flavors but is promising. Adding water reveals a slightly higher complexity but not as much as hoped while reducing its elegance. The unbalance begins in the mouth with iodine and this power continues in the final where sweet fades quickly. The nose is its strong point.


appearance: Riesling
nose: low to medium intensity, alcohol fairly well integrated, closed at the beginning and requires fifteen minutes of breathing to open, sweet and sour fruityness (like a mix of pears and currants), a little dusty (amber), fresh grains
taste: low to medium intensity, alcohol well integrated, soft start, then tangy and peppery at the end
finish: medium

Conclusion: A pleasant whisky in "pleasure mode" but difficult to access in "tasting mode"



Colour: Pale gold.
Nose: Soft (47%?) and slightly apricoty at first nosing. Then, very strong notes of herbal tea. Lime blossom tea, or camomile? Just pick up your own favorite. "Chlorophyll" chewing gum. Much more intriguing than I would have thought at first.
Mouth: Gets oakier now. And even more enjoyable. The wood brings some spices, but everything's under control. Just a hint of cinnamon, and a nice pinch of grey pepper. And a nice honeyed sweet and sour winey combo that reminds me of the very best zabaglione.
Finish: Gets drier, with a lively touch of bitter orange.

Comment: A very enjoyable Speysider finished in a sweet wine cask? If so, I am reconciled with double maturation...



color: pale gold
nose: full vanilla attack in a pleasant way, fresh wood, sweet notes of fresh honey, some marzipan and 'rooibos' tea
taste: drying beginning, some spices with again sweet marzipan, in the finish some orange marmalade, spicy hints of ginger and some caramelised fruits at the end



Nose: First nose very particular about wood glue and solvents. With aeration, beautiful notes of plum jam and vanilla emerges. The solvent is still present but remains in the background without being disagreeable. After a long aeration, it smells strongly of strawberry jam. I only felt that until now in a Glengoyne 1972. Some spices and a little coconut in the background. You could almost think that it's actually an old grain ..

Palate: concentrated and powerful. Confit.

Finish: long on hints of spice.


Color: Yellow Gold.
Nose: Nose first on the green banana, banana peel, then evolves with notes of apple / pear, a little ginger and a little pastry. The nose gradually loses its expressiveness in favor of an alcoholic presence.
Taste: Very oily, thick, expressive but not melted. Oil, some spices and dried fruit.
Final: In line with the mouth, warm, woody notes she reveals.

Comment: A whisky which promises at startup, but which does not take completely on distance. The water should be avoided.


The first nose is light, airy, ethereal. It is in the field of light alcohol with a equally slight fruitiness. Oh! This is not aggressive, but between the nose and the absence of the nose, the path is not very long. Maybe a little aeration will do him good? First comes a tannic bitterness, followed by red fruits (well, speaking a flavor!) And raw potato. With more aeration, gets over the woody, with a bewildering aggression. A gentle touch is provided by the iris powder. On the palate, the attack is direct and aggressive. And in addition, alcohol is burning so much that I have to spit out immediately. A second test? This time I expect the burn of alcohol but the result is not better: strong tannic bitterness replaces bitterness, tempered by just a (very) little touch of fruit. The finish is on the same range: bitterness, bitterness of licorice and rare berries.
A mediocre whisky in all areas.


Color: Sraw
Nose: Fruity on grapefruit. Hint of anise
Mouth: Orange and Grapefruit juice. Smooth before coming of peat and hint of lemon
Final: Middle short becoming sweeter due to the dilution



Pale gold in color with hints of brown
Nose: The nose is tight, simple. It begins with notes of solvent and bitter almond to finish on the leather.
Palate: The palate is soft. Distinctly fruity, you really feel like pear brandy williams. Alcohol acts as a flavor enhancer.
Final: the final played softly. The bite of alcohol is very nice. We finish with hints of almond.

A whisky a little too one dimensional.





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