Macduff (Malts of Scotland) - 1980, Bourbon hogshead - 30 y.o. - 54,1%
20F: 18E: 89/100

Macduff 1980, Bourbon hogshead

Malts of Scotland
30 years
Bottle details:
distillation: 6/10/1980 bottling: 03/2011
non chill filtered cask strength
Bourbon Hogshead
cask nr:6107
151 /175 bottles
price class:

20 notes disponibles en français


Color: gold
Fresh nose on the young pear or apple ... The smell of banana? Looks like I just opened a pack of BAMS. With aeration, it evolves to a profile more "green vegetal". A touch of liquorice, a little bitterness and then returns to the beginning of the next banana. With perhaps a few cereals.
Mouth itching in attack. Hot, very hot and very spicy. But pleasant. Coffee, a little bitter, sugar and many other things (I do not know name ..) make this mouth became quite rich.
Final: vegetal. Bitter but just enough. Long and quite powerful.
Comment classic Whisky. Not really unpleasant. It will lack precision and complexity.


Colour: Old gold
A slight bitterness in the nose. Hazelnut or almond first. Then come a few fleeting notes of mature fruit. The spices are not lacking in appeal either. A very pleasant nose with a nice complexity.
An attack in the mouth on the cashew nuts and raspberry jam which would miss a little sugar. Great complexity, body, all perfectly balanced. We feel that this whisky is powerful, but it is at no time impeded by alcohol.
The finish is long, has kept all the power of the mouth, with always this subtle blend of slightly bitter note, a very slightly oaky and these cooked fruit that give it charm.


Nose: The alcohol is a bit aggressive but get quickly quiet. At this point appear vanilla, lemon and other acid fruits, paper (wallpaper), glue, precious wood and cocoa powder.
Less complex and interesting with the addition of water. It becomes malty with more exotic fruits.
With aeration, appearance of lemon meringue.

Taste: Lemon , acidity, paper, glue, alcohol slightly aggressive, vanilla.
With a little water: More lemon and less complex.

Final: Lemon with exotic fruits. Some bitterness appears after a moment. The finish is very long and powerful. Gain in length with a little water.

Comments: My opinion is divided about the addition of water. But he clearly win with some breathing!



Color: Gold
Nose: quite marked by notes of perfume and then the scent quickly fades to make room for fresh fruits: guava, apple, papaya and grapefruit. The fruits are sweeter and then stewed and has some beautiful notes of vanilla.
Mouth: the palate is a real basket of fruit: pineapple, lemon, apple, peach and coconut, vanilla, honey and spices.
Finish: very long on fruits and coconut


“Unpromising nose but the really delicious taste. Maybe Redbreast?”
This dram has a gold like color.
Nose (87): more than average. floral, honey, spices, vanilla, citrus. Very Irish style.
Taste (90): powerful. floral, honey, spices, citrus, vanilla, peaches, wood.
Finish (90): longer than average. floral, spices, citrus, honey.



Nose: Shortbread salted butter caramel (mère Poulard!). Gourmand, appetizing and stylish enough. Does not open enough for my taste.
Palate: soft and sweet. Quite in line with the nose. A condensed fruit but hard to untangle .... The time makes it feel good!
Final: medium, still on the same notes as the nose.
Conclusion: A fruit basket, but which takes time and playing hide and seek ... may frustrate a first time. Deserves some attention here.


Colour: straw
Nosing: fruity at first, sharp. Later on sweet, candy stick
Tasting: juicy, oily, waxy, cereal grain maltiness, long flavour development. Superb!
Finish: powerful, long, some pepper.

Comment: very nice starter for the 5th session! Reminds me of a nice Glen Grant 19 y 1991 Duncan Taylor I drank recently.



Color: Gold
Nose: The nose is spicy first, though the present alcohol. Behind, there are fruity (orchard fruits), wax, orange juice and a little ginger and vanilla. Adding water brings out the sweetness of the nose without changing the balance.
Taste: spicy indeed, but without excess, with a pinch of white pepper, but mostly still lacking maturity white fruit flavors and barley sugar. Water enhances the still green fruity aromas.
Finish: Medium length, powerful enough, in the extensions of some green flavors of the mouth, always with a slightly spicy touch of spice and wood speaking on the coconut.


Color: Gold.
Nose: Fresh, sweet and fruity. Also somewhat creme brulee...This one reminds me of an old Lowlander (Littlemill?!). The smell is lovely and subtle.
Taste: Warm, spicy (peppery), sweet and dry.
Finish: Long and spicy again.

Comment: A nice combination of taste and smell.



Colour: Pale gold
Nose: At the opening, the alcohol is present with lemon cream. Time gives a lower density of the cereal and sweet lemon. There are at times almost ammonia odor without ever being harmful very ripe blackcurrant and cocoa. The water makes it more tart pastry, butter, lemon, chestnuts . Well posed and offering many facets.
Taste: Very malty with a bitter red fruit blackcurrant but also the spice / wood, milk chocolate and vanilla notes. It was still a little acidity. There is a well rounded and successful melted. A slight addition of water removes the excess alcohol with ease. Very nice.
Final: Average malt and vanilla. Always a feeling of citric acid in filigree with a pinch of salt.

Comment: The mouth of this dram is fun especially with a small dilution, without a mountain of complexity. Finally, it lacks only a final a little more personal to score more points. The nose, however, was already high with a nice development where my lemon and malt are already present.


appearance: dark Riesling
nose: medium to high intensity at the beginning, afterwards medium, alcohol well integrated (feels like a high % but is not disruptive / aggressive), white and yellow fruits, nougat, candied ginger in the background, the flavors are well melted and give a smooth profile at the base with a little dryness and acidity to complete the profile
taste: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, dry beginning, then softer with fruits, from the mid palate on a slight bitterness adds to the dry / sweet mix
finish: medium

Conclusion: A beautiful multifaced and well melted whisky



Colour: Yellow gold.
Nose: Lot's of (good) oak (some virgin one?). Spicy and oaky, with lots of crystalized fruits. And after a while, some slight herbal notes. Quite spectacular, and quite to my liking.
Mouth: Thick and luscious like only old Speysiders can be, with this gorgeous mix of sweet honey and ripe fruits perfectly sustained by the right ABV (53% ?).
Finish: Slightly drying, with a nice exotic aftertaste.

Comment: OK, I fall for it every time, but what can I say... I just fancy these sexy old Speysiders. And even if I'm said it's not a Speysider, and even if I'm said it's not old, I will still love this one.



color: pale gold
nose; vanilla, peaty, fruity (lemon, minty) slightly floral
taste: very smooth, vanilla and fresh oak, some banana and apricots, the finish is full in flavour, more fruits and more power, ending with smooth vanilla



Color: Yellow Gold.
Nose: Nose first whiff on a nice fruit compote, then collapses immediately on fresh notes. very alcoholic Then, very gradually, the fruit returns with notes pastry, and some fresh vegetable. However, note a recurring alcohol prevents the nose to thrive. With time, it evolves on the nose candy caramel coated with chocolate, coffee and milk, ground almonds, nougat.
Taste: Smooth but very woody and spicy. Sulfur also. Warm but not aggressive. Nuts, cashews, pecans.
Final: In the wake of the mouth, long and warm but very expressive.

Comments: A whisky which is rather elegant and relatively complex, but hates water.


Nose: honey, vanilla, lemon tart, shortbread.
Mouth: very sweet and astringent at first contact. Chewing gum with peach flavour.
Finish: long finish on the sweet almond.


The nose is at first glance, with notes of cream, wax and tannins express just dosed properly. As to the aeration, it becomes molten and reveals notes of apple farm. And as time goes by, it becomes more pleasant: smoked, pear, mint, wet dog, salt, cinnamon and then back on the cream leather. A beautiful trip, melted, nothing dominates, while twirling. On the palate the attack is frank and clear. It begins on nuts (almond, hazelnut) and then evolves on spices and exotic fruits, making a very pleasant freshness. The finale, a very beautiful length, articulates well with the mouth, keeping the same flavor. Then comes the malt, which vanishes slowly. A fair return to the source of whisky.
Pleasure of every moment. A Great.



Color: Sraw
Nose: Flowers then malt
Mouth: Smooth before coming of peat and hint of lemon
Final: On peat and heather



colour: light tan
Nose: The nose is very pleasant, fresh and fruity with notes of white chocolate. Alcohol gives a particular thickness.
Mouth: the attack is mild. Alcohol comes in a second time to act as the detonator of flavors. Then comes in lilac peacock tail and gives the whiskey a very floral dimension.
Finale: The finale begins gently with an impression of cocoa butter and has a good length

In total, a whisky with a good structure and good balance.





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