Undisclosed_distillery (Master of Malt) - Master of Malt 40 years old Speyside - 40 y.o. - 40%
21F: 21E: 87/100

Undisclosed_distillery Master of Malt 40 years old Speyside

Master of Malt
40 years
Master of Malt's own Bottling Collection
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Nose: Fruit Marmalade, precious woods, hint of citrus. After breathing in found some mint, licorice, tea and cold coffee.

Taste: Sweet, soft, slightly watery. Coffee aroma.

Final: Precious Woods, a little fruit, floral. The finish is short and fleeting.

Nice to drink, lack a little punch and complexity. Works better with some breathing.


NOSE: fruity (yellow peach) and pastry (shortcake tart and a little custard). Greedy and seductive. A bit of salted butter caramel. A little exotic thereafter.
Palate: Silky texture, quite elegant, fruity and slightly smoky. Slightly drying. In line with the nose.
Finish: rather long, in line with the mouth (hence the nose). Finished on wood fire ...
A nice balance, a certain complexity, like a lot. An excellent daily dram.


Color: golden brown
The nose shows a sherry oak with a hint of smoke and a little sulfur.
The mouth is a bit watery with little smoke bitterness. There is also a certain sweetness. Then comes the aroma of hazelnut and roasted pineapple especially thyme.
The finish is medium with a return of pineapple and sweet.


Subtle and well balanced, the nose reveals a beautiful sherry with honey flavour, spices, raisins, well integrated woody notes, a hint of tropical fruits (candied mango?) and citrus (dried grapefruit?). Vegetal notes come after.
The mouth contains all those aromas, with good balance, sweet, fruity and slightly woody.
The finish is very nice, not very powerful but rather long.

Very nice malt, which suggests it spent many years in a cask, which reminds me some great 70's Speyside,


Amber color.
The first nose is rich, ripe fruit on. Red fruit notes.
The nose is round, light, it evokes hints of re fill sherry. A little honey. Very greedy.
The palate is soft, a little lighter. Lack of power. Beautiful continuation of the nose. The wood is more present.
Final fairly short. Rather weak. Slight woody notes (sherry), very slight but perceptible bitterness.
A very good whisky, but it's a pity as much diluted.


Color: Amber
Nose: Lovely fruit on the nose, citrus, apricot and peach.
It was nice herbal notes, smell of pine.
With aeration the fruits are exotic: mango, lime and pineapple.
A very floral whisky on the coconut and vanilla.
The addition of water enhances the fruitiness.
Palate: The palate is less exuberant about the fruit, more about wood, vanilla and coconut.
Nice notes of honey and chocolate.
Too bad the mouth does not follow the nose but with a little water we still have some fresh fruit.
Lingering finish on Werther's candy.


Appearance: medium amber, wide legs that flow slowly
Nose:moderate intensity, well integrated alcohol, red fruits, furniture wax, leather, alcoholic freshness, mild woody dryness, round whisky
Taste:moderate intensity, more wooded than on the nose but not exaggerated, the aromas of the nose are found again as well as the beautiful roundness
With water:no change to the nose, a slight acidity adds in the mouth
Conclusion:A well rounded whisky, I prefer it with a few drops of water


Color: Teak.
Nose: first on a very generous pot pourri, almost overwhelming, heady. Some notes custard, cereal, white bread, but which are not able to take it over from this floral scent. It is very homogeneous and melted to the point of being almost in one piece.
The nose retains this almost monolithic profile , but pleasant, without lowering power.
Water weakens a bit that nose but harmonizes it significantly. Appears a slight vegetal note, on juniper.
Taste: Creamy and mild, very mild. It is hard to perceive much.
The water gives it an odd profile, saponification and almost salty.
Final: Starts in the extension of the mouth and then moving up closer to the nose.
The water just harmonizes the final, but without revealing much

Comment: The nose is quite pleasant but lacks complexity and scalability. Mouth and finish are not bad but singularly lacking expressiveness.
The water seems to improve the whisky but needs to be lightly dosed.



Color: pale amber
Nose: Expressive nose at first, with a moderate peat characterized by smoke, dry sherry mixed with candied orange peel, leather, the acidity of balsamic vinegar and some resinous notes, all in keeping a lovely sweetness in the background, almost exotic (banana flambe). Aeration brings out more sherry, with coffee and nuts. If the mouth is up, we have a winner.

Taste: Nice balance between peat, sweet acidity of candied orange peel, sherry, salt and bitter gentian. Perhaps lacking a little power to attack and expressiveness in the finish but the quality is quite the appointment.

Finish: Long, it leaves a salty peat out before developing notes of leather.

Conclusion: A peaty sherry like I like. Very good.


Nose: Fruity (Tangerine)
Taste: Sweet, honeyed, spicy, fruity (mandarin)
Finale: Short, Spicy .


Colour: Russet

Nose: Seems that we're off with some heavy stuff! Concentrated. Sweet, but perfectly balanced by a nice tangy fruitiness, as a high end sweet wine can be (ever tasted some Monbazillac?). Quite seductive. Softly spiced. Honeyed apricots. Pineapple leaves. Strawberry liqueur. And a hint of coffee liqueur (Kahlua). Reminds me of some 1972 Glengoyne or Caprdonich, or early 80's Benriach. Nice alcoholic balance. I like it!

Mouth: Very pleasant as far as the taste is concerned, with lots of red prunes and soft spices (cinnamon), but strangely light (if not weak) despite an ABV that probably reaches 50%. More wood now, with growing tanins.

Finish: not as long as expected,and quite drying.

Comment: The nose itself is 90+ worth. unfortunately, the mouthfeeling stays a bit behind. A very good malt though.


Nose: Waouw! Beautifull frutiness, touches of sherry. Tropical, exotic fruits, acid drops, fresh and waxy, hint of coffee, resinous, spicies, complex!
The mouth is too much diluated, it's a pitty. Fruits, resinous, spicies, tropical. Slightly vegetal and salty.


Nose: Soft spices, tobacco, cooked fruits
Mouth: Hotest spces (chili pepper) , speculos, increasing influence of wood
Finale: Bitterness


N: Long deep, intense, rum, wet grass, apple chard, resinous, wet hay, Imperial mandarin, pineapple comes next round is great.
B: marvel of balance, apple tart tatin, chocolate, tobacco, creme brulee, vanilla bourbon, rum, a very big moment.
F: long, superb balance, rum it is the best in the series.


Color : Amber

Nose : Wow, what a nose ! Very fruity (blackcurrant, blackberry, redcurrant) and spicy, with a nice coolness. When you just put your nose above it, smells like peach liquor. When you do insist, you have black grape skin (the one you can chew for hours). The sherry wood is clearly doing its job with whiffs of wood varnish. It is so fruity, rich and sugary that it's almost sickly (but not in the bad sense). Hints of coconut.
The alcohol is very well integrated. Evolves toward wood and fruit vinegar (raspberry). The nose makes me feel this dram is going to be pretty acid.

Mouth : Not the acid explosion one could have expected. Kind of flat tasting, on oak and some spices.
A bit disappointing. Bitter. After a while, a little taste of strawberry (here is my acidity).

Finale : warm, oaky (very) and medium long. We can still perceive the strawberry flavour.

Conclusion : To me, this is a love it or hate it kind of dram (especially with that nose). I did enjoy the nose, but was a bit disappointed by the mouth (from which I expected more).


Color: amber / copper

Nose: very fruity (apples and pears ripe) in the first nose! It starts very good. Smells of honey are mixed with these fruity hints which lose a little intensity but are atill present in the background.

Mouth fairly fluid, woody and distantly spicy. But a great lack of wealth

Finish: long, smooth. ...?

Well, I do not understand ... The nose had started strongly on a very pronounced fruity (and many more began) but then after ... The dead calm! The mouth and final unfortunately nothing changed ...


Color: Amber
An extremely fruity nose first. Plenty of ripe fruit with immediately light hints of woody bitterness. We also suspect the sherry with its characteristic notes of plum jam.
Aeration did not make him a great good, because all these beautiful scents tend with fade fairly quickly.
After a few minutes, a mixture of woody and some wax remains.
The palate is very smooth and almost corresponds to the impression left at the end of his nose. The complexity announced by the first nose is not at the rendezvous.
Despite a nice presence of interesting flavors of sherry, milk chocolate, some nice spices, this bottle does not seem to be able to give its full potential. A few degrees more would have saved the day they?

The finish is long and intense, at least initially. It looks quite strong on the nose in that it is at first very intense, but that the intensity fades quickly.

Here is a cask that is probably very tired and it would have been a great idea to to be bottle this whisky as a cask strength a few years earlier.



Color: Copper / Orange

Nose: Sherry exotic notes of passion, mango, pineapple. Also the fruit style of peach or the roasted fig. Some red fruit, black currant ... Also spices, nuts, fresh, slightly minty, chocolate too ...

Taste: Sweet, fruity, in the spirit of the nose, maybe a little less complex ... Greedy, with chocolate, some caramel, vanilla. Some fruit also, again peach with chocolate fondue style chocolate with fruit and spices and also some leather.

Finish: Warm, a little smoke, a little woody. Some cask....


Nose: First and then sweet grapes, coffee bean, light solvent. This directs me to a whisky nose mature, who took its time to come down to us (+30 years) profile of an old sherry and then yellow fruit (apricots ripe ). Very pleasant nose.
Taste: Not aggressive, smooth although alcohol is present. Surprisingly green and grassy, and then softened again becomes creamy, chocolate and dried fruit, sherry is there, but discreet enough, surely a refill cask. Finished on the sherry with a slight bitterness. Very good profile, a venerable whisky.


Color: Gold with copper highlights. The darkest sample of the session.
Nose: Fruity. Pear, fingernail polish. Leather, fine trace of cork and a little earth. A bit of freshness with zan (roll liquorice).
Palate: Dry on the wood.
Finish:Ddominant Exotic fruit with the kiwi, a creamy mouthfeel. Touch of vanilla. It ends with praline mocha with its hint of bitterness.


The nose starts with marked flavors of oilseeds and strawberry, balanced by citrus. It's round and properly melted, even if alcohol is a little feeble. After some time in the glass, spices (mustard) and yeast appear. Following aeration, yeast becomes dominant with oilseeds, and warmer notes of spices and wax are also shown. With water we have yellow fruits and much more citrus. The nose is complex but that is very difficult to stabilize.

The mouth starts with a huge fruity sensation on the strawberry jam, with citrus and spice. It generally follows the nose. Aeration confirms this gourmand and fruity side, with the appearance of rancio and chocolate in a very syrupy mood. The mouth remains relatively cool, which makes it quite nice.

The finish is average, still on the strawberry, farmer feeling, a little pepper and anise.

In conclusion, a whisky rather disconcerting. Interesting to discover and enjoy, but difficult to grasp. In any case, it suffers no deffect.




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