Tullibardine ( Official) - Aged Oak - N.A.S - 40%
21F: 21E: 80/100

Tullibardine Aged Oak

Bottle details:
bottling: 2010
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The nose shows a young whisky, bareley, very soft. Touches of fresh fruits, wet papper. The mouth is all the same, young, bareley, some spicies, fresh young fruits.


Nose: Fruits galore, coconut, marzipan, (a lot of) rice cake. After breathing, the cake of rice soften and some citrus note appear.

Taste: Rice cakes galore, slightly watery, cereals. After breathing becomes softer with a slight fruitiness.

Finale: The rice cake still dominates and in the background there's porridge, coconut and marzipan. After breathing citrus appear. The finish is medium long.

Pleasant to drink whiskey, uncomon powerful aroma and really special. This feature make me give him a few extra points.


Color: white wine.
Nose very balanced between freshness and flowers and a smooth and buttery side.
The palate begins with a fresh attack almost syrupy. Then the coolness of licorice. This whisky is fine and elegant.
The finish is superb with roasted almond notes in a gangue of milk chocolate and hints of tarte Tatin.


The nose is quite powerful. Vanilla and floral notes melt in a malty background which is a little rough with a hint of alcohol and solvent .
On the palate, attack is marked by emptiness and then wakes up in a finish with a malty dominance.


Color: White wine
Nose: Starts on sweet notes, and then becomes more spicy and fruity on acid fruits such as apple and lemon zest.
This whisky seems (too) young with a out of balance nose and hints of new spirit.
Taste: Youth is confirmed in the mouth with little flavor, just sugar cane and cereals.
Short finish with a slight bitterness.


Colour: Pale gold
Nose: unconventional first nose ,floral, evokes some almost heady fragrance, but very soon, everything collapses and we switched to paper mache, newspaper, a kind of bland and invasive woodiness. Low quality soap.
Unfortunately, the nose evolves and stays on these nasty notes.
Water does not change much in the nose.
Taste: Somewhat soapy feel and chew paper.
The water över dilutes" the mouth very quickly without ever really improve.
Final: Following the rest, rather short ... fortunately.
Water has little influence on the final. Just makes it a bit warmer.

Comment: Need I say more? That this whisky's main merit of further appreciation of what is good?
Water does nothing.


Colour: pale white wine

Nose: The nose reveals notes of white fruit (pears, apples), talc, barley sugar and white pepper. Some marzipan as well, or better, almond syrup, which is increasingly present in the aeration, even at the second tasting.

Mouth: lack of expression and is a bit watery. All is sweet and faintly spicy before developing a slight vegetal bitterness. A lot of bitter almond, as expected, and a bit of verbena. Texture, relatively fat, is pleasant.

Finish: Medium length, it is very intense and vegetal.

Conclusion: The nose is pleasant, but the mouth is really lacking power. It seems young and to have stayed in quite an inactive cask . Nothing, unpleasant however .


Appearance: Riesling, thin legs that flow rather fast
Nose: meduim intensity after 30 minutes of breathing, the whisky is closed at the beginning, certainly because the sample is drawn from a freshly opened bottle, dusty (like a mix of incense and powdered sugar), dry (like fino sherry), white chocolate, lightly caramelized milk
Taste: soft attack, afterwards mild to moderate intensity, in the mouth a mixture of bitterness and dryness is dominating (tastes better than it sounds)
Finish: short to medium
With water: A vegetable note adds on the nose and in the mouth
Conclusion: An unconventional malt (at least compared to the whiskys I drink usually) but pleasant


Nose: Floral
Taste: Light side of Sauternes wine, aniseed, licorice, lemon.
Finish: short, spicy.


Nose: Citrus fruits (lemon, grape fruit), hints of vegetable
Mouth: Vegetal, crystallized citrus fruits
Final: Short, acridness


Nose: Fruity on the white fruit, pear brandy, light sponge cake and honey. The nose is quite robust, not in finesse. Rather clear color makes hink of a young whisky, but the good structure of the nose that leaves me to consider this perhaps did not.
Taste: Definitely a whisky reduced to 40 °, so that the flavors are less expressive. The fine structure of the nose disappears completely. Mouth rather light on the lychee slightly acid and bitter. The finish is creamy, slightly sweet. The reduction does not retain flavors on the palate, too bad.


N: grass, wet hay, accurate, fresh, grain, sour cream, green apple
is excellent
B: grassy, green apple, cream, nice balance
F: short but they're young, beautiful balance, silky texture, very nice product


Color : Hay

Nose : Fruit alcohol (mirabelle plum brandy, prune, pear) without sugar. Almond paste, crushed chestnuts and almonds. Pretty closed, not very expressive. A touch of dry white wine. It evolves towards a nice whiff of soap and flowers (with a drop of water).

Mouth : Its tastes like white alcohol and almonds. It's a bit weak tasting. Not much complexity. A bit of oil and some bitterness. Not much else. After a while, herbaceous.
Water does not add anything.

Finale : medium, on bitterness and oil.

Conclusion : A pretty flat whisky. The nose is quite austere but nice, the mouth is pretty weak.


Color: white wine

Nose: metallic, slightly fruity and slightly woody at first. It is perhaps more pungent and spicy thereafter. Thereafter it seems we enter the lab of a baker with notes of wheat flour and yeast (fairly marked the latter).

Taste: fresh and sparkling with the soft attack. Somewhat woody and not very powerful. It lacks a bit (too) punch and relief. Perhaps a slight taste of chips, unsalted peanuts (for sweet desserts). And yet this yeasty quite special taste.

Final: the texture is borderline oily (oily persistence on the palate), rather long but too discreet.

Not bad but not super rich. The nose is nice but it lacks some accuracy. The palate is really too flat ... Ditto for the finale. I know it is there, but what a lack of presence! And for this reason, the note drops ...


Color: White wine / pale yellow

Nose: First a little butter, oaky, a little almond. Some banana fruit style. Hints of white vinegar.
Slightly boardy , slightly herbaceous. Vinous notes style white Muscat grape with small grains or Clairette.

Taste: I find it rather marked by alcohol ... it remains in the spirit of the nose. Wood, cardboard, slightly camphored.
Some bitterness too ... I find it hard to find fruit, I would lean more on floral and herbaceous mostly ...

Final: Moderately short, rather dry with a slight bitterness and a little smoke ...


Colour: Straw
The nose is quite discrete and linear without much fantasy. A few discreet notes of straw and background hints of yeast and mold. The kind of profiles that I like very little.
The mouth is very discreet and just as linear as the nose. Sweet fruity notes appear to submerge in a rather monotonous collection of notes between the grain and yeast. The whole is quite balanced, which is still a source of pleasure. After a few moments slight hint of liquorice appear.
The finish plays heavily on the balance that was virtually the only element in the mouth to give pleasure. It is long and pleasant, but here also no complexity and a rather obvious lack of depth.



Color: White wine. Natural.
Nose: Sweet and fruity. Apple but also very sweet pear. A little solvent like nail polish. Very fine peat.
Taste: A real caress in the palate. It's nice but maybe too soft.
Final: Woody, smoky and fruity at once, the flavors returning to the charge in turn. It's intense but of medium length. Too flat, lacks charm and personality.


Nose: powdery, fruity (pear, white peach and green apple), cereal lightly toasted, tart shortbread, cream puffs. Some complexity, even if it takes a bit to get it.
Palate: Silky texture, especially on the toasted cereal, pastry a little later. Less attractive than her nose. Earth side as well.
Finish: quite short and pastry
Pleasant, disappointing in its mouth. For those who believe not to like whisky.


Colour: White wine
Nose: Youngish. Grassy. Rather grainy. Malty. Gently vanilled. Sweet almond milk. Moisturizing cream. Soft and light, like chewing a piece of sugarcane or an overriped medlar fruit. Riped papaya?
Mouth: Same soft and grassy notes. Quite prickling, and surprizingly invigorating despite the low ABV (40% ?). Lots of vanilla.
Finish: Clean. Medium long. Gooseberries and diluted sugarcane syrup.
Comment: A Summer malt that won't hurt anybody, and will leave your mouth as clean and fresh as on your birth day.


Colour: pale straw.
Nose is powerful. Light fruitiness. Strong notes of pear. Seems very young. Few things ...
The palate is quite powerful. Notes of alcohol dominate. No other flavor ...
Final fairly long, quite weak..
Far too young.



The nose is marked by a strange smell, mingle of school glue and earthy atmosphere, very difficult to describe. It also has soft almond paste, lemon, and light smoke. The nose, powerful enough, will gradually transform itself into something more delicate and subtle after aeration. We have at this point a light veil of smoke and peat, embedding a bunch of these flavors ( school glue, lemon, sugar cane and a slight hint of chocolate and coffee). It's very soft, and relatively complex.

The palate is light. Syrupy and fresh, it starts with veggie notes, before this sensation of glue from the nose goes to the mouth. There is also wood, lemon and a touch of iodine. Some time spent in the glass allows tar to appear in attack. But it is singularly lacking power. Especially since the aeration is literally collapsing the malt.

The finish of medium length, is the lemon and salt. It also sees pepper. Aeration brings it towards more medicinal flavors.

In conclusion, an interesting nose, but the rest is too flat.




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