Glenmorangie ( Official) - Cellar 13 - 12 y.o. - 43,0%
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Glenmorangie Cellar 13

12 years
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Jean-Marie Putz

The difference between Cellar 13 and Glenmorangie 10 years comes from the ageing warehouses. Cellar 13 is near the sea. This whisky lets taste the influence of the sea on the taste and fragrances of a single malt. It is slightly more salted, more iodised, more... than the traditional 10 years old version. In brief, if the Glenmorangie 10 years is excellent, this one is slightly "more" excellent..


Colour: Bright golden straw, sweet yellowish white dessert whine (Scheurebe), a little oily in the glass. (no information about colouring.
Nose: As sweet as the colour, mellow and very complex, there's coconuts in the beginning, also lots of white chocolate, noisette praliné, buttered shortbread and caramel with soft traces of baking spices (cinnamon).
Taste: Very firm and present at first, later there's a very remarkable and pleasant saltiness mingling with a subtle sweetness. Vanilla, honey, white chocolate again and in the back very smooth gingerbread notes with water those are come a few steps more clearly in the foreground.
Finish: Medium till short, in the beginning it is a very beautiful finish, very nice bitter oakwood notes add very pleasureful insights, but! they leave quickly and fade into the feel of white sugar cubes and then ... nothing
Conc.: A very complex dram what else you should expect from Glenmorangie? but I guess a few more years in that famous cellar nearby the sea would do good for the a little unsatisfying finish.
Date: Nov/5/08
Price in Germany: 30 Euro/Litre, there are now reduced sellouts, so you should get your bottle soon!

Jean-Marie Putz

A very refined and complex nose, where sweet and salted aromas are mixed, honey and seaweed on a heathery background.
In the palate, a pleasant taste of butter and malt, with some slightly woody hints.
A nice finish, lingering, recalling butter cake notes.

Jean-Marie Putz

Some smoke above smells of malt and fruits. A pleasant nose, slightly spiced with hints of yeast and some flower fragrances. Sea whiffs dome and mix to the already described impressions.
In the palate, the acidity of the fruits is the first impression and it develops soon on notes both smoother and salted, where malt and flower merge slowly. Nice complexity even if the taste palette is quite limited.
The finish is rather surprising as some Marshmallow notes follow the bitter hints. Nice length and some domination of the bitter notes.

Jean-Marie Putz

A pleasant nose, slightly spicy with hints of yeast and some smells of flowers. Marine fragrances come to mingle with the described odors.
On the palate, fruit the acidity shines through before evolving towards discrete woody tastes. It quickly gives way to more sweet and savory notes, where honey and malt mingle. Nice complexity, even if the range of tastes is relatively limited.
In the finale, unexpected marshmallow notes follow the bitter hints. Nice length and a slight domination of bitter notes.




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