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Straw color.
Nose: slightly fruity, slightly malty. Alcohol is a little bit present. It seems quite young. Vanilla. Very light smoke.
Palate dominated by caramel. Some cereals.
Final medium, less intense. Malty, slightly spicy. Light smoke.


Color: straw yellow
Nose: Very fine, first floral and then moving on ripe fruit.
A good dose of spices, nuts and a little pepper.
Palate: the mouth is less elegant, steeper than the nose, dominated by cereals.
Notes of marzipan, spice and dried fruit.
The water makes it more balanced and brought some fruits in addition.
Final medium, on the tastes we had in the mouth.:)


Light straw color.
Very pleasant nose with notes of citrus, grapefruit and lemon overtones. I feel a dawning fine and fresh peat. I note, however, vegetal after opening a somewhat disturbing side.
Mouth with an oily texture and a hint of smoke that disappears quickly. This whisky is surprisingly soft on the palate with woody notes of white fruit and a little minty. The roundness trumps all.
The finish is medium. It is more of a sense of texture on a range of aromas accurately. The hint of peat returns marginally with the retro olfaction.


Colour: Pale gold
Nose: Powerful, it is not in the lace. Iodine, lemon, very iodized, very lemony, salty ... Oysters accompanied by Margarita, especially as bitter and vegetal scents can evoke a Tequila appear. A lot of bitter almonds and minerals (talc) as well. Oh, I forgot to mention the peat. It is fine and delicate, well behind. It has proved much less expressive in the second tasting. The water, however, enables it to regain some color.
Palate: The attack is softer than expected, almost watery, but that feeling does not last, and a powerful wave lemon and salt hits the palate. It is also developing a nice minerality that is dominant in the finish, erasing the other aspects.
Finish: Long, peaty and barely bitter, pleasant and refreshing.
Conclusion: A simple but effective malt. Its lack of complexity is partly offset by the balance of aromas and freshness. Attack a little more frank would allow him to earn a few extra points.


Nose: A very pleasant peat interlaced with barely ripe raspberry. Leaving it time to open, grassy character is revealed along with scents of leather. All seasoned with a touch of acidity.
Taste: peat profile is present, an oily peat and lemony, slightly bitter. The herbaceous character is present, but in the background. Even the whisky keeps a reduced profile, strong, but a new spirit aftertaste bothers me a bit. For me a whisky from probably some ten years at most, reminds me a bit of Kilchoman tasted on Islay. Rather young whisky but with a good profile that should make its big brothers very attractive.


Colour: Golden yellow, greenish silky sheen.
Nose: the first nose is vegetal, with a "green" pungency, juniper,bitter spices .'The nose isa little weakening on the same notes and then a bit remains constant.
Adding water adds a touch of lemon that gives life the nose.
Taste: very oily, pretty neutral . Tingling and slightly acidic. A little bitter and sour, but light and contained. Mouth rather smooth, but quite difficult to indentify. A little spice, touches of coriander. A subtle hardly noticeable veil of smoke .
Like the nose, water improves the mouth by reducing the bitterness and leaving piercing spice and lemon.
Finale: In the immediate extension of the mouth to the point of merging with, it is quite short and of low intensity.
Adding water does not change the profile of the final, but gives it more power and length.

Comments: A little disjointed and difficult, dry, it becomes much more pleasant after the first drops of water, both more harmonious and expressive.



appearance: straw, wide legs flowing moderately fast
nose: moderate intensity, alcohol present but acceptable, indigenous fruits, spices, sweet maltyness, grain
Taste: low to medium intensity, we find the same spicy / fruity blend throughout the taste in the mouth, a touch of acidity adds to the end
finish: short to medium
With water: a bit more of sweetness on the nose and in the taste, even more easily drinkable, water is not needed but does not harm
conclusion: This whisky is not very complex. Its major advantage is that it's dangerously well drinkable. Warning: Can


Nose: On the lemon, wax, white fruit (peach dominates), then the kumquat and haribo sweet!
Taste: You feel the grain first and then comes the lemon, a little tar, spicy. Alcohol is too present for my taste!
Finale: Medium, marked by alcohol and peat.


Nose: At first a bit of plastic, not like it, slightly vegetal. With times, becomes more fruity, soft.
The mouth is very soft, young, acid drops, salty with time.


At the beginning, it seems relatively classic, malty, pastry, fruity (white fruits), while the nose develops news aromas, a hint of chocolate and clean cow stable.
The mouth is good but classic too, more sweet. I don’t manage to recognize the exact aromas…
Nice, I particularly like this wild side (clean stable).


N: floral, intense, a caress, accurate, then comes the honey, not exuberance
in a second nose was fruity and light (white).
B: the same low profile, floral, white fruits, alcoholic significant power (too?), After a while your mouth gets better and increases the length is not bad.
F: very short at first, the elder, and good length on the palate and balanced.


Colour: Bright golden, light straw.
Nose: Firm but delicate first impression, heather honey and mowed grass. A fine subtle sweetness backed by very soft, hardly noticeable notes of sweet pipe tobacco and wood berries. Nice and very pleasant, altogether a little far on the sweet and honey side but round and well balanced.
Taste: The alcohol rolling in with some might, for sure more than 40% (or is is the early time of the afternoon? I could not wait starting my first blind tasting session), still sweet and light floral and the delicate soft smoke in the back takes one small step forward. With a little water the single impressions (honey, grass and sweet smoke) get more clearly separated and are nearly perfectly balanced.
Finish: Fine round and medium long, at the end getting a wee stronger accent on the smoky / woody side (the water helps here) which leaves a very nice whole impression. Summer afternoon in the forest.
Conclusion: My guess is a Highlands / Speyside (Lowlands?) malt and not an average one. Very fine whisky anyway. Maybe a independent or special bottling at round 46 or even more %. No meddling with sherry or wine casks (ex bourbon might be) here. Around 12 – 14 years. I see, guesswork might be right or totally wrong but are lots of fun...


Colour: Pale gold
A smell of ash with vague hints of dried fruit as the first impression on the nose. Later, it evolves to slightly more pronounced fruity notes, but the smell of cold smoke or ash continues to dominate. Pleasant, but certainly not very diverse, this nose is not very complex but still well balanced.
The palate is immediately more exuberant that his nose. Away from the austerity of cold ashes , it has nice farmy notes here and the smoke seems to have awakened. No exuberance, no explosion in the mouth though. A nice balance with tastes close to each other, impressions of milk chocolate, slight fruity notes together with nutty hints.
The finish is very pleasant with notes of cigar box. It is long and continues to hope the momentum of the mouth: both very present and very delicate. This final dissipates after a few minutes, leaving a light impression of nougat.


Colour: Straw clear, thin and regular legs.

Nose: At first, the nose is very beguiling, sometimes with fruit orchard fruit (apple, pear), sometimes delicately floral. Heather honey and waxy light. Then he quickly gives way to hints of lemon and a slight acidity. Then it shows us its muscles a bit but not too much, with a thin peat. A bit of bread. He concluded with avery pure mineral profile, beautifully wrought. Hmm just a roller soaked with dew, that's it!

Palate: Oily, very powerful. Smoke. Pungent. With aeration, it becomes much more rounded and easy drinkable.

Finish: Long, intense. The smoky, leather, dark chocolate and mocha. A very manly profile! Salivation slightly sweet.

Comments: An iron fist in a velvet glove!


Colour: Brite golden.
Nose: Nifty and zesty. Strong wooden, even mostly metallic (rusty) notes. Black tea. Few hints of sea salt.
Taste: Surprisingly soft on the palate after this hefty nose. Now it’s very strong black tea, served with rock sugar and lots of milk (the Friesian way). Also very subtle leather and smoke.
Finish: Even now still clearly defineable black tea combined with delicious herbal notes, lingering on the tongue for a good and vey pleasant while.
Conc.: A great Springbank right after the first few sips far up on the list to my favorite every day drams.

Tasting date: 25/05/2010
Price in Germany: 34,90 Euro


Color: Yellow

Nose: A discreet peat, a little smoke. Butter as well. Something a bit "metallic". Notes of grilled chicken.
After aeration, for something a little flowery adds to the smoke (lilac? lavender?) A islay?

Taste: Surprisingly bitter ... Still peat and smoke. Also notes of gasoline. From the ashes of the cigar. For my part, rather watery, way too bitter and lacking in complexity ...

Final: Rather warm, mid long "hot", ashtray notes and a lot of bitterness ...


Nose: Lots of peat, fat peat. After aeration some iodine and marine notes appear, but very light ones. Alcohol is fairly quiet, well integrated.
Palate: True to the nose. Peat still present, pleasant and not intrusive.
Medium final on peat and iodine.

Whisky well balanced, focused on peat which dominates but does not hinder.


Color: Gold
Nose: Notes of citrus fruits, lemon and oranges, delicate hints of vanilla, smell of fresh oak, floral tones mixed with fine spices... and buttery.
Taste: Very smooth, I've added no water, spicyness comes forward, little bit of white pepper combine with vanilla as found in the nose, hints of citrus in the background.
Ending: Medium long, spicy, tingling at the sides of the tongue, hints of vanilla but no floral notes remain(surprisingly)


Colour: Pale gold.
Nose: At First, we have small yellow stone fruits (mirabelles), quickly catched up by soft phenols. A gentle coastal breeze. Probably a youngster (12yo ?) but not bad at all. Rather pungent despite an ABV that probably hardly reaches 46%. Then turns spicier, with lots of pepper and candied ginger. Loads of candied ginger and quite some vanilla from the oak. And something quite organic now, like a mix between freshly cut cider apples and slightly rancid butter. Strangely, it took a while for grassy notes to arise, but here they are. A cereal field after the rain, and maybe a little stale beer.
Mouth: Very clean attack. Phenols are present, but nicely sweetened by soft liquorice. Citrusy. Orange peels. The mouth gets then mellower and bolder at the same time, proof that it doesn’t always require lots of alcohol when it works well! Well integrated, it seems more mature than on the nose.
Finish: Long, tasty, and unexpectedly slightly cofeeish.
Comment: A very clean and tasty malt. If you like gentle yet not overwhelming peat with nice citrusy notes, ans a slight farmy character, this one is made for you.


The nose offers a beautiful blend of flavors in a medicinal and mineral mood. There are lemon, tar, cold ashes and ferns. Everything is very well blended and complex as desired. Power is also there. Great job. Aeration confirms the beauty of the nose, which is enriched with marine flavors and spices (pepper), all in an atmosphere now a little more wooded and wet.

The mouth takes a long time to unveil its full potential. The first meeting is indeed very disappointingly flat, on cereals and a strange taste of pasteboard, we could expect more. Aeration reveals a different face. First on tar, after a little sweet and sour sensation, that mouth properly boned then evolves with notes of citrus (lemon) and cereals, with a bit of peat. It remains below the nose.

The finish is dominated by smoke and spices. Long, it lets appear after aeration coolest notes (mint) and woodlands. Finally, peat. We found this beautiful harmony between flavors we spotted on the nose again.

In conclusion, a very good whisky, melted and complex as desired. If the mouth was of the same ilk as the rest, it would have been perfect.


Light gold color
Metal nose (smell of cut metal to the grinder) and slightly farmy. Alcohol is very present, not repulsive, but it's just the limit. It gets a little earthy and fruity (sugary fruit). The metallic side is always present and is very enjoyable. Finally I like. After the aeration it gets really more earthy but a very dry earth and perhaps a little iodine. Coffee and dry straw point their noses towards the end of the tasting. Over time, perhaps a hint of yeast.
Woody mouth (taste of wood dust that can be found in a carpentry) and fruity. But it is a rather remote fruitiness that we must search well. And besides, it makes me think of apple green candy. It has a soft attack. Hmm .. It does not follow the nose in terms of accuracy and richness, it is a pity! Perhaps a bit of tree resin. Some notes of dried straw are also present. Adding water does him no good by any cons. It becomes flatter.
Final: fresh attack. Present and round. Prolongs the mouth but fresher. It becomes even more pungent subsequently in with a taste of licorice.
Comment: Well excited by the nose. A little less by the mouth, which is a little too hard to discover, and the final. But I think it's still a very good whisky with a very interesting nose.


Colour : Hay

Nose : We start nicely with ripe pears, peat and white pepper. We go on with whiffs of fresh orange juice. Hints of eucalyptus and pine candy. After that, confit lemon, a little bit of salt and pralin. We finish with hints of soap and syrupy white wine. It's very nice, straight forward, peppery and does not show too much alcohol. Nice whiffs of peat.

Mouth : It's rich, creamy, on "crème brûlée" with brown sugar. It's smooth and a bit peppery. We find again hints of pear with syrup, caramel (almost syrupy rum). Nonetheless, it lacks a bit of dynamism to my taste. Maybe it was too strongly diluted. We still are on this pastry and creamy side, like a praline cake. Some notes of cooked cherry (clafoutis). We find a farmy peat at the beginning, but no salt and no smoke. After a while, hints of white wine and praline. At the end, a light taste of wood.

Finale : Medium, smooth, on caramel extracts and fresh butter. A light peat and a subtle taste of wood.

Conclusion : A pretty fine whisky, pretty subtle, but too diluted to my taste, if it is. We may have missed some complexity. It's still a nice dram.


NOSE: quite gentle but rather complex (fruit, sweet spices ....). Gently pastry (shortbread). Discrete burned notes (second fill sherry?).
Mouth: oily attack with a mixture of bitterness and slight fruity sweetness. Sea touch?
Finish: fairly short and not more expressive than the mouth. A bit alcoholic.

It does not tell enough things to my taste, even if it is easy drinkable ... and it is fairly balanced.


Nose: Citrus galore, Williams pear, melon and fresh bread. Alcohol well integrated, beautiful balance. Sweet.
Emergence of new make notes after aeration.

Taste: Sweet and acidic. Very fruity. Lemon, spices. Beautiful balance. Appearance of mint after aération.

Finish: Vanilla, fruit, lots of spices, melon. The length is average and descends slowly.

Whiskey not very complex but pleasant to drink thanks to good balance, its fruitiness and alcohol well integrated.
I found it a bit worse after aeration.


Nose: vanilla, spicy, fruit orchards, a delicious side (tart with apricot, peach melba?). Light peat, fresh vegetable, smells a bit like campaign, hay.
Not unpleasant but a bit like simple, lightweight.

Taste: More than peaty the nose, spicy, salty, vegetal, appetizing tonic, slightly astringent.
Then rounded, woody notes with vanilla custard and a nearly final citrus tart.

A moderately peaty malt obviously young, friendly but lacking depth and complexity.




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