Benriach ( Official) - Aged 16 years - 16 y.o. - 40%
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Benriach Aged 16 years

16 years
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The first nose is immediately apparent on the musty earth with a hint of ginger, bile. It's really unattractive. With a little aeration, fruits and spices make a timid appearance, always on the background of rancid notes. By looking carefully, we can also detect the cherry stone, sulfur, smoked. The next morning, the whisky is still unattractive. Hopefully the result will improve. On the palate, the attack is spiced with a sudden rise of alcohol, just enough to be unpleasant, but black pepper, some candied fruit, figs and apples, and a sense of slurred tongue. The final, long and medium intensity, is first on the dried fig, with orange confit on rare spices, then the heaviness that had bloated mouth comes a ride.
There's no denying it's a whisky. Some aspects are interesting but unpleasant side is too far.


Sweet nose, fruit (white, yellow), honey. A bit of caramel. Somewhat complex.
Taste mild, marked by notes to wood, but not too woody. A little fruit. Some notes a bit spicy.
Short finish, fruit and malt.



Nose: Pleasant blend of fruit, flowers and spices, potpourri (refill sherry?). Delicate, feminine, aerial ... nevertheless lacks punch and complexity.

Taste: Malt, oaky vanilla and nicely spicy , despite some pungent character. Orchard fruit, herbal notes. Falls quickly.
Nice whisky but very common, lacking in scope, originality, complexity ... a something ... to make it excellent.


Gold color

Quite clear alcoholic nose. Scent of coffee with some exotic fruit, in the style of ice cream. Some notes of wood. On aeration, touches of Marseille soap. It comes back to the coffee.

Fluid mouth, slightly pungent f in attack. Not very expressive. I do not feel much except a kind of bitterness that does not enhance the whole.

Final not very expressive neither. However, it is of medium length as some heat comes back in the mouth.


Color: Gold
The nose is delightfully fruity, very smooth without any aggressiveness. Not very complex, it is no less enjoyable, though some hints of yeast discreetly appear after some time.
The mouth is a little torn between the fruit and spices with a hint of bitterness reminiscent of yeast waste. Then the fruit mixed with vanilla takes over. Here again no complexity and no defects. A whisky however fairly linear although the sweetness of the fruit is always accompanied by a slight bitterness.
The finish is relatively long, and it is the sweetness that wins clearly.
Here's a whisky which must be very enjoyable as an aperitif and is unpretentious. It is not intended for whisky aficionados, but will appeal to anyone who wants to drink a good whisky.



The nose, very discreet is marked by great freshness. It begins on farm peat and a touch of smoke. Next, lemon, grapefruit and wet grass confirm that the nose is decidedly refreshing. Heather, reminding a plain over the cliffs, just finish the nose. After ventilation, without losing its sweetness and freshness, sweet notes (honey) and grains will come before the concentrated flavours previously detected.

Mouth, very (too) soft, is quite linear. It begins on the cereal (barley), before going on light notes of smoke. Ventilation allows the aromas of fruit (papaya) and lemon to come on the first contact in mouth. The whole remains without too much complexity and suffers from lack of power.

The finish, of medium length, just catch up a little from the mouth. On cold ashes, it evolves quickly after a few minutes towards smoke and wet grass notes. A blast of ashes an tar notes finally give the kick that has been vainly expected from the mouth.

In conclusion, a discrete whisky, charming nose and interesting final. But it is sorely lacking power and complexity to my taste.


Nose: Sweet on candy haribo (red crocodiles!) and soft fruit
Palate: the alcohol, then the grain and green tea, peat discreet.
Finale: Short


The nose: What to say ... that nose is poor, this alcohol is not necessarily well integrated despite its apparent reduction. It reminds me the cereal. It benefits from aeration, thanks to which a yeast smell, a light fruity and a tiny hint of peat comes to senses. Maybe it’s because my imagination more than anything else. The mouth is a bit above, but does not allow me to identify more things. The finish brings aromas lightly roasted (grilled peanut) and the final remains correct although relatively short.


Colour: Straw

Nose: The nose is very difficult to pinpoint. I find it unbalanced on alcohol with herbal notes (green) and a hint of artichoke.

Mouth: The mouth feel is very different from the nose. An attack on the freshness that gives way to a good balance between alcohol and flavor. Notes of white fruits, peach and pear.

Finale: The finish is smooth and fruity with a good aftertaste.



Color: Gold
Nose: Very fine, floral, yellow fruits, apricots and some peppery notes.
The fruits are mingled with a slight peat, smoke and meaty, spice and vanilla.
Taste: An atypical mouth both fruity and vanilla and peat on the tar and rubber, but pleasant and elegant and not dominant.
Very pretty and balanced.
Lingering finish on the spices and some vegetal notes.


Colour : gold

Nose : At first, strong hints of what makes me think of new make, slightly fruity (apple). Then licorice (bitter sweet), and slight peat. A nice complexity, moreover the alcohol is well integrated. On the long run, some hints of coconut. You have to get there, but when you are, the nose is pretty neat.

Mouth : on oak, very diluted and without complexity. Too bad ! Nothing to be found especially. Maybe hints of coconut matching the nose maybe ? After a while, it gets a bit deeper, but still on oak and bitterness.

Final : Pretty short and straight.

Conclusion : the nose promised a bit of a complexity. The mouth is rather focused on oak and miss its point.


The nose is quite soft, young, some heater, fresh fruits, some notes of chocolate, vanilla.
Mouth: pepper, heather, metallic, grassy. The final is in the same way, vegetal, and some notes of vanilla.


Nose: fruity and floral young whisky, reduced to 40/43%. Pastry fragrances, on the cake. A hint of mint. Very Speyside.

Palate: Oily and creamy, the pastry side gives way to malt, the freshness of flowers remains. Lightly salt and pepper.

Finale: The peppery spices remain in the mouth, the other flavors are discreet. Not my style of whisky.


Nose: fresh, fruity (peach syrup), light honey, powdered, a touch of the exotic fruit (pineapple), a little (too) gentle for my taste though is rather like!
Mouth: Well shucks, not unpleasant, but not much to tell. Mellow and also (this time a lot) too gentle development, is delayed and does not really come out! In short, quite less happens than in the nose, which is frankly frustrating. Rather oily texture that does not offset the rest.
Final: no mouth, so hard to get a final ... Just a few unexciting vegetables (leek?) and a slight bitterness.


Color: Yellow gold.
Nose: nose first erased, elusive, tight. Then slowly opens on fruity tart. Fails to open fully. Coffee notes.
Taste: sweet, light. Like the nose is pleasant but very closed and difficult to analyze.
Final: In unison the mouth and nose.

Comment: Seems sadly closed, almost inaccessible. However, it leaves little shine portends great potential once the whisky is open. The addition of the water destroyed it from the first drops


Color: Pale gold.
Nose: Typical grassiness of youngish malts, consisting of juniper and candied angelica root. But no yeast (that's good!). Biscuits and malted cereal. We stand close to the raw material here. Just a little smoke, a hint of rubber, and something delicately lemony (lemon meringue pie?) that you could find in a drowned whisky from the isles. Some apple juice, too. Icing sugar sweetness. Over diluted acacia honey.
Mouth: The attack is soft, dominated by vanilla and apple juice. The mouth is easy going, fluid, light without being sluggish. Then the wood's influence increases, and the alcohol, though remaining discreet (43%?), brings some structure to the whole. Unfortunately, there's nothing much happening until the mouth turns more acrid, dry, with a slight bitterness.
Finish: Marked by a frank touch of violet flavoured liquorice.
Comment: A slightly too young malt, which may find its place at the aperitif, but that makes me understand why I do not often feel like a whisky at the aperitif...


Nose: Gasoline, oil and fruits. Sea side, beautiful balance and well melted.
After aeration, more oil, oil and fruit. A little vanilla.

Palate: Oily and fruity. A little citrus. Slight weakness in mouth although pleasant.

Finish: Peat, spices and fruits (in this order). It's oily (in the consistency and flavor). The finish is long but a few rather weak (especially after aeration)

Pleasant and easy drinkable whisky. Do not stand well with aeration. It is better to drink the bottle quickly.


Color: Gold

Nose: First pretty powerful, it opens with aromas of chemical apple (candy apple) and is accompanied by notes of pear and herbaceous malt and industrial caramel. It is more pleasant during the second tasting. Notes of caramel disappeared and the whole lies better defined , more precise. A nice improvement.

Palate: The attack is watery, but gains in power thereafter. The mouth is rather unexpressive, on the malt with some grassy notes. Alcohol taste occurs unfortunately at the aftertaste. A very light fruitiness is present during the second tasting.

Finale: It is surprisingly long compared to the lack of power of the mouth. Flavors in prolongation mouth, on malt and clippings.

Conclusion: A malt that has little to tell. It lacks complexity, power and pleasure, especially in the mouth. That said, it does not suffer any major defects. It has however improved after several days of opening.


N: elderberry, peach, syrupy, lemon, bergamot, smoked ham, herbaceous, tip of turpentine.
B: same as nose with a side infusion.
F: short, vanilla infusion


Appearance: light yellow
Nose: low to moderate intensity, alcohol well integrated, Haribo bears, cardboardy, soft spices, yeast
Taste: low intensity, watery, woody dryness, slightly bitter
Finish: short, slightly hot
Conclusion: Although there is nothing really unpleasant in this whisky I can't enjoy this dram. Perhaps a question of form of the day or personal preferences


Nose: Red fruits (Cherries)
Mouth: Pastry.Apricot cake. Biscuits.
Final: Weak and a little disappointing




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