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I've mentioned before that with the increase in new filling, the price of casks is increasing. Availability of casks is declining because those distillers holding large stocks of casks are a little bit cautious about releasing them at this point until they are certain that prices are not likely to increase substantially.
I'm currently having to pay about £420 for good Sherry butts, £285 for Sherry hogsheads and about £45 for first fill bourbon barrels and a good quality refill hogshead used for say 10 years about £40/ £42 in Scotland.
Last year I paid £35 for bourbon barrels in Glasgow plus delivery from Glasgow to Bladnoch.
However, the strong pound against the dollar makes importing directly from America more attractive.
Bourbon barrels can be purchased easily in Louisville for about $50 ( ) and a 40 foot container (approx 12 meters) holds 210 barrels which are taken by train to Charlestown and then shipped to Grangemouth in Scotland arriving about 4 weeks later. This process costs $2400 dollars plus a fuel surcharge of $295 Customs clearance for the container costs £45 sterling Port Security charge of £14 and delivery to Bladnoch will cost me an extra £365
So if I decide to import directly from America they will probably cost me a fraction less than last years price.
If only I could buy French casks as cheaply?


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