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The whisky blind tasting sessions organized by the forum of whisky distilleries.info . The principle is that whisky producers supply whisky they select themselves, according to their marketing goals. The sent whisky bottles are sampled and sent to about 20 tasters who write their impressions about every whisky. Their impressions and their quotation are published here. See here for more information about this whisky tastings.

All bottles tasted are not to be compared in terms of price or age. It is quite normal to see expensive old bottles in the top panel, which would tend to leave little room for "everyday" fine whiskies. The number of bottles tasted beginning to be fairly substantial, there is now also a ranking by price category. Categories are: Daily Dram (an every day whisky), Connoiseur's Dram (whisky for connoisseurs who wish not to ruin and finally Passionate's Dram (whisky for those who are ready to buy a good whisky whatever the price).
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In the following table you can click on:
the name of the distillery to see the list of the other bottles produced by this distillery
the name of the independent bottler to see the list of the other whiskies marketed from this bottler
the name of the bottle to see the results and the tasting notes given during this session of WDTS .

WDTS ... what is that?

This site also houses a very active forum where enthusiasts come to share their experiences about whisky, take and give advice, let tasting notes, etc..

WDTS: Whisky-Distilleries Tasting Sessions.

These blind tasting sessions are organized by whisky-distilleries.info with whisky sent by producers.

Detailed results of these tasting sessions are published on the site, and the above table is an index to the results. Just click on the name of the bottle to reach these results.

Whisky tasting sessions Répétition généraleThe whisky bottles are marked with this icon is part of the set of selected whisky for the first test session. The difference is that these bottles were not proposed by the producers, but purchased jointly by the participants.

Whisky distilleries testing sessions This logo is used to indicate the whisky bottles that have been offered for tasting by the producers.

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WDTS: Want to know more?

You are a producer of whisky and would like to see your bottle reviewed by experienced tasters, just click here.

If you want to join the group of whisky tasters, you must join the forum . If no entrance examination is required, however you will have to demonstrate your ability to describe and analyze a whisky.

The English forum is not very active, and is object ot many spammers. Spam messages are removed asap, but this obliged me to check every new subscription. If you like to participate, please first log in on the French forum.

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