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The participants to the "Whisky-Distilleries Tasting Sessions"


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Blind Tastings WDTS Repetition generale Blind Tastings WDTS


Tasters profile

Sebou007 Average:
75/100 91/100 Gap:
Number WDTS Tastings:

Caol-Ila Malts of Scotland 1979, Bourbon Hogshead 89/100 WDTS2012-08
Tomatin Wilson & Morgan Thirty Five 89/100 WDTS2012-08
Glendronach Official For Belgium (the Nectar) 88/100 WDTS2011-03
Lagavulin The Whisky Exchange Elements of Islay, Lg2 88/100 WDTS2011-03
Laphroaig Wilson & Morgan Distilled 1998, Limited edition 88/100 WDTS2012-06
Cragganmore Master of Malt 20 years, Master of Malt 87/100 WDTS2011-04
Bowmore The Whisky Exchange Single Malts of Scotland, 26 years 86/100 WDTS2012-06
Bunnahabhain Wilson & Morgan Heavy Peat 1997-2010 86/100 WDTS2011-05
Glenallachie The Whisky Exchange Anniversary Selection 35 years 86/100 WDTS2011-03
Glenlivet Murray McDavid Glenlivet 1977-2010, Celtic Heartlands 86/100 WDTSRG
Tamdhu The Whisky Agency 1990, Liquid Sun 86/100 WDTS2011-04
Ardmore Official 100th Anniversary 85/100 WDTS2011-05
Springbank Official CV 85/100 WDTS2011-03
Tobermory Official Ledaig 10 years 85/100 WDTSRG
Tomatin The Whisky Agency 1976, Liquid Sun 85/100 WDTS2011-04
Ardmore Official Traditional Cask 84/100 WDTS2011-05
Bowmore Silver Seal 21 years old 84/100 WDTS2012-08
Port-Ellen Duncan Taylor Rarest of the Rare 27 years 84/100 WDTSRG
Strathmill Anam Na H-Alba 21 years 84/100 WDTS2012-06
Undisclosed_distillery Wilson & Morgan Born on Islay, House Malt 84/100 WDTS2011-05
__Blended-Malts Master of Malt 12 Years Old Orkney 83/100 WDTS2011-01
Bunnahabhain Official XVIII (46,3%) 83/100 WDTS2011-02
Bunnahabhain Malts of Scotland 1973, Sherry butt 83/100 WDTS2012-08
Undisclosed_distillery Master of Malt Master of Malt 40 years old Speyside 83/100 WDTS2011-02
Ardmore The Nectar Daily Dram Ardmore 18 yo 82/100 WDTSRG
Caol-Ila Master of Malt 30 years (1980-2010) 82/100 WDTS2011-01
Dailuaine Official Fauna & Flora, 16 years 82/100 WDTSRG
Glen-Keith Anam Na H-Alba 19 years 82/100 WDTS2012-08
Linkwood The Ultimate Whisky Company The ultimate single malt collection 1998 82/100 WDTS2011-02
Macduff Meadowside (The Maltman) 23 years 82/100 WDTS2011-05
Ardmore The Whisky Agency 1992, Liquid Sun. Heavily peated 81/100 WDTS2011-04
Tamdhu The Ultimate Whisky Company The ultimate single malt collection 2004 81/100 WDTS2011-02
Tobermory Official 10 years 81/100 WDTSRG
Bunnahabhain Official 12 years (46,3%) 80/100 WDTS2011-02
Cameronbridge Whiskies of Scotland 31 years old (46%) 80/100 WDTS2011-04
Dailuaine Master of Malt 27 years old, 1983 80/100 WDTS2011-05
Dalmore Malts of Scotland 2000, Sherry Hogshead 80/100 WDTS2012-06
North-British Master of Malt 20 years, Master of Malt 80/100 WDTS2011-04
Springbank Official Longrow CV 2010 80/100 WDTS2011-03
Springbank Official Longrow. Single Cask for the Nectar 80/100 WDTS2011-03
Balvenie Official Double Wood 79/100 WDTS2012-06
Bruichladdich Official The Organic 79/100 WDTS2011-01
Clynelish Whisky & Rhum L'Esprit Whisky, 15 yo 79/100 WDTS2012-06
Benriach Official Curiositas 78/100 WDTS2011-01
Longmorn Master of Malt 20 years 78/100 WDTS2012-08
Bruichladdich Official The Classic Edition 1 77/100 WDTS2011-01
Tullibardine Official Aged Oak 77/100 WDTS2011-02
Benriach Official Aged 16 years 75/100 WDTS2011-01

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