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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"

Peru: Millonario XO, Reserva Especial

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Millonario XO, Reserva Especial



20 years
Alcohol percentage
40 %
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
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WDTSRum_2013_03 86/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 91/100
Lowest rate 77/100
Difference 14
Average 85,5


Total number of tasters 12
Excellent 3
Very good 4
Good 3
Medium 2
Bad 0
Millonario XO

This old rum has a very dark and syrupy, even greasy aspect.

It releases a fragrant coffee and caramel with slight woody and hazelnut notes.

On the palate, a light, round attack, fruity and sweet. The taste of caramel, even honey areclearly back .
The final is unfortunately a bit short.

Colour: dark amber
Nose: sumptuous and sweet, with notes of mocha, dark chocolate, vanilla, toffee, caramel and coconut. Also some dried fruits, such as figs and dates and something like sugared almonds. Lovely nose.
Taste: mouth filling and rich, with all the aroma's of the nose returning. The mocha and chocolate notes stick, together with a little oak and more nutty notes. Quite a long finish, with a touch of freshness from eucalyptus. Wonderful stuff!


Colour: dark bronze
Nose: rich, like Mone Cherry, dark chocolate, quite broad
Taste: rich, rich and broad, dark caramel, quite sweet
Aftertaste: short-middle

(Remark: the original note given by this taster is 84. This is his first participation and he probably uses another scale than the standard one in the WDTS. To guarantee the coherence of the results, this quotation has been changed by the administrator)

Colour: Very dark, brown
Nose: Musk, floral, vanilla and again vanilla
Mouth: Spicy, creamy, cherry, vanilla, Italian Panetone, expresso coffee
Finish: Strong vanilla aromas, long


appearance: medium amber
medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, olasses, furniture wax, slightly resinous, strongly toast bread, cake with vanilla, profile 7/8 sweet, 1/8 spicy
taste: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, starts very soft, from mid-palate on nut skin and a little tar adds to balance the whole


“What a cracking piece of rum! Love this stuff”
This dram has a old oak-like color.

Nose (83): (5)more than average. molasses, wood, spices, pepper, floral.

Taste (89): . molasses, brown sugar, spices, caramel, vanilla, burnt sugar, wood.

Finish (88): (1)no finish. molasses, brown sugar, spices.


Nose: Soft and sweet, very heady. Potpourri, incense and ether. Gingerbread, sweet coffee, a little anise, precious woods. This is an original and appealing blend.

Palate: very sweet, spicy, vanilla and molasses. A little liquorice. The ether also gives this side "chemical candy" that bothers me a little. It's too sweet for my taste, but the bitterness brings balance.

Finish: Long and smooth, very nice.

Comment: A nice complexity but it is too sweet for me.


Color: Dark Mahogany
A complex nose, mixing sweet spices and herbal notes, eucalyptus, chocolate, caramel. Nutmeg, cinnamon. Flavored tobacco.
In the mouth, liquid chocolate milk. Cocoa. A first impression of great sweetness but relatively monotonous. Spices that had illuminated the nose disappeared. The palate is also very sweet, and we would have liked a touch of acidity and some spice to cool the atmosphere. Damage.
The finish is long and in the same tone as the mouth. For lovers of mocha milk ...

Nose: Very intense on the caramel, coffee cream, milk chocolate, ripe fruit. Cinnamon is very sharp and intense. Almost candy.

Taste: Very sweet, syrupy, about syrupy caramel, ripe fruit (prune, date), the coffee cream, vanilla, almond paste. Almost burned the fruit, dense honey.

Finale: the cappuccino very sweet.

Robe: foncée, caramel.
Nez :boisé, caramel , café.
Bouche: caramel.
Finale: caramel encore!
et verre vide: cave, tonneau.

Rhum trop caramel et trop sucré a mon goût presque un sirop.


Colour: deep amber with hints of mahogany, very heavy.

The nose reveals notes of oak and spice, and gradually gives way to a soft and delicious caramel odor, odor of burnt brown sugar (maple syrup), chocolate, coffee (cold), honey.
The set is very delicious and attractive. Mild tobacco.

At rest: vanilla, spices (cinnamon, cloves).
All very well balanced, the flavors blend together on the same line. and always mixed with woody spices.

The attack is very soft and very sweet, lots of caramel, woody aromas and toasted spices are blended. Spices and dried fruit (grapes, figs), still tobacco and chocolate.

Final: allspice, sweet from start to finish, with the fruit and spices. Again the slight pungent spices seems to blend perfectly with the caramelized sweetness and warmth of wood.

Colour: Burnt umber with red hues.
Nose: At first nosing, this seems to be a soft and mellow one. Starts on generously sugared coffee. I’m usually on guard with this kind of profile, but there’s something in there that lets me think this could be much more interesting than most of these cloying low-end rums. First, that’s a (nearly) banana-free rum. Good point. Then, there’s like a distant dryness in the background, and some growing hydrocarbon notes that wrap some emerging rich red-berry flavours. Quite to my liking, now.
Mouth: How disappointing! Gone, the distant dryness. Gone, the hydrocarbon. What’s left? The generously sugared coffee turning up to coffee syrup. Nothing else to add.
Finish: Coffee, sugar, coffee, sugar, and a very slight bitterness at the very end.
Comment: The nose really let me hope something great. Unfortunately, the first sip reminds me why I’m more on *spirit* than on liqueurs.

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