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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"

Guyana: Diamond

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L'esprit rhum
7 years
Alcohol percentage
46 %
Whisky & Rhum
Bourbon barrel
Cask number
single cask 58
Distil: 20-12-2003 Bottling: 25-08-2011
199 of 300 btls
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
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WDTSRum_2013_02 83/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 92/100
Lowest rate 78/100
Difference 14
Average 83,18


Total number of tasters 11
Excellent 1
Very good 2
Good 0
Medium 8
Bad 0
Guyana, Diamond

beautiful amber copper color

the nose is delicious, creamy like a slice of gingerbread, spices are blended into molasses, caramel as a kind of spices (cinnamon, nutmeg), which is sweet and woody (+ dried fruit) is increasingly present at rest. all is very well balanced.

the mouth is silky and rather ... powerful, and contrasts with the much more greedy nose. it is spicy (pepper), fruity (exotic), followed by a bitterness (nice notes of licorice)

the end is just as peppery (spicy), always with the licorice. Note a herbaceous plant side and the mouth (tobacco leaf)

Rum with two faces, one greedy and the other rather powerful, where the enthusiasm of a younger rum meets the wisdom of the older ...

Nose: This seems elegant. Starts quite discreet, with a nice alcoholic balance (46% ?). Probably significantly older than most others (am I wrong? I’ve got the feeling that the older rum gets, the less luxuriant it is). I don’t get much from the nose (perhaps some kind of roasted nuts assortment), but at least this seems natural and flawless to me. Just a hint of hard caramel after a while ?
Mouth: Yes. Nothing too sugary nor too chemical in this one. Just a little dash of banana in the background to remind you that this is no whisky. A clean spirit enriched by a careful maturation. I confirm the roasted nuts track, and the perfect alcoholic balance, just to warm you up. The mouthfeelinf is creamy, rich, enhanced by very pleasant tannins, that keep your taste buds awaken.
Finish: Long, warming, pleasantly astringent, with a wee hint of hydrocarbon.
Comment: Wouldn’t there be this slight banana note, this could compete face to face with more than one teenage sherry cask malt. I like it.


Nose: coffee, chocolate, hazelnut, notes of tobacco leaves, roasted notes of creme brulee, brown sugar

Taste: coffee, hazelnut, toasted notes, cold cigar, humus

Final: short, bittersweet

“Bottle this rum at 43% ABV or more and you will have an amazing rum here. Not as good as #1 but still quite enjoyable”
This dram has a mahogany-like color.

Nose (83): (5)more than average. sugar cane, floral, spices, citrus.

Taste (84): light, smooth. sugar cane, spices, cinnamon, vanilla, oranges.

Finish (84): (5)longer than average. sugar cane, spices.


Colour: Amber
Nose offers a pleasant woody bouquet (old furniture), rather powerful, some vinous notes and a lot of spices (pepper), notes caramelized
Taste: sharp and quite fruity attack, ensues a beautiful development with a little oily side, woody and quite powerful tar notes. Alcohol well integrated on the palate, dried fruit, almonds, pleasant bitterness (zest), fairly balanced.

Cloves and nutmeg are first perceived odors. However, the nose is quite discreet.
On the palate, the first impression is a bit disappointing for the relatively flat nature of the rum that is hard to express.
Not particularly complex, tastes are hard to define because missing some precision. We stay on vanilla.
The finish is long and spicy nose can be found here.

Nose: A little bit dirty, fruits too ripe, slightly minty.

Palate: Fruity.

Finale: A little bit dirty, fruits too ripe. A little mint and anise.

Comments: Not complex and I'm not a big fan of the fruits flavors prsent in this one. It is pleasant to drink anyway.


light amber
low intensity, rather poorly integrated alcohol (not tongue tingling but masks the flavors, disappears only after 30 minutes of breathing), dry profile, vegetables, light sulfur (burnt rubber), vanilla, dried fruits
medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, vegetables, nut skin (well controlled woody bitterness), a little vanilla sweetness
short to medium


Nose: Notes of varnish, white flowers, a little cocoa and sweet fruity (plum) form an ultra-melted nose sprinkled with black pepper. It is round, very linear: An average nose but not quite hectic

Mouth: We find this consistent look (very flat here) with a jumble of flowers, a little lemon juice and a lot of sweet spices.

Finale: It fades very quickly on chocolate and spices. The aftertaste becomes drier (lemon and cinnamon).

Comment: Too repulsive, lacking aromatic power (especially in the mouth) this rum is actually quite annoying (and quickly forgotten) although it is not completely unacceptable.

Pepper and molasses, clove, geranium. The mixture is pretty weird. It reminds me of the smell of putty that was used to fix the windows.

The attack is fresh with aromas of chewed a little chemical and plastic. This becomes more peppery and woody. The finish is quite bitter like the gentian.

Nose: especially on rather artificial flavors (glue and synthetic vanilla). Not very attractive. Very marked.
Taste: silky texture, but not much happens later .... Less expressive on the nose.
Finale: absent
Conclusion: the nose is not seducing, the mouth is almost nonexistent. The overall rum in my opinion dispensable without being bad.
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