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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"
The Rum

Cuba, Isla del Ron

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Isla del Ron 1998

Isla del Ron
No age statement
Alcohol percentage
58,5 %
Malts of Scotland
cask strength
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
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WDTSRum_2013_02 82/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 88/100
Lowest rate 74/100
Difference 14
Average 81,73


Total number of tasters 11
Excellent 0
Very good 1
Good 3
Medium 5
Bad 2
Cuba, Isla del Ron

Nose: Lots of anise, aromas of medicine. powerful

Taste: Mint, menthol, anise, medicine, fresh fruit.

Final: Cachou, menthol, medicine.

Comments: This is very special and you have to like that kind of flavor. I must say that I quite like but I'm a fan of cachou and the aroma is very present.


Colour: Pale gold.
Nose: Smells like… Rum! Clean and hot spirit. Banana strikes first, followed by small sour apples and lemon juice.
Mouth: Tasty banana-driven spirit. Pretty simple and one-dimensional, but pleasantly hot (over 50%) and very drinkable. Tastes like an over proof Amber Charrette Rum, if it did exist.
Finish: Slightly drying and astringent now, like licking the inside of a banana skin (Na... What a strange idea!).
Comment: OK, that’s pretty uncomplicated spirit, but I like its simplicity and the kick you get from the alcohol. Pure pleasure.


Color: Gold
The nose is very pleasant, relatively quiet. Relatively difficult to describe, it is a pretty very appealing floral bitterness, smell cut plants (not the cool grass ...) and pepper. The nose announces spiced rum ...
The mouth does not deny the nose. We actually dealing with a spiced rum. A strong presence of alcohol, however, masking some nuances, too bad.
The finish is quite long and moderately hot. Here too we find the spices in the mouth. A rum lovers spice anyway.

Nose: dark caramel mix, lemon and currants. Alcohol tolerates this aromatic feedstock (sounds powerful) and the nose seems constant although there is a net cooling. Custard that goes very well with the elements present on guard. A very nice nose. Adding water makes it "dirty" with almost earthy and vegetal notes addition of banana.

Palate: From lemon, chocolate, caramel and a little ripe banana leave first. Alcohol is also present than suggested by the nose. A little water may help. Unfortunately to actually calm the fire, turn off most flavors (lemon and remaining caramel). Texture does not suffer.

Finale: In line with the mouth with currants almost a limestone (slightly on lemon) aftertaste . It is long but not very pleasant in the end.

Comment: A great nose combines power and subtlety. In the mouth alcohol is being too intrusive while water destroys its complexity. We find it difficult to find an enchanting compromise. Finally, a rum that has a beautiful nose but becomes rougher thereafter (including the final)

Beautiful gold color, shiny, some deposits in the glass ...

The nose is soft and airy, with background on the soft wood (lightly smoked) and spices (clove strength, cinnamon, nutmeg). A hint of vanilla melted in spices, rather exotic fruity (citrus (green), bananas), notes of licorice / eucalyptus and dried fruits (nuts, fresh almonds)

Attack rather sweet / juicy on exotic fruits; include licorice, citrus and spices (clove, cinnamon). Empyreumatic notes (almonds, smoke)

Final rather long and warming, still heavily loaded with citrus and spices, with a touch almost minty on end. fresh almond always present

yellow gold
low to medium intensity, fairly well integrated alcohol after 5 minutes of breathing (stays present as an alcoholic freshness), fresh vegetables, liquorice sweets, cough syrup
medium intensity, rather poorly integrated alcohol (tongue tingling), mainly cough syrup, freshness, woody bitterness appears at the mid-palate


Nose: very ripe banana, many vanilla and a light marine / iodized side. White chocolate. Curious note of perfume (cologne).
Taste: silky texture, a little spice / alcoholic. In line with the nose.
Final: medium and little aromatic
Conclusion: halftone. rum Not bad, but with a lesser mouth, a little spirity and questionable taste profile.

“It is strangely floral for a rum. Not my kind of dram”
This dram has a fino-like color.

Nose (83): (5)more than average. sugar cane, citrus, pepper, floral.

Taste (81): powerful, oily. sugar cane, floral, citrus, spices, wood.

Finish (79): (5)longer than average. floral, sugar cane, spices.


Colour: Straw
Nose: we feel the sugar and syrup, the vegetal and farmy side is quite pleasant, alcohol is quite present, some notes of spice and vanilla, pastry caramel greedy side
Palate: Fresh and pretty keen on sugar attack, powerful wood aromas with bitter notes gradually develop to coat the palate. Notes and cane syrup, with the vegetal and farm hints, the heater is progressive and powerful, the final is on bitterness.

Nose: winey, brandy
Palate: vinous, pear, quite marked by alcohol
Final: see above, long in the mouth
You'll understand that this rum has not inspired me ...

Nice freshness with notes of gentian and smoke. Then it becomes more vegetal on menthol, eucalyptus and nougat.

It is very bitter and spirity with hydrocarbon flavors and the vegetable side takes over. I find freshly cut grass and sugar cane. The finish is long and dry but astringent and not nice
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