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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"


Français | English


Distilled 1986

Rum Nation
26 years
Alcohol percentage
45 %
Wilson & Morgan
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
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WDTSRum_2013_01 86/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 91/100
Lowest rate 75/100
Difference 16
Average 85,24


Total number of tasters 17
Excellent 3
Very good 4
Good 7
Medium 2
Bad 1
Jamaique 1986

A: orange
N: sandalwood, vanilla bourbon is accurate long and elegant.
B: as beautiful, blood orange, long, almond, vanilla sugar candy, acacia honey,
F: huge development on the honey orange and green nuts


Nose: gunpowder, matches, then sulfur and the tartness of fresh orange juice. Becomes rounder with aeration. Develops a slight metallic side. Very atypical. It also feels a biscuit side.

Taste: sweet, slightly salty at first and then more sweet / fruity in a second time.

Finish: long and round

Comments: I would say that this rum is confusing as it approaches a whisky aromatic level. Therefore, I love!

Color: Mahogany
The nose is marked by vegetal notes, mint, wood. Wax and spices. It is complex and seems to announce a balanced rum. Great freshness emerges from the nose.
The first impression in the mouth is a pretty cool and then moves to nice bitter notes, coffee and chocolate, always with a slight acidity in the background.
Here no exaggerated sweetness as is sometimes the case for sugar cane alcohols. It is beautiful, complex and extremely pleasant to drink.
The final, of medium length, preserves the memory of these notes of coffee, still with the presence of this light fresh acidity.

Nose: Medicinal, peaty.

Taste: Very fruity (unfortunately, it disappears with breathing)

Finale: Pretty delicate fruity notes.

Comments: A very nice fruity rum with a nose that looks a bit like a single malt from Islay.


olour: Amber.

Nose: The nose is quite pastry with notes of marzipan, buttered toast, custard, raised by sweet spices (ginger in particular) with notes of exotic fruits (lime).
With a dash of water, very fruity (fruit cake, pudding, Christmas cake). Notes of sherry. Becomes much more expressive, probably very old too.

Palate: The fruit is intense (ripe banana, citrus, ripe pear), with this background of sweet spices mixed with vanilla. Herbaceous and minty freshness develops. The sweet spices are still present (ginger, nutmeg).

Finale: On the hot brown sugar.

An old Long Pond?

Color: golden with brown highlights

Nose: The nose is very attractive with floral notes pulling the scent: white musk and lilac.
It then goes on sweet and woody classic aromas, all fairly balanced.

Mouth: the material is dense and imposing. We'll be right back on the floral aromas on the nose detected primarily on lilac. The sweet print is then bringing a lot of paella spices and especially saffron .
The general structure is interesting: both very sweet and pungent waves due to alcohol and cause as effervescence.

Final: The final is consistent with the tasting: the same structure and same flavors, lilac and capped off the rudder, a wooded point and nutmeg.

Nose: varnish, vinous, green sugar cane. Not the profile I prefer.
Mouth: entrance is more pleasant than I thought. Quite complex and balanced. Many blended fruits (including citrus and exotic).
Final: average and almost regret. Note of coffee.
Finding a good surprise because the nose was not too "my kind." The mouth is really interesting with a nice mix of different fruits and a nice balance.

appearance: medium amber
nose: medium to strong intensity, well integrated alcohol, red currants, noble smoked ham, mustard, light stable aroma, mineral
taste: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, effervescent tablet of vitamin C, apricots, molasses, soft dominance countered by a slight bitterness
finish: medium to long


“Delicious nose with so many tropical fruits. An interesting rum”
This dram has a mahogany-like color.

Nose (87): (5)more than average. burnt sugar, spices, vanilla, papaya, mango.

Taste (85): powerful, oily. burnt sugar, vanilla, spices, wood.

Finish (85): (5)longer than average. burnt sugar, fruits, vanilla.


Color: Amber

Nose: Suave, with quite original bitter almond note, although a chemical strand ( between Cleopatrathe glue and orgeat syrup). A little bitter orange too, and something animal or organic extra. Somewhat complex but very pleasant.

Palate: sweet attack, as often with these rums. We find fairly standard notes (banana flambe), but also detected in the bitter almond nose and sweet spices (paprika?) And citrus (bitter orange).

Finish: Fairly long, marked by bitter orange with a renewed green bitterness.

Conclusion: Perhaps the most original of the session.

Nose: Sharp, powerful and spicy with sweet wood tones.
Taste: Spicy and sweet.
Finish: Spicy.


Colour: dark bronze.
Nose: lovely nose of roasted nuts, vanilla, mocha and chocolate, without being overly sweet.
Taste: returning notes of nuts and mocha, with some tropical fruits and coconut. Good strength, but the finish is somewhat short.

colour: dark amber
nose: very spicy, with (through the spiciness) hints of cola and nuts
taste: very smooth with less spices than the nose. old woodiness and sweet sugared peanuts. the finish is again spiced and coated with caramel


Colour: Polished mahogany.

Nose: Quite extreme. Lots of banana skin, and a strange blast of gas. Or any kind of hydrocarbon, actually. And perhaps a little Fanta. Milk chocolate. Thick and concentrated.

Mouth: Starts softer than on the nose. Deceptively weak, but very creamy. A melt chocolate-coffee ice cream with a splash of gin. An Alexandra ? Some almond cream. Fanta is back with quite some orange peels. Grows bigger, hotter, with more wood now.

Finish: Long and chocolaty.

Comment: This is quite an easy going rum. Not very assertive, but easy going. A nice Demerara from Guyanna ?


Colour: dark amber

Nose: a bit of a restrained nose at first. Dusty with a sharp edge. Stewed fruits: figs and dates. Also some tropical fruit. Hint of molasses.

Taste: light and gentle. Juicy sweetness. Treacle toffee softness. Vanilla and honey. Some spices at the end.

Finish: clean and sweet, like finishing a glass of cola.

Comment: not a very complex rum, but drinkable though. Dangerous!


Nose: Marzipan, quince, orange and candied fruit. One side with a little mint and earthy smoke. It is concentrated. Cardamom then it progresses to gum mint and anise.

Palate: This is balanced, very soft caramel on the side with a vegetable and some bitterness. It's a bit monolithic but rather dense and pleasant to drink after the previous.

Nose: Aggressive chemical notes take the first step (Velleda felt powerful). At first nose, it is rather difficult to read what is hiding underneath. Aeration may open with notes of red fruit although caramel is highly present. It has a bit of red fruit jam then but not as expected (it turns almost by leguminous time). Felt Velleda is at it again by joining the party. A nose of grain that went wrong in fact.

Taste: Very caramel, vanilla but always with a grain youthful times. It feels to have a drink unstable. The fruit has disappeared and is clearly hungry.

Final: The final will be off the caramel (type cereal very sweet).

Comment: A rum which collapses very quickly. After a spicy nose, all but mastered the mouth is stillborn on a duet basic and uninteresting. Not much good to remember about this bottling.
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