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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"

Glen Scotia

Français | English


Isla del Ron 1988

Isla del Ron
24 years
Alcohol percentage
52,6 %
Malts of Scotland
Cask number
single cask IdR003
Distil: 1988 Bottling: 2012
32 of 146 btls
cask strength
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
links & average quote
WDTSRum_2013_01 83/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 92/100
Lowest rate 50/100
Difference 42
Average 82,65


Total number of tasters 17
Excellent 1
Very good 4
Good 6
Medium 4
Bad 2
Guyana Ilsa del Ron

Color: Mahogany.

Nose: Rich and intense. First on sweet spices (cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg). Then the intense notes of black fruit (plums, dates, figs) bursting with citrus sugar (orange, orange peel). Then hints of coffee cream, chocolate, leather, licorice, tobacco, honey grow. Gingerbread with aeration is more precise and clear. Old, very old! Encaustic is noble, the polished wood, dense, fine. A smoke colored as it should.

Palate: The palate is fat and full. Always these sweet spices nose, this gingerbread, the honey, and the notes of chocolate, black coffee, orange peel, old noble wood, licorice, tobacco.

Finish: Long, neither dry nor sweet, beautiful harmony between sweet and bitter notes (orange, orange peel, cocoa, black coffee, honey).

Demerara Enmore 1988?

A: red-orange
N: rancid, bitter orange, almond, apple chard, powerful elegant it is beautiful.
B: dark chocolate, bitter orange, old, beautiful amplitude, nougat, pepper.
F: Long beautiful precise superb comparable to the first

Agricultural rum ?


Colour: old oak

Nose: Very fragrant with an alcoholic edge. Some nuttiness, then rich perfumed sweetness. Oranges and tangerines. Mango as well. Some earthy notes.

Taste: quite dry and lots of tannins. Sweet raisins and baked banana's. Sultana. Becomes peppery and salty later on.

Finish: the salt remains for a long time. No sweetness at all anymore.

Comment: intriguing rum. Complex. Not a very common profile. It does also have some sherry influences.


colour: dark amber
nose: old wood, vanilla, black berries, spices, cola and cinnamon
taste: sweet mellow taste, less expressive as the nose. some spices and cherry coke, towards the finish more spices and woody notes, ends with a bite instead of a sweet note like most rums, very nice


Nose: Anis, mint, fruity.

Mouth: Powerful, highly acidic fruits.

Final: Strong bitter, coffee with milk.

Comments: Nice to drink but not very complex. For lovers of bitter drinks.


appearance: medium to dark amber
nose: medium intensity, fairly well integrated alcohol, noble rot, furniture wax, fresh tobacco, detergent, mid-sweet mid-dry profile
taste: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, mineral, Quetsch brandy, tobacco, noble rot, soft pepper, slight bitterness starts at the mid-palate
finish: medium


Nose: Remarkable (red) fruit tones and sherry. The scents are warm and intense. The smell become spicier after a period of time.

Taste: Sweet, spicy and refreshing (menthol).

Finish: Spicy and some wood tones (bitterness).


Colour: mahogany.
Nose: nicely sweet with some herbs and notes of vanilla, coconut and banana. Also heavy notes of new wood. After a while it even becomes somewhat dusty, with a hint of varnish.
Taste: subtle entrance, with sweet herbs, pepper and notes of strong coffee. Then the alcohol kicks in, but that quickly fades and leaves a well balanced finish, with a delicate sweetness and notes of cinnamon and licorice.

Nose: guava, papaya, caramel, spices. Quite melted.

Taste: Very special. The palate is explosive by demonstrating a mixture of flavors difficult to identify at first. In the end, it is mostly spices that stand out. Wood also.

Final: long on spices ...

Comments: A rum with a atypical profile. Well done but I do not catch.

Nose: It smells beautiful aromas presence of vinegar, plum, chocolate and a little coffee. Alcohol seems to emerge quite heavily. A very sherry rum. Water brings out notes more acidic (lemon, cherry liqueur). The opening gives hints of biscuit (small butter) and weakens the vinegar.

Palate: The alcohol is present (even too present) with chocolate, spices and this vinegar touch still accompanied by raspberries. Water crashes unfortunately a little too fruity. That leaves lemon zest, chocolate and spices again.
The opening makes it less fit-in. The spicy chocolate chocolate but found the vinegar that no longer exists watermark.

Finale: Chocolate leaves room behind mouth tangy raspberry character. The length is not great but still honorable.

Comment: Finally this great rum eyeing the side of sherry although it leaves reflected his true nature by notable acidity.

Color: Mahogany

Nose: Very expressive, powerful but not aggressive, it develops a slightly bitter (not quite ripe papaya, bitter orange) fruit mixed with exotic spices and raisins macerated in alcohol. (a hint of anise, clove, nutmeg??)

Palate: The attack is sweet but a little weak. The middle shows a nice fragrant woods (sandalwood, cedar), notes of citrus (bitter orange peel), a little bitterness too. It is melted and really pleasant to drink. Too bad it lacks a bit of power.

Finale: It unfortunately lacks intensity and length.

Conclusion: I like it, but the mouth would have won a few more degrees.

“So woody... this rum must be really old. Too woody for my taste anyway”
This dram has a old oak-like color.

Nose (83): (5)more than average. wood, nuts, floral, burnt sugar, spices. Like if it has been sherried aged, Massive amount of wood.

Taste (83): powerful, oily. wood, floral, citrus, spices, sweet, nuts, green almonds.

Finish (82): (4)average. wood, burnt sugar, floral.

Color: Mahogany
Nose nicely spicy, pepper, clove and a hint of cinnamon with a hint of hydrocarbon as a kind of watermark.
The first attack is quite indecisive, a little "rough" and it takes a few seconds to stabilize tastes in a fairly complex (especially to define) whole. A mixture of bitterness (gentian and wood), and some green acid fruits. Astonishing mouth.
The finish is long and starts on the bitter notes of the mouth and gradually moving towards acidity mingled with notes of gentian.
A remarkably original rum where nothing is missing, but the range of flavors is not really my preference.

Dark color with red highlights

Nose: The nose is intense with sweet scents that give smoothness that make the rum look like liquor. Then notes of sandalwood develop, oak which is taking over after aeration.

Palate: A big material, a little soft or even syrupy. Very floral aromas pulling cologne with some deviant characters to bile and vomit. It ends on the old leather.

Final: The final will be built on a bitterovercooked caramel which is a bit unpleasant. It ends on a combination of sugar and wood.

The nose was promising, the mouth and the final are disappointing.

Nose: I'm not a fan of this type of rum (green cane sugar). Very vinous side also. Lack of balance in my opinion even if it improves with aeration.
Mouth attack on a strong herbaceous bitterness over a note of burnt wood. Intense but notes that I do not like. More balanced than the nose suggests. A little dry with subliminal exotic notes (only, unfortunately). Toast.
Finish: medium long happily in line with the mouth.
Conclusion quite unfortunately marked by notes that I do not like rum. Interesting also (somewhat complex).

Colour: Burnt umber with red hues.

Nose: Typical of English-speaking Carribean island rum (Jamaican?). Very dark, with heady fragrances of the underlying molasses. Lots of banana flambéed. More and more spices now. Cinnamon, cloves, and all that jazz.

Mouth: Even spicier and softer now. Four spices. A banana-chocolate macaroon flooded with cinnamon and cloves. Fun and tasty, but not really subtle, if I may say. Closer from a highly available spiced rum than from a high end Demerara rum.

Finish: Medium length, with a slight woody dryness reminding the betel nuts.

Comment: Typical molasses rum, with lots of banana and spices. Quite pleasant, but lacks of subtlety if you ask me. Would be more at its place on the shelves of a mixologist than in the cabinet of an amateur.


Nose: First musk, burnt caramel with a bit of candied orange. It is fairly concentrated. Then this leads to the herbs and becomes less pleasant cardboard and wet paper.

Palate: On the varnish. It is bitter and woody with chemicals aroma like insecticide. It's very dry. The finish is persistent on the side and chemical insecticide.
For me it is the worst of the series.
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