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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"

Guadeloupe: Bellevue

Français | English


Bellevue, 12 ans



L'esprit rhum
12 years
Alcohol percentage
46 %
Whisky & Rhum
Cask number
single cask 3
Distil: 31-3-1998 Bottling: 15-11-2010
179 of 236 btls
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
links & average quote
WDTSRum_2013_01 83/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 93/100
Lowest rate 62/100
Difference 31
Average 83,24


Total number of tasters 17
Excellent 1
Very good 4
Good 6
Medium 5
Bad 1
Bellevue 12 ans

Colour: Old gold to amber.

Nose: The nose is on the polished wood, wax, exotic fruits and intense floral notes. Some sweet spices are noticed (nutmeg, ginger) with pepper. Aeration changes many things: it is now more on notes of cocoa and coffee, butterscotch, citrus (orange, orange peel) (intense!).

Taste: citrus (bitter orange), dried fruits, sweet spices (pepper, cinnamon), everything is pretty light and spicy, with more herbaceous and floral notes quite fragrant. Leather notes also appear.

Final: on oak with a smoke touch.

Could this be the first bottling of l'Esprit Rhum?

Colour: Old gold
The nose reveals fresh vegetable and fruity notes quickly followed by beautiful aromas of pepper. Some wood, a little mint. Beautiful nose, complex and balanced.
The palate is complex from the first contact, mixing acid notes with bitterness of gentian. A beautiful contrast between these two tastes that can be described either as balanced complexity or perfect imbalance as we like or do not like ...! I like!
The finish is unfortunately a bit short, and it is the bitterness of the gentian that persists longer.

Nose: Cinnamon, coriander, ripe fruit (especially pineapple). After aeration, free menthol notes stand out. I would even say almost chlorophyll.

Palate: The attack is pretty standard although mineral and slightly hazy. The power of alcohol suggests a cask strength. Especially we feel the ripe pineapple and spices.

Finish: long on spices and hints of ripe fruit.

Comments: Very interesting. Well done. No defects except the power of alcohol in the mouth but that should fade with time once one has a bottle that will be drunk over a long period.

Colour: chestnut oloroso brown

Nose: strange nose. Grass, plantation and vegetation. A bit sharp. I can't help detecting even some hospital (lysol) smells. Molasses and vanilla as well.

Taste: much better. Waxy mouth feel. Sweet and quite concentrated. Brown sugar. Roasted nuts, chocolate and honey. Delicate wood and some stuffed peppers.

Finish: long and oaky. Bitter-sweet

Comment: a complex rum which needs time to open its secrets.


Nose: a first corona present sulfur, cabbage. Then there is the caramel associated with red fruit (pomegranate): The coalition is surprising. Aeration gives off to the lemon still accompanied by its own set of caramel. There are also spices (nutmeg), anise and pepper (type Seichuan berries). Nicely complete nose.

Taste: Lemon accompanies blueberry and caramelized hazelnuts. It is not very powerful but it is well done.

Finale: Too bad it is too short! because this profile would have been so nice by exploding red fruits that infortunately are fast discreet. There is a return of strawberry and raspberry limit and aftertaste but the finish is more on the duo lemon-hazelnut.

Comment: A good rum pretending to give full lemon in the mouth entry to finally find its wealth (the nose) including red fruits (which could hebe been even more present). It lacks the sweetness on the aftertaste to overcome a plateau.

Color: Amber

Nose: The nose evokes furiously premiez a young grape eau-de-vie (grappa, marc). Aeration reveals an I-don't-know what more green vegetal and hints of hydrocarbons (pan oil), and finally the starfruit and pineapple. Interesting, and even fun, if not sexy.

Palate: The attack is a bit low, the mid-palate more interesting. Profile in the mouth seems less original than nose. This is a classic rum, which oscillates between vegetable bitterness and hints of banana flambe, but with a little something extra that I can not define. However, it avoids the pitfalls of excess sugar, and thus is rather balanced.

Finale: From long and medium intensity, it prolongs the mouth of the banana and bitterness.

Conclusion: A nice drink, despite a slight lack of power rum. However, I prefer the nose.

Nose: Some salt, overripe fruits, medicine.

Palate: Lots of oil, mint, licorice.

Final: Menthol galore, massage cream.

Comments: Bizarre but not unpleasant to drink. Appreciate aeration.


Colour: Russet.

Nose: Oh my oh my! This one talks to me: sorry for the narcissistic reference, but this nose propels me directly to my mother’s redcurrant fruit salad. Which means lots of sugar and a generous splash of Kirsch, the whole stuff being nicely balanced by the sharp sourness of the redcurrant. Granted: there’s more Kirsch than rum here.

Mouth: Sharp and clean. Salty. Briny. We’re close to the vesou, here. This is almost austere rum, humble and sincere. Discretely tasty, with unripe banana, green apple, and redcurrant.

Finish: Drier than most rums, with delicate and tasty tannins, not unlike products from Haiti.

Comment: This is not extravagant, but carefully crafted sharp, clean, and rather dry rum. If you’re keener on natural spirits than sticky and cloying one, then this one is made for you.


Nose: Sharp and very spicy (similar to nutmeg), a little sweetness and beautiful wood tones.
Taste: Sweet and spicy.
Finish: Spicy with a little bitterness.


Colour: amber.
Nose: Notes of vanilla, toasted oak, cloves, some sweet pepper and molasses. It occurs to be a bit closed.
Taste: rather surprising. It has a lot of punch, not very sweet, but with quite some fruity notes. I get blackberries, pear, peach, baked banana's and candied apples.
A lingering finish with some sweet spices and a faint saltiness.

Colour: Light brown with brown highlights

Nose: The nose starts with notes of herbs and changes on fresh fruit, apple, apricot. Caramel happen then highlighted by scents of gasoline.

Palate: The palate aromas of fresh baked banana and caramel. Alcohol is present and troubles a bit (in a positive sense) the mild tasting start.

Finish: The finish is on the burned wood and cooked fruits. Banana wins in retro-olfaction.

The whole lacks a bit of complexity.

A: Rose Gold
N: smoke, vanilla, turmeric, wasabi, powerful less elegant
B: candy sugar, turmeric, vanilla
F: monolithic long


appearance: light amber
nose: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, partially rotten vegetables, solvents such as BBQ lighter, antiseptic at the dental clinic, honey from the wood, meaty, mineral (wet stone)
taste: low to medium intensity (grows up during taste), alcohol well integrated, silky, acacia honey, soft spices, walnut skin towards the finish, licorice
finish: medium


colour:wet hay
nose: fruity but restrained, some overdue apricots, raisins and fresh wood
taste: quite straight forward, but not very complex (maybe some daftness) the taste seems restraints as in the nose, almost like some taste wants to come out but flavours just don't want to mix to become one. All in all it seems a bit unbalanced


“Strange one! Definitively I don't like this stuff whatever fascinating nose it may have”
This dram has a cooper-like color.

Nose (84): (5)more than average. burnt sugar, floral, soap. Strangely fascinating

Taste (77): light, smooth. spices, menthol, floral, disinfectant.

Finish (77): (4)average. eucalyptus, floral, burnt sugar.


Nose: entry in the notes that I do not like (green cane sugar). No real change with aeration.
Mouth: beautiful silky texture but the same profile as the nose and it is not my taste (green cane sugar).
Final: average, in line with the nose / mouth. Burnt coffee.
Conclusion: some will maybe love it (as balanced and aromatic), but not my kind of rum. Not very complex either.

Nose: It's fresh, sweet and pepper. The creme brulee and a little camphor. It evolves into something more organic bananas too ripe. Always that little cost smoked with quince jam.

Palate: This is peppery, tiger balm, cardboard. This becomes grassy, very bitter and woody, spicy.
This is not good.
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