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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"

Martinique: rhum agricole hors d'âge

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Rhum agricole hors d'âge

Rum Nation
No age statement
Alcohol percentage
43 %
Wilson & Morgan
(release 2008)
=25 euros=25 euros
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WDTSRum_2013_01 83/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 89/100
Lowest rate 60/100
Difference 29
Average 83,12


Total number of tasters 17
Excellent 0
Very good 6
Good 7
Medium 3
Bad 1
Rhum agricole hors d'age Martinique

Colour: amber

Nose: Sweet and aromatic with vanilla custard. Rosehip, violet and summer fruits. Christmas cake as well. Lovely.

Taste: nice rich oak. Sticky toffee pudding and chocolate. Nuts, and dried fruits. Notes of coconut.

Finish: soft and long. Honey sweetness. Some spice at the end.

Rum: a very well balanced rum. Delicious!


Colour: Old gold to amber.

Nose: Notes of gingerbread, honey, almost vinous, juicy, sweet nose first. With notes of pear, sips sugar apples. Light citrus grow thereafter (especially lemon, lime, lemon peel) with some exotic floral notes. A pretty herbaceous profile finally (fir softwood) with hints of licorice.

Mouth is gentle, with notes of licorice, pine honey, ripe green apple, orange peel, vanilla and fresh mint (finally found!). Crisp and clear juice from sugar cane, vanilla and pepper notes on the finish.

Final: More on these dry peppery notes, but without too much bitterness.

Rum Nation Martinique Hors d'Age?

Nose: applesauce with cinnamon from the start. Becomes more complex with aeration, I still feel the same flavors but not melted and explosive as some poor quality rums. There are caramel, candied fruit and spices (vanilla and ginger).

Palate: In the continuity of the nose but not too much sugar which is appreciable.

Final: average.

Comments: I appreciate this rum profile. The only flaw in my opinion is a lack of in the mouth.

A: Rose Gold
N: vanilla, white chocolate, cocoa butter
B: vanilla, orange blossom, cocoa butter, is accurate elegant sugar candy
F: long, liquorice and vanilla

Honduras or Nicaragua?


Color: Amber

Nose: Fresh and fun, it develops notes some chemicals but pleasant bubblegum or candy, beautiful sweet citrus fragrance, something floral, too. It is not textraordinarily complex, but the remarkable melted makes it difficult to disentangle aromas.

Palate: The attack is fresh and sweet, the mid-palate more powerful, dry vegetal also oscillating between the acidity of citrus (orange / cinnamon) and flavor to both sweet and powerful raisins macerated in alcohol.

Finish: Quite long, it is more bitter than the mouth, but still found this little tart touch that brings necessary freshness and balance.

Conclusion: A good rum, less powerful than the Don Jose 12yo, but more balanced and easy to drink.

Color: Mahogany
The first impression on the nose is of a winery invaded by mold, hints of rather unexpected undergrowth. Soon fruity notes appear, mixing apples and plums on a background of caramel. Very surprising ... Red wine? Some menthol on the edge of the drug (mentholatum. ..) extremely pleasant freshness and contrasts.
In the mouth, it is far from these sugary caramel notes that are often associated with rum. We are dealing here with a decidedly fresh rum, with a lot of contrasts between fruit and caramel. This rum is supported by an perfectly adequate alcohol percentage.
The finish is relatively short and cool, in continuation of the mouth

colour: old wet hay
nose: sweet but delicate cognac-like nose with fruits like lychee, yellow grapes/raisins and vanilla sweetness.
taste: delicate flavoured sweetness, not as exciting as the nose though, some yellow apples and white grapes, easy going and smooth. The finish reveals some spices and a drying touch. But with a lot of fruitiness from peaches and apricots.


Nose: Direct sweet fruit tones and later on some molasses syrup.
Taste: Soft, sweet with some little bitterness.
Finish: Bitterness (wood tones).


Nose: Peach, exotic fruits, lots of mint.

Taste: Light, soft, sweet, bitter. Always some mint.

Final: tea with mint. Short.

Comments: The nose is gorgeous, unfortunately the mouth and finish are far to be as good.


Color: Light Tan

Nose: Heavy or even cumbersome. A reference immediately comes to mind: licorice. And especially the two-color English sweets licorice aromas plus their sweet side.

Palate: The palate develops gently. It is fully in line with the aromas of licorice found on the nose. The second part of the tasting is a bit soft with chewing gum side

Final: The final thrives on the bitterness of caramel with hints of roast. The finish is a bit short with a return of licorice.

A coherent rum but a little too uniform.

appearance: light amber
nose: medium intensity, alcohol fairly well integrated, ripe bananas, plums, jellied fruits, well rounded with a nice fruity sweetness
taste: low intensity, well integrated alcohol, rose water, seed from cherries, molasses, vanilla sweetness, super drinkable - a treat
finish: short to medium


“This rum has a very promising nose but the result is a bit spoiled: overwatered”
This dram has a cooper-like color.

Nose (86): (5)more than average. floral, spices, sugar cane, cinnamon, bubble gum. Much like an old grain whisky...

Taste (83): light, smooth. sugar, spices, wood, citrus, liquorice, almonds.

Finish (82): (4)average. almonds, sugar.


Colour: light amber.
Nose: Very gentle, with vanilla, caramel, plum, tangerine and sugared apples. Somewhat shy, but very nice.
Taste: just as gentle as the nose, but a bit weak. Fruity notes of banana and pineapple and some treacle. It's syrupy without being overly sweet, but it lacks punch.

Nose: It first smells like sugar. Some caramelized apples then arrive with vanilla. There are also touches of varnish. The opening brought back vanilla, fresh spears but artificial (chlorophyll).

Taste: Quite round with a lot of spices (sweet), vanilla and lemon (minority) who affixes acidity. It lacks dominant and remains on the brown sugar.Not very originalmelted mouth.

Finale: It is very short on vanilla. The aftertaste has some tangy character.

Comment: A Rum which is hard to have a footprint. If we except a certain freshness to the nose, the mouth is more neutral, too wise. With a few more degrees we have earned as much depth and length.


Colour: Russet

Nose: Rather discreet compared to other competitors, and quite different. No banana. No acetone. Opens up with two faces. One is rather pleasant, reminding me of a red berries crumble. The other one disturbs me, reminding me of a floorcloth that would have been un-wrung for ages. A nice fruity sourness arises after a while. Kumquat? Raspberry vinegar? Very strange, but once again, not unpleasant at all.

Mouth: Weak and sugary. Lacks some oomph. Quite spicy, with lots of cinnamon. Pomegranate juice.

Finish: Quite long, with a slight aftertaste of apricot jam.

Comment: We’re light-years away from rums I usually drink. An uncommon drink that would have deserved being bottled at higher strength.


Nose: I love. Balanced and pastry (apricot tart). Lightly powdered with aeration. Winey (porto) and discrete varnish.
Mouth: entrance disappointing in terms of artificial dates and notes of vanilla (chemical). Beautiful silky texture. Limit sickening to me. May be too reduced.
Average and quite bitter final (grass side of the cane).
Conclusion: a promising nose, a mouth, but that seems very unnatural and almost caricature. Disappointing.

Nez: Poivre avec des arômes de menthe intenses. Puis la grenade, le thym, la tisane avec un côté poussiéreux. Ensuite cela évolue sur de l'herbe sèche et le foin.

Bouche: Cela parait assez dilué. Elle est sur les mêmes arômes d'herbe sèche et de foin. Un peu de chicorée avec une légère amertume. C'est léger et brouillon mais la fin de bouche est quand même piquante.
C'est vraiment pas terrible.

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