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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"
The Rum

Panama: Don Jose

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Don Jose 12 years, Cask strength


Don Jose

L'esprit rhum
12 years
Alcohol percentage
57,8 %
Whisky & Rhum
Cask number
single cask 2
Distil: 31-01-2000 Bottling: 08-11-2012
25 of 100 btls
Non chillfiltered cask strength
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
links & average quote
WDTSRum_2013_01 84/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 95/100
Lowest rate 65/100
Difference 30
Average 83,88


Total number of tasters 17
Excellent 2
Very good 5
Good 6
Medium 2
Bad 2
Don Jose, Panama

Colour: Old gold.

Nose: The first nose deals with notes of exotic fruits (citrus, green banana) with vanilla and hints of old wood in the back. Rather creamy (pastry cream, butter) with some dried fruit (raisins, hazelnuts). Aeration brings hints of ripe peach and apricot. Notes of butterscotch add a creamy side, pastry and vanilla.

Palate: Still vanilla and caramel but without excess. The woody notes are rapidly growing with sweet spices (cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg) that grow in power.
Adding a water feature develops intense notes of ripe fruit, vanilla is dense and creamy, soft and natural caramel, and spices are softened in favor of a slightly oily texture. On the coffee cream. On Bourbon.

L'Esprit Don José Cask Strength.
What I really like in this rum is that it reminds me of very old Scotch grain whiskys. And those who know me know that I am a strong advocate of this style of whisky ... This rum makes also think of the Single Pot Still Irish (especially the nose).

Colour: Old gold
Nice peppery notes accompany a very fresh vegetal nose. Very slight tingling due to alcohol disappear quickly and does not interfere with the tasting. After several minutes, menthol appear. A complex and balanced nose, extremely promising.
The first mouth is acidic and fruity. Green apple confit! Mouth extremely confusing for rum. Notes of citrus and a nice woody hints of coffee and chocolate.
The finish is fresh and of medium length.

Nose: Fresh, herbaceous, dried fruit.

Palate: Nice fruity taste with a good balance between acidity and sugar. Slightly spicy.

Finale: Fresh fruits, spices, earthy. Alcohol is not fully integrated, average length and spices emerge with aeration.

Comments: Looks like a single malt. Very nice acidity. Better with a little water, it brings out the fruity side.


A: clear dark straw
N: licorice, pineapple, pure and elegant
B: delicate, pineapple, sweet curry, cashew, elegant, beautiful products also
F: long, explosive, good too


colour: wet hay
nose: very mild and fruity, some apples and apricots, vanilla and light woody notes.
taste: very friendly and fruity, later comes a little bite of some fresh spices. Again apricot and a little banana, the apples are of the yellow kind. The finish is firmer than the taste at first more spicy and a bite but fruity all over, the spiciness settles over time to leave a fruity aftermath.


Color: orange
Nose: Shows beautiful pastry aromas that make me salivate ! With aeration, it is mainly empyreumatic aromas dominate (peanuts and hazelnuts). Hints of spices (cinnamon and vanilla) and a slight vegetal side.
Taste: Powerful and special. Complex and oily. This is surely a cask strength.
Finish: Long and warm on spices.

Comments: This rum is quite attractive. Both its originality as his "little" complexity.

Colour: amber
Nose: sweet demerara sugar and vanilla. Also some (Del Monte) bananas and coconuts. Later on some cardboardy notes.
Taste: hot and spicy with a bite. Pepper and nutmeg. Warm waxy mouthfeel. Caramelised fruit and oak. Grippy.
Finish: long. Bitter-sweet. Complex.

Comment: a nice multi-layered rum. Enjoyable!


Nose: Fresh and in the beginning a lot of alcohol. Later on some more sweet (tropical) fruit tones and spicy. The aromas (when all present) are well balanced.

Taste: Spicy sweetness.

Finish: Spicy (pepper).


Color: Amber

Nose: The nose is not very expressive, marked by aggressive alcohol that fades slowly. The sweet side, mastered, expresses the marshmallow, licorice candies. It is balanced with spicy aromas very marked (white pepper) and vegetable notes (greenness) evolving into something more floral at aeration (mushy?). Not really what I prefer, but I can not deny that the thing has a certain complexity. A little water does not alter this profile.

Palate: The attack is sweet (cane), then we find these vegetal notes mingling tart keys (lemon) and banana flambé. It is powerful and worth a drop of water to see if it opens. The water actually makes it easier to drink. We find licorice, very sharp, and the acidity slightly astringent lemon lime (I do not know how to explain this feeling that provides the lemon lime).

Finish: Long, tangy but also marked by a bitter vegetable, it will eventually grow out of the banana flambe.

Conclusion: An undeniably powerful and complex rum. I will not do crazy things, but this is definitely a good product.

Colour: Dark gold

Nose: Fresh Caramel. Starts on sweetness with sweet spices, ginger, cinnamon and then moves on very surprising notes of curry.

Palate: The palate is again smooth with hints of cinnamon prevailing. It then returns to the curry but this time with the addition of coconut milk. The alcohol is the second part of tasting. This gives power and terrain and helps starting on the spicy notes.

Finish: The finish is long. Spices and cocoa butter. It ends with a small overcooked caramel bitterness.

A well-built rum.

Nose: very fresh, sweet and fruity (peach, but which?). More like a whisky. Powdery side also.
Mouth: more classic than the nose with a cane maturity. Other fruits are also present but remain discrete (date?).
Fairly long finish with hints of classic rum (light vegetal bitter).
Conclusion: a very elegant and pleasant rum. The mouth and the final are more traditional than the nose. Good introduction to rum tasting.

Colour: Burnished.

Nose: Very expressive and mouth-watering. Very catchy with those heavy flavours of hot sponge cake and tinned pineapples. “Liqueur pour dames”. Mandarine Imperial. Lots of vanilla fudge. Reminds me of these modern technical whiskies aged in very active virgin American oak.

Mouth: Tasty, fruity. Pretty close to the nose. Sticky and sugary, but we have more alcohol in there (48%?), which makes it more drinkable.

Finish: Light tannins.

Comment: The nose was quite tantalizing. The mouth is tasty, but slightly too sugary to my taste. Not sure I would buy a bottle of this, but I could surely drink it!


“Maybe it is because of the strength, but the nose is quite closed and short but the rest is a delicious rum. Maybe from Bahama?”
This dram has a amber-like color.

Nose (80): (4)Average. Sugar, floral, spices. Light, uncomplicated

Taste (85): powerful, oily, burnt sugar, wood, pepper, spices, floral.

Finish (84): (4)average. Spices, burnt sugar.


Nose: There are milk chocolate and hazelnut and some candied orange. The nose is really intense, without gap between fruity and spicy. It is direct. The opening revealed a bit like alcoholic initially but tends to melt scents, a little damage. Finally, with more time, fresh lemon is making it more light. It then takes everything in its path once the first vapors dissipate.

Taste: Lemon strong returns in the running, along with a bit of hazelnut. This is quite aggressive and dry in some respects (though it is not without sugar). A drop of water should relax a little. Unfortunately, adding water makes it more impersonal. The fade takes the duo adding touches of Granny Smith and spices. Not necessarily unpleasant but not indestructible.

Finale: The presence of citric goes quite well with a more gourmet who made ​​his return on the back of the mouth.

Comment: A pert nose that hides its preeminence acid under a greedy carpet. It is ultimately a lack of balance when it goes to the mouth.

Colour: light bronze.
Nose: a bit spirity, some vanilla and white fruits, such as pear and banana.
Taste: alcoholic entrance, initially overpowering all taste. After that has settled down, there's vanilla, raspberry, coconut and some cinnamon.
The finish is quite short and rather drying.

appearance: light amber
nose: medium intensity, poorly integrated alcohol (even after long breathing), vanilla, artificial sweetness, acidity (lime)
taste: low intensity, poorly integrated alcohol (alcoholic tingling), bitterness, acidity, soft artificial sweetness, adding of water does not change things significantly
finish: short


Nose: Very different from the previous one with a lot of freshness, orange, mint and vanilla present fairly, herbs. This makes me think of a Bourbon.

Palate: The attack is frank, this seems quite alcoholic. Pepper and spices arrive. It is dry and not very aromatic with a little too ripe banana. Then comes the woody side, invading one side burnt rubber. The finish is on the same notes of ginger and pepper and it is heavily woody and astringent.
It is not at all pleasant to drink.

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