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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"
Rum sessions

Peru: Millonario

Français | English


Millonario 15 years



15 years
Alcohol percentage
40 %
(Solera Method)
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
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WDTSRum_2013_01 84/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 91/100
Lowest rate 46/100
Difference 45
Average 82,12


Total number of tasters 17
Excellent 3
Very good 3
Good 6
Medium 0
Bad 3
Millonario 15

appearance: medium to dark amber
nose: medium to strong intensity, well integrated alcohol, vanilla, caramel, alcoholic freshness, cooked oranges, black coffee, sweet but not over-sweet profile
taste: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, sweet oranges with a touch of acidity syrup against cough, profile 3/4 mild and 1/4 acid, nice roundness and harmony of flavors
finish: medium to long


A: Dark
N: mashed banana, lemon peel, it's good clean pure
B: banana, orange blossom it's long, delicate, old and beautiful a lot of amplitude, powerful (CS?).
F: very pleasant, elegant racy end


Color: Dark Mahogany
The nose has spicy sweetness over the traditional rum smells. Beyond the smell of milk chocolate, there is pepper and cinnamon and other spices. The nose is complex and seems to announce a well balanced rum despite an obvious exuberant character.
The mouth is also extremely pleasant and a host of flavors jostle on the bottom of sweetness. Here also was the pepper, cinnamon, some very minor slightly acidic peaks (green apple?) quickly disappearing to finally leave an excellent impression of complex sweetness in perfect balance.
The finish is very long and pleasantly sweet. Taste of chocolate milk, molasses with a little spice is long in the mouth.

Nose: A nice greedy nose. After the vanilla takes the lead, we find prune, dates and notes of candy (marshmallow). With the opening we find pistachio, cocoa and sweet caramel.

Taste: A silky texture with still beautiful vanilla and intense caramel. Found evanescent fruity (orange liqueur, candied fruit), very sweet but not cloying. A beautiful balance even if it lacks a bit of nuance.

Finale: Short on spices and a return of the orange liqueur. Vanilla returned to the fauces.

Comment: A very nice nose complemented by a beautiful elegant presence in the mouth. It lacks a little explosion in your mouth (especially in the final) to be really good but it remains a very easy drinkable rum.

Colour: amber.
Nose: warm, spicy notes of sweet ginger and cinnamon, with notes of mocha, chocolate and caramel.
Taste: mildly sweet entrance with returning spicy notes, sugarcane and dark fruits. Good length and a pleasant dryness towards the end.

Nose: Molasses, fresh cane juice, licorice, walnut liqueur, a few cloves and cinnamon. Nice balance.

Mouth: Licorice, fresh cane juice, a little strawberry sweets.

Finale: Sugar cane piece and liquid, spices, licorice, some strawberry sweet. Rather short.

Comments: Very nice rum, fresh and easy drinkable.


colour: dark amber
nose: coffee, mocha, raisins, cinnamon and very full. Later some chocolate also
taste: smooth sweet entrance with a velvety mouthful, some spiciness and raisin-like sweetness, the finish has more spiciness but it remains very smooth with a nice touch of chocolate butteriness.


“Fantastic rum! Pusser's? Zacapa? No idea but familiar and really good rum”
This dram has a treacle-like color.

Nose (87): (5) More than average. Burnt sugar, spices, vanilla. Quite nice rum.

Taste (88): powerful, oily. Burnt sugar, citrus, vanilla, toffee. This rum is bottled at a high strength... umm... it is familiar...


Nose: Very spicy (Oriental spices) and sweet with dark molasses tones. These aromas become more intense after some time.

Taste: Sweet, soft and spicy.

Finish: Syrupy, sweet and some spicy.


Colour: dark brown
Nose: very aromatic with lots of sugar, molasses and spices. Soy sauce and sesame.
Taste: Very sweet and quite thick and syrupy. Reminds me of PX Sherry and Coca Cola without bubbles (!?), burnt coffee and soft dried fruits.
Finish: rice crisps and also tropical fruit.

Comment: this is my first tasting note of a rum. I have to find my way to a new sort of vocabularies which is different of what I use to describe whisky.


nose: first a little vegetal, cardamom. Then it returns to the banana flambe and fruits, peaches and nuts. The nose evolves into caramel, creme brulee and banana still soaring. This is a very nice greedy nose.

Very nice, sweet, very sweet but quite simple although greedy. Nice mix of caramel and vanilla. It is quite light and finish is short. The flavor profile is very close to Diplomatico.

Color: amber

Nose: Expressive and immediate. On the red fruit jam with spices. Reminds me of a cake with orange and cinnamon. Coriander.
Mouth: Diluted and extremely sweet. Spices dominate and it is especially cinnamon emerges frankly it's almost wonder if this is not "rhum arrangé"!
Finish: hot, long and almost medicinal.

Comments: Profile somewhat complex but quite nice without real faults. Seems a bit "artificial" so to speak. Is easily drinkable.

Color: Mahogany

Nose: Sweet and woody on cane sugar, Grand Marnier and a touch of vanilla. A hint of cinnamon too.

Palate: The texture is thick and syrupy. It's very sweet, quite heavy, and still marked by the pleasant notes of bitter orange liqueur. However, the overall lacks of power.

Finale: Short, relatively woody (tannic bitterness) and sweet (candy cola).

Conclusion: A very pleasant and easy to drink alcohol, but lacks complexity and power. It also may be disgusting after the first glass. A rum for liqueurs lovers.

Color: Dark Amber. Mahogany.

Nose: Dense, sweet, syrupy, with notes of very ripe banana, red and black fruits (ripe as well), and a sprinkling of cinnamon. The oak is noble, polite. Notes of licorice and molasses stand out clearly. Sweet-like.

Taste: Very sweet of caramel, honey and still ripe fruit (prunes, citrus). Very juicy. Sweet spices give a little support in the finish.

Final: quite short but very sweet and syrupy. Very flattering.

It reminds me Millonario ... But I must surely be missing the point!

Color: caramel ruby

Nose: The strong sweetness of the rum is immediately obvious. We then go on woody notes then dried and stewed fruits. Then comes a sense of turpentine and ending on the golden caramel.

Palate: soft and pasty evolving into syrupy texture. Mouth is uniform and featureless. Honey syrup. Caramel syrup. Timber Syrup.

Finish: The finish is soft, with notes of camphor. It is more about the liquor than alcohol.

Strikingly similar to the Centenario Costa Rica.

Surely the interpretation of a particular style of rum (cane honey rum) but it's definitely not my taste.

Nose: bizarre mixture of powder / green / varnish / sherry. A little too wise and paradoxically unbalanced in my opinion.
Mouth into very sweet material on caramel mixture (almost burnt) and vanilla. Artificial limit.
Too long on the grotesque mouth. Touch of coffee.
Conclusion: not my kind of rum as too cartoonish as centered on an almost artificial caramel and vanilla.

Colour: Burnt umber

Nose: Soft and fragrant, but very unnatural and estery. Acetone. A very artificial fragrance that reminds me of some flavoured soap bubble mixture I had once I was a kid. Didn’t try to taste it then, but very tantalizing it was. And not soapy at all! Something like a fruity nail polish remover. After a while, some light coffee notes arise.

Mouth: One word: cloying. And weak (40%). Like drinking pure Kahlua. And it does indeed taste Kahlua. Sticky, coffeish, sluggish, with some additional herbal notes. OK, a little Drambuie was poured in my Kahlua. I guess that’s the most sugary a rum can be. Never tasted Diplomatico, but that’s how I imagine it.

Finish: The strange estery notes are back. And if I want to be very kind, I can try to find some very little pineapple at the very end.

Comment: The nose was strange and artificial but not unpleasant. The mouth is sugary, flat, and cloying. Is that rum? Na!

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