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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"


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Fauna & Flora, 16 years

Fauna & Flora
16 years
Alcohol percentage
43 %
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
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Tasting detail data

Highest rate 90/100
Lowest rate 79/100
Difference 11
Average 85,26


Total number of tasters 19
Excellent 0
Very good 5
Good 7
Medium 3
Bad 0
Dailuaine Fauna&Flora

Nose: Tons of mocha and coffee. The peel on one side and orange rum / raisin embellished with dried fruit.
Taste: liquorice, slightly watery. Lots of lemon and balsamic vinegar, nuts and cherries in brandy.
Final: Seems short at first, but it comes back on the mocha, dark chocolate with orange and chocolates with brandy. There is also precious wood and mint.

Color: amber / deep gold
Nose: Complex and rich. Marked by the nuts, coffee, newsprint paper. A smell like "Rum Baba. "
On ventilation, it becomes a little more pungent with a slight smell of dust, prunes and / or other fruits that mix with hints of grain.
Afterwards, perhaps strange feeling, but it seems to smell of plastic ...
Taste: Fluid hot and pretty woody perhaps mineral. Marked by coffee, nuts, wood. Not enough expressive / powerful for my taste. But enjoyable nonetheless.
Finish: Long. In the continuity of the mouth with nuts, fruit in the background. And still that strange sensation of plastic that makes the persistence of this final.

Amber color.
The nose is marked by sherry. Rich and complex. Wood, dried fruits, cocoa, coffee. Very pleasant. Well balanced.
The mouth is a continuation of the nose. Lightly.
Final slight, rather short (too).
A nice sherry. Too bad the finish is so short.

Color: Amber
Nose: very sherry, requires proper ventilation.
Once properly ventilated nose begins on caramel, prune, cocoa and vinous notes.
It then evolves on spices, dried fruits and orange.
Taste: The sherry is very present in the mouth too, on the nuts, chocolate and vinous notes.
Looks like an old Armagnac.
It then evolves on the almond paste.
Mean final on sherry and a slight astringency.
The barrel has somewhat too much marked this malt.

Dress: old gold and caramel
Nose: first on the ash and rubber. Then there are notes of caramel, red fruit (cherry, currant, black currant) and candied fruit, fruit paste. The notes of caramel then develop on chocolate, cold coffee diluted. Indian spices as well. A bit of green tea with aeration. Gradually, as the nose develops, the rubber goes to the background, but never completely disappear. After a little more time balsamic vinegar appears.
Taste: sweet and round, little watery, but the mouth grows and gains in power gradually. The alcohol adds warmth and spice at mid-palate and then diminishes after a few tens of seconds. A little less complex than the nose was, mouth, however, expressed on very similar notes, but more melted.
Finish: In line with nose and mouth, a nice acidulated fruitiness in swallowing which fades in a few seconds to make room for more woody notes, slightly smoky, the core of fruit. Medium length.


Nose: Immediately fruity on the red fruits,some honeyish red wine smells, mulled wine spice. A profile winey very, but in the sense of a sweet wine festival.
Mouth: rather sweet and pleasant, then a sensation of black tea and cut grass, spices, cardamom and pepper.
Final: Sweet on spices, a touch of coffee crea, the wood of the barrel is felt also.

The nose opens with a nice sherry, dried fruit, almonds in the lead but also nuts and dried dates. It progresses to dried fig, with a dual aspect, sweet and astringent, butter brings gentleness and binder, licorice, banana. And then after the explosion: varnish, strawberry jam, hazelnut ...
On the palate, the attack is sharp and woody. Developes on sherry, caramel background, red fruit, compote (therefore exacerbated with an acidity) of fresh fig, exotic fruits, licorice, spices (black pepper, caraway).
The finish of very beautiful length and a good intensity is dominated by the bitterness of liquorice sherry. It is accompanied by orange marmalade, spice and licorice reinforcing, by growing bitterness.
Whisky very, too nice, as well as to tasting and drinking.

N: sherry, plum, pastry, chocolate, black pepper, long balanced like a lot
M: dark chocolate, creme brulee, marzipan, interesting
F: long, marzipan, bitter orange, beautiful balance, round, beautiful, beautiful sherry under control.

The nose is marked by sherry (dry enough). It contains a beautiful blend of dry fruits (hazelnuts), caramel, spice and a light oak.
The palate is rich enough, it accurately captures the aromas of the nose and a touch of roasted almost chocolaty.
Very nice finish on a mastered wood and notes of peanuts.

Nose: red fruit
Palate: Sherry, cherry brandy
Final: Vinous, rubbery, dry

Color: Tan
Nose: Sherry, certainly. Brown sugar and corn syrup galore. Roasted almonds with sugar. Pralines. A little sticky and syrupy. Would there be dye in there it would not surprise me. Evolved over a more fruity frame that brings acidity salvation. First orange marmalade and a touch of lime. Crepe sugar / lemon.
Palate: Easy, flexible, almost too much: A small hollow is quickly felt. A little excessive reduction?
Mouth extremely creamy, always marked by aromas of marmalade, Demerara sugar, and dried fruit. Alcohol increases, the mouthfeel is good. Develops gradually over much of the aromas and spicy woods: It is gradually shifting from an orange-chocolate ganache with hints more acres of burned wood, tobacco chewing.
Finish: Very long, with some tarry bitterness , like pulling on a pipe that was not curetted long.
Comment: A big fat Sherry creamy, fruity and syrupy to Benrinnes or Dailuaine, which is not really in the lace, but which eludes stereotypes through this beautiful duality between the elegance of the fruit and the roughness of the wood . It's good where it goes, even if it deserved a few more degrees!

Color: Amber
A very pleasant nose marked by sherry and that special smell of plum jam often associated with sherry in my notes. A slight bitterness (cashews) and touches of cocoa.
The palate is soft and has the same chocolate notes as the nose, same presence of sherry, all perfectly melted and well balanced. The notes of dried fruits are also found giving a nice complexity to this whisky which, without being truly extraordinary, remains nonetheless excellent.
The finish is long and warm where hints of sweet sherry are not absent.
A perfect example of what can be an enjoyable whisky aged in sherry casks.

The nose is pretty on the sherry, fresh, young. Tangy, fruity notes and a little sulfur in the first tastings. The acidity is balanced by notes of warmer buttered mocha toffee notes...
On the palate, fairly acidulous, sherry fruity, spicy, racy, exotic notes. More bitter end (orange marmalade), spicy. It is better than at the opening of the sample, which initially gave off rather overwhelming sulfur notes (but is it just me?). The nose is his strong point.

Appearance: light amber, some legs flowing fairly quickly
Nose: mild to moderate alcohol well-integrated classic sherry on nuts and other dried fruit, caramel, chocolate, malty sweetness, lightly woody drought
Taste: mild to moderate (seems too much diluted), on the same conventional sherry then at the nose but with more drought (nuts and wood)
Finale: Short to medium
Conclusion: pleasant whisky without flaws but without the personality to stand out from others.

Nose: Gourmand on sherry. Sweet, fruity with light smoke. Prune, cherry, blood orange. After aeration, the nose becomes drier with notes of nuts, almonds. Lightly woody.
Taste: classic Oloroso sherry. Warm and slightly alcoholic. Brandy fruit, cherry, plum, spices, too. Slight woody astringency.
Finish: Long on spices, fruits and a slight woody astringency .


Nose: sherry, no doubt. It begins with notes of caramel (almost sugary rum), it continues on earth and ends up back on carrot soup. After opening, toffee and carrot soup gradually fade. Then you can feel a little sulfur. Very nice candy smell (marshmallow?)
Taste: behind the nose which was more promising. Very smooth, a very diluted caramel syrup. There is a taste of sweet spices. Dram marked by the wood, but without astringency. Touch of vanilla.
Finish: rather long, on wet wood and spice. Little bitterness.

Nose first on a sulfur / burnt tires as I do not like it, but also dried fruit (raisins) and nuts behind. Probably reduced. After a good half hour evolves on a nice fruitiness (peach ....).
Taste: the burnt plastic, but then softens but the persistence of plastic does not please me. Green grass. Peak of fruit (apricot).
Finish: quite short (except plastic), a little salty

The nose is clearly dominated by sherry. The rancio, figs, raisins and berries offer a very smooth and balanced whole. The alcohol does not seem very high. Aeration makes one forget the red fruit, with a nose starting still starting on very sweet sherry, chocolate, before evolving into a citrus touch (grapefruit) and wet seaweed. The whole is melted and announces very smooth whisky, aided by some floral scents escaping from the nose.
The palate presents medium power, if not rather weak. Opening on the dark chocolate and woodsy, it offers a balanced sweet / acid balance, staying on the influence of sherry never too dominant, the alcohol helping to make this whisky actually quite fluid. Very discreet notes of fresh grass appear after aeration, which does not make itevolve, if not make him lose the punch that was missing quite a lot.
The finish is much sweeter and smoother than the mouth, on chocolate liquor and praline, and a slight citrus edge. Medium length.
In conclusion, a very sweet and charming whisky on the sherry and chocolate. But apart from the end of nose on citrus, very classic, and an overall lack of power.

Nose: dried fruits, tobacco, raisins, soft attack and .discreet alcohol Toffee (a little dark chocolate?), sweet like caramel, sugar candy.
Palate: Alcohol also discreet, slow attack on chocolate, black tea. Less complex than the nose promised ...
Finale: medium to long on tobacco, chocolate.

Promising nose, more complex than the palate.
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