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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"

Port Ellen

Fran├žais | English


Rarest of the Rare 27 years

Rarest of the Rare
27 years
Alcohol percentage
49,4 %
Duncan Taylor
Cask number
single cask 672
Distil: 03-1983 Bottling: 05-2010
278 btls
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Tasting detail data

Highest rate 93/100
Lowest rate 82/100
Difference 11
Average 87,16


Total number of tasters 19
Excellent 2
Very good 8
Good 3
Medium 2
Bad 0
Port Ellen Duncan Taylor 27

Nose: Obviously presence of light peat , pretty cool, and medicinal plants, pharmacy notes appear.. (Laphroaig?) Very pleasant nose.
Palace: faithful to the nose, on peat. Peat obviously present. Alcohol under control. Notes of mint on the tongue.
Long and very pleasant on the peat, a little pepper.

Color: straw yellow
Nose:fine, and chopped peat mixed with lemon and mineral notes, slightly farmy.
Sea notes are not to be outdone with a good amount of iodine, seaweed and seafood
After aeration peat blends beautifully with notes of grain fermentation.
Palate: The palate is very mineral on the wet stones and flint, right, and austere.
Peat is present to bring a beautiful structure, both medicinal and tarry.
The peat and minerality that are melted with lemon, almond and oyster.
Lingering finish on the mineral, citrus and marine notes.
That is a superb Islay, not too much peated, without too much wood and remarkable elegance.

The nose of Port Ellen! not aggressive peat. Very beautiful, creamy, a little yellow fruit, sweet with more hints of vanilla, almond milk, even a touch of plum, the whole, balanced by notes of citrus, lemon, apple A very beautiful sea air and a little medicinal side. Wow!
In the mouth, begins slowly, soft peat, followed by a wave that brings sea salt, lemon, citrus, very strong marine algae, medicinal, balanced again by notes of oily almond. The finish is beautiful, very seaworthy, medicinal, citrus, slightly herbaceous, tar, sweet smoke. Long finish that lacks a little punch after 2-3 minutes.
Frankly sublime!

A first scent of peaty pears! Very fine and very complex, peat is not dominant, and complements a sea breeze (sea water / shells) and a hint of oil and sand. Fruit complete the picture with lemon and always these lovely aromas of pears, pear butter. Softness and a great malt balance announcement.
On the palate, fruit (lemon / white fruit) are combined with barley peaty, smoke and a pleasant sweetness.
The finish is long, partly on the ash and flawless.


Appearance: clear Riesling, slender legs that flow slowly
Nose: medium to high intensity, very well integrated alcohol, sea air, seaweed, fresh fish, peat (the kind in coal / tar), lemony, minty, slightly resinous
Palate: medium to high intensity, the same aromas to the nose, mouth without much development, which in this case is not a default because the flavors are present from beginning to end
Finale: medium to long
Conclusion: A harmonious whisky, pleasant and well melted from beginning to end

Nose: Sweet. Starts on a light peat, fine and elegant. Herbs. Smoke. A little bit of metal too. Citrus notes. Harmonious whole, beautiful nose.
Mouth: quite syrupy texture. Starts on wood smoke, ash and peat. Notes of incense. Slightly sweet (honey) and a pinch of salt.
Finish: Long, in the extension of the mouth, mainly on peat and smoke.

Colour: Straw, bright.
Nose: Peat fine, delicately scented. Floral and fruity. Clean cloth and a good dose of conifer. Both softwood and very pleasantly lemony. Citrus peel thrown into the fireplace. Small note milky, vanilla, apricot. Something between the rubber and the new baby clean.
A bit of background ozone and smoke discreet garden fire which goes out in the rain.
Taste: sweet and vanilla, clean, attractive, expressive. The mouth plays the same partition as the nose, nice fruity / floral balance, delicious. First the sweet tangy lemon. Then alcohol, discreet so far, comes back together with smoke and a touch of licorice Florent violet.
Finish: Long, extended by the cold smoke and a slight bitterness.
Comment: A tasty whiskyf or lovers of not too intrusive fruity peat.

Color: White wine
Nose: The nose is powerful, pungent. Some notes of leather. It is slightly metallic. A smell of fresh beans. Peaty, iodine? The multiple aeration, I feel the smell of cereal.
Mouth: The mouth remains less powerful than the nose. Ash, licorice. It is fresh and fluid. Maybe slightly spicy with hints of coffee.
Slight woody notes are felt after aeration.
Finish: I find it moderately long in the continuity of the mouth. With a slight taste of coffee, dry but very discreet.
The nose is powerful enough. The flavors are well mastered, and they do not in any sense. I like the evolution.
Mouth, less powerful collapses may be a little bit fast. But the flavors are clear.
The finish will remain not enough long and not enough pronounced for me. But it remains in line with the mouth.

Color: white gold pearl.
Nose: 1st minty nose with an acidic component, like white wine vinegar. Some freshness, fern, juniper. Salt, iodized almost. A slight peaty notes throughout, but very discreet, more like a background for everything else. Over time, animal notes, meaty.
Palate: Very soft and creamy, oily see. Mainly vegetal. A little honey. Peat is more present than in the nose, while one does not detect salt anymore. Shrinking slowly towards notes of dried fruits (cashew nuts).
Finale: As a follow of the mouth, it starts slowly and gradually gains power, pleasant and slightly sweet notes of mint, subtly smoky and peaty. Bitterness appears and grows, but never become invasive. Alcohol hitherto absent is revealed a bit and makes the final warm.

Nose: Very similar to a white fruit alcohol (apple), slightly cereal, freshly cut grass, light rubber. I guess it is a whisky at over 50%.
Taste: Definitely more than 50%, high cereals, hops, floral (heather), medicinal hint indicates the presence of peat. No influence of the cask nor wood nor vanilla. Young whisky 10/16 years old.
Final: on peat, slightly meaty and certainly metallic, the tongue becomes rough.

Nose: Big peat (smoke and earthy fat) with plenty of fruit behind (pear, citrus and some tropical fruit). New make light side and biscuit.
Taste: Fruity and sweet. Still this earthy smoke. It's also lemon, mineral and oil.
Finish: Smoke mixed with citrus, lemon and motor oil. The finish is long and very mineral ..

Nose: iodized, mineral, finely peated, bread / yeast, also burned wood as a backdrop, animal side thereafter (wet dog)
Mouth: quite bright, balanced on the same notes as the nose, but enjoyable short, sweet and savory
Final: dry and bitter, like most peaty ...

Nose: Citrus
Taste: Tingling, Orange Soda, Peat
Finish: quite short

The nose opens with fresh marine peat,together with salt and smoke. On an average power, the aeration reveals subtle notes of cold rubber and oil. Atmosphere is very fresh, almost cold, helped by the alcohol, not at all aggressive. Peat gradually makes room to marine salty influences, and a touch of citrus will be noticed notice after a good airing, always smoke in the background. Yet the feeling of freshness, almost monolithic, without being disagreeable. Interesting, but far from complex.
The palate is well balanced between peat and salt. Still nothing openly aggressive, or, conversely, too bland: the alcohol content is perfect. Following aeration, malted barley begins to dominate the mouth, before hints of coffee and dark chocolate, quickly covered with a fresh peat and salt. A hint of smoke. A good balance, if not complex.
The final, long, is still on the same flavors, dominated by peat, always with that touch of freshness. Salt notes remain for a while.
In conclusion, a good tourist guide for peaty (maritim option) whisky , nothing more. But it's already something.


Colour: Pale yellow
The first nose is almost exclusively composed of dry peat, but fortunately that is changing towards more complexity, releasing notes of leather and discrete odors farm and then a few discrete hints of citrus, while continuing to generate dominant impressions of cold ashes. In general, the nose is quite austere. Pleasant, balanced but not festive, except perhaps for fans of the peat.
In the mouth, a distinctly sour first impression. Citrus and always peat, but unlike the nose, mouth presents a distinctly more complex and enjoyable than the nose. A perpetual back and forth between citrus and peat and smoke. A slight bitterness increases pleasure by increasing the contrasts between the tastes.
The finish is long and warm and perfectly extends the nose. Still resent, this dominant peat and those few nice tangy notes that animated so pleasantly the mouth. Too bad the end is so dry and mineral.

N : coconut, vanilla, liquorice, wheat, chocolate, woody, smoky, chicken concentrated, fresh, precise.
M : welle rounded, cream, nice woodiness like santal, balanced
F : short, flowery, light citrus, liquorice, well balanced

Colour: straw or white wine
Nose: first peat (this is an Islay) and hints of sweet, some banana, some white wine. First some sour hints( salt lemon type), suggesting a 10 years old whisky. After a few minutes of opening, the nose is more enticing, always on the Haribo candy with banana.
Alcohol is not felt.
No major difference after adding a drop of water.
Mouth: alcohol well integrated. Chemney fire, praline (very nice), preserved lemon, a little oregano. Very mild bitterness. I prefer the mouth to the nose, which is a bit sour, while the palate is very round.
Adding water brings out the ash and hence the bitterness.
Final: average, on lemon confit and ashes.

A young whisky pleasant citrus (including lemon), banana and ashes.

Color: white wine straw.
Nose a bit closed. Powerful enough. Grain. Light fruity. Vanilla. A bit floral. Aeration opens it and takes a little bland side.
The palate is sweet pastry. Still on the grain (slightly bitter). Always a slight fruitiness.
Finale sweet enough, conformal. Moderately long. Malt. A small sweet point on the end.
A good whisky, but seem a bit young.


A distant peat, burnt rubber-based, with touches of ozone (electrical arc) and hazelnut. Simple at first. Aeration does not change and for deepening: house dust, leek, rare citrus, mint, flowers, plaster powder, vanilla, all in small doses.
On the palate, the attack is flat and spices come from the woody bitterness, sugar and caramel, peat distance. And after?
Following is the final that enhances the level of the tasting: mint and spice, a slight bitterness that grows, banana, plum Cythera (exotic fruit) and the pallet leaves slowly up the gentle peaty that will persist long.
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