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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"


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21 years

Single Cask Series
27 years
Alcohol percentage
47,4 %
Master of Malt
Distil: 23-8-1991 Bottling: 28-11-2012
14 of 251 btls
Non chillfiltered cask strength
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
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WDTS2014-02 86/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 87/100
Lowest rate 72/100
Difference 15
Average 81,77


Total number of tasters 13
Excellent 0
Very good 1
Good 5
Medium 4
Bad 3
Bunnahabhain 20

Nose: The nose is sulfur (scraped matches), metallic. There's also some hints of fruit and pastries; smoke.
Palate: The palate has a surprising attack. Quite complex. Syrupy. I feel pretty red fruits. Surely not diluted.
Finish: Long on the fruit and wood

Comments: A surprising and confusing whisky. Would have matured in refill Sherry cask? In any case, I have struggled to understand at first, but there is a certain complexity that I like.

Nose: The nose, after first alcohol tingling - this is rather present - a basket of fruit: banana, grapes, with an acidity that sometimes draws on exotic notes (pineapple) and oranges with background notes of cooked fines.

Mouth: The wood (spices, bourbon) marks the entrance. The fruits are slightly masked by alcohol, perfectible on integration, soap notes banana.

The final, in turn, allows to think further dilution, it could have been great dram on fruity (pineapple, melon, mango), with lovely notes of menthol at the end of finals.

Color: light yellow
Nose: fruity, exotic leather notes, dried fruit. Malted side also clear. Quite "suave".
Mouth on pineapple and peaches; sugar, liquorice, marzipan. The attack is a bit spicy, but after it calms down.
Finish: rather long; mainly on wood and licorice. Really an extension of the mouth.

It's round, it's good, it's pretty simple. There is also a feeling of dryness that happens in the final; a little dry.
Dominant profile: licorice, fishing, drought.

Color: Light yellow.
Nose: Lemongrass, honey, butter with water some caramel.
Taste: Cask strength?...I added quite a bit of water....started to get some oak, lemon, honey, butter, cough medicine....more water...
Finish: Hot on the finish....again more water....some medicine, black pepper....finish is long and not bad.  Better than the first taste.

Overall, thought it was pleasant with enough water. Light crisp whisky with some citrus and honey.  A bit young?


appearance: Riesling
nose: low to medium intensity, moderately well integrated alcohol, sour fruit (green apple, currants), meaty, slightly malty, cereal dust
taste: low to medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, fresher and less acidic than the nose, add ginger and other oriental spices
finish: short to medium


Nose: Very smooth with light tones of fruitiness and vanilla. After a while more spiciness and influences of wood.
Taste: Immediately some sweetness followed by some spiciness and some bitterness as well.
Finish: Long, spicy and some bitterness again.


Colour: White wine

Nose: ok - what is in the nose? Not much  - to be honest I could only detect some barley and malty aromas.

Palate: Much better - I find some sawdust, sweet and peppery notes with apricots and some green apples.

The finish is not too long with a light sweetness. It is a round malt but to be honest not so impressive.


Color: Light gold
The nose is strongly marked by aromas of plum jam mixed with fruity notes and some hints of yeast.
The palate is quite fruity despite a strong presence of alcohol and the notes detected at the nose are always present, but more acidic than announced.
The finish is medium length.

Nose: Alcohol and spice nose first and then we have some timid citrus.
A little butter and mineral but fairly grassy which gives it a certain freshness
It seems to me somewhat elderly (15 years?) and not very complex (aeration brings nothing more)
Palate: Powerful and woody, lot of citrus with a touch of mango for the fruity side / pepper quickly relayed by the bitterness of almond milk.
Final still the bitterness associated with some fresh tobacco

May be a whisky from a refill sherry that lacks depth and especially originality to integrate my bar!


Nose: Closed. Mineral, I do not know why but it reminds me of Boursin (cheese)! Opens on vegetal notes: mountain plants. Not my thing.
Palate: More pep. It starts out by relatively pleasant melted fruity, supported by a delicate woody frame then it evolves into naphthalene !! Very strange! Very present pepper + some floral flavors.
Finish: Very long, fresh, after eight, soap / detergent, peppermint
Conclusion: Not what I like or research. This is particularly with odd note in the nose and mouth. The finish is nice and leaves an impression of freshness

Colour: Pale gold
Nose: bitter note, strange herbs, old style
Mouth: bitterness, intensive wood maturation, too long in the cask?


Colour: Straw.
Nose: Quite discreet at first nosing. Alcohol whiffs emerge (51% ?). Slightly fruity, quite grassy, and probably hot. Smells like some kind of stone alcohol. A good shake brings out some vanilla and a hint of white orchard fruits. No obvious flaws, but nothing really thrilling nor too original so far.
Mouth: The bite of the alcohol is more obvious now. Burns like a 60% unbalanced malt. This one will anaesthetize your buds unless you add a splash of water. Gets much more friendly then, but not really sexier. “Simple” wood extracts, with quite some vanilla and liquorice. Biting and dry.
Finish: Harsh and drying, with a long grassy bitterness.
Comment: Clean but uninspired and quite unbalanced malt. Auchroisk ?


Colour: Pale gold
Nose: Smoky, dry, peaty, floral, slightly aromatic, rather clean and meaty, with some tarry notes and on vanilla.
Taste: Dry to very dry, bitter, clean to very clean, young and spirit. Let’s quickly add some water. Diluted, it remains spirity, burning your taste buds, with some sweet influence of a young whisky associated with a rather harsh and oaky mouth feel.
Impression: A fierce, young, rather harsh and spirity whisky. Too young or immature to my liking.

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