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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"


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14 years

Single Cask Series
14 years
Alcohol percentage
57,8 %
Master of Malt
First fill sherry
Distil: 09/1998 Bottling: 09/2012
56 of 548 btls
Non chillfiltered cask strength
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
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Tasting detail data

Highest rate 90/100
Lowest rate 80/100
Difference 10
Average 84,38


Total number of tasters 13
Excellent 1
Very good 2
Good 5
Medium 5
Bad 0
Benrinnes 14

Color : Orange amber
Nose: Oranges, fresh hay, flowers, and some antiseptic?
Taste: oak, butter, toffee, oranges, dense, oily
Finish: long, more oak, butterscotch, black pepper, smooth


Colour: Tawny
Nose: Fudgy and slightly grassy (industrial crystallized fruits) at first, like a young Speysider bodybuilded in a generous sherry cask. Given time, less fudge, more red fruits, and a pleasant sourness. Strawberry jam. Salted prunes (umeboshi). And with a drop of water, some pineapple.
Mouth: Hot. Over 55% ? Hot, but drinkable. Quite sweet. Sweet and sour, actually. Prune liqueur (Umeshu), and a hint of burnt wood.  With a drop of water, the balance is even better. Less sugar, more pineapple flambee.
Finish: Of medium length. Very consistent with the mouth.
Comment: Scary at first nosing (another youngish massive sherry malt lacking personality?), this whisky deserves to be given time. You will then discover an enjoyable tasty malt. A nice sherried Bunnah? A good surprise from Glen Scotia? Nice malt anyway.


Nose: First remark at the opening: it has som the sugar cane characteristics / brown sugar (special finish?)
After a little aeration, the nose develops on nice notes of caramel, honey. Fruit basket shyly present in the background?

Palate: After a first tasteless sip, it was quickly overtaken by the spices that come to enter the mouth. Peppery notes come awaken the taste buds, and gradually leaves notes of fruit (grapes, plums), covered with salt and vanilla. What a pity that the caramel nose does not come tie everything more openly!

Final: Relatively average in duration, it echoes the mouth.

I return to the empty glass ... to discover espresso notes, chocolate (hazelnut coffee?), Mixed with vinous notes.

Given the color and profile (mostly empty glass), I think I have an idea of the distillery ...

Nose: It sniffs sherry cask ... The rotten fruit at the start (not pejorative). This dissipates, giving way to a lot of sulphur, the scraped match, wood. After a few minutes of breathing, you can feel of dates, figs, plums, and a few berries.

Palate: It is the wood which dominates and infrequently. It feels a lot of alcohol, I guess that whisky is not reduced and unfiltered. It's a bit unbalanced. It's still nice because the mouth is syrupy.

Final: Average on a little fruit and wood.

Comments: A whisky that has aged in sherry cask, probably young, with uncompromising personality. I'm not very objective because I like that kind of same profile if there is no complexity.

Nose: The sherry is very strong with a lot of dark chocolate and nuts.
Some sulfur and mineral notes (stone rifle) and a wax mixture for old furniture and tool grease.
A bit of dried apricot and a lot of spices
With aeration becomes fused with roasted notes (coffee) and caramel scents (without the side but sweet) short nose old rivesaltes!
I would say that is a rather dry profile of oloroso cask.

Taste: Much more powerful than the nose, above 50 °!
Fruit (orange peel and dried apricot) praline side with hazelnut and bitter chocolate but also many spices.
A hint of mint brings some freshness like after eight.
Finale on the cold ristretto rather long and warm.

Nice dry sherry, pity he lacks a bit of greadiness for my taste and the woody side is a little too present but will surely fade with a good opening period!

Colour: copper

Nose: Dates, cacao and a little graphite notes like they appear when sharpening a pencil

Palate: alcoholic attack, but together with Cherries and dark chocolate, when adding water some sulphur notes appear like rubber while fruitiness fades away

The finish is long and warm and a little mouth drying. It is a powerful Sherry malt I suppose?


Nose: it tingles a little ... a lot actually. It's pretty close. You want to guess the rancio, dried fruit, but it is difficult. Some notes of rubber and plastic, tobacco and leather.
Taste: Much more balanced. Raisins, dried figs, oxidative side well marked: rancio, leather, nuts, sweet spices. That may be a bit too sweet for my taste.
Final: Moderately long on saffron, leather, curry, nuts. Very yellow wine.
Conclusion: The nose is plain, but this whisky drinks well. A Glendronach (the parliament)?

Color: red gold
Nose: nose quite oily (olive notes and mostly butter) and woody (sawdust). It is rather a "green" profile with notes some meat or sulfur. It also detects red fruits. Very caramel pastry.
Mouth: attack a little spicy. The meaty notes disappear and are dominated rather by a side at a time and sherry both earth. Honey and pepper notes. It's a little too spicy for my taste ...
Finale: medium long, withers notes of sherry, salt and pepper.

This is not hurt, but it's pretty explosive on the palate. This dram makes me think of a young Talisker sherry with an explosive little side dominated. I'm not fully convinced ...
Dominant profile: pastry, butter, sherry, earthy, sulfur.

appearance: light amber
nose: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, half-sweet half-dry sherry, balsamic vinegar, slightly burnt caramel
taste: medium intensity, moderately well integrated alcohol, drier than the nose, bitterness and burnt caramel are more present, silky
finish: medium


Color: Amber
On the nose, a mix of plum jam and powdered insecticide. Fortunately after a few moments jam dominates. We are dealing here with a rather marked sherry. Not a very complex whisky but a nice balance.
The first impression in the mouth is very nice, but unfortunately the sherry sweetness is quickly capped by less enticing bitter notes. The mouth has a very endearing side, but also one that I dislike slightly. The balance of the nose is broken here but actually without a complexity increase.
The finish is long and warm, also dominated by sherry.

Colour: Old gold
Nose: Vegetal, round, on leather, slightly farmy, on tangerine and spices.
Taste: Smooth, round, floral, vegetal, slightly rubbery, on leather, spices and tangerine. The finish is medium, rubbery, spicy, fruity, and vegetal, on spices and orange zest.
Impression: A vegetal and rubbery sherried-influence whisky, with some fudge.


Nose: Immediately fresh sherry tones which become warmer in time. After a few minutes more spiciness, red fruit and characteristics of wood. At the end some sourness in combination with floral influences!
Taste: Very sharp, spicy, but clearly some sourness as well.
Finish: Long and spicy with and sour and bitter aftertaste.


Colour: copper Gold
Nose: Dark chocolate, grapes, sweet notes, perhaps Rum, nose gets weaker after some time
Mouth: very strong, intensive grape and wine notes, must be a finish, later some sulphur notes

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