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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"


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Bally Delicious 23 years

Single Cask Series
23 years
Alcohol percentage
54 %
Master of Malt
Refill Hogshead
Distil: 10-3-1989 Bottling: 11-2012
4 of 288 btls
Non chillfiltered cask strength (tea spooned with a "whisky coming from sister distillery")
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
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WDTS2014-02 85/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 88/100
Lowest rate 80/100
Difference 8
Average 84,92


Total number of tasters 13
Excellent 0
Very good 4
Good 7
Medium 2
Bad 0
Balvenie Bally delicious

Colour: Gold
Nose: Smooth, sweet, very floral, slightly peaty, juicy and on pastries.
Taste: Sweet, juicy, oaky, aromatic, slightly floral, fragrant and aromatic, on vanilla and spices. The finish is medium, on almond, rich, spicy, oaky, vanilla, some aromatic flavours and light fragrant notes.
Impression: A nice rich, oaky and aromatic whisky with a nice complexity. Very enjoyable.


Nose: A little off but what stands out is rather engaging: very ripe fruit and some floral notes. Pity that is the impression they remain stuck in the glass. After aeration, the "green" side (more than floral plant) dominates all with some fruity notes (peach) and peppery, delicate.
Palate: The palate is much more expressive than the nose. It is creamy, fruity to perfection, slightly acidic (English candy) and slightly vegetal. A little ginger too. In short, it is fresh and relatively complex and expressive. Okay.
Final: Fairly short. Or rather a bit flat. Pus on fruits (always with the head fishing) in syrup.
Conclusion: Really well done. It is precise, complex. I just wish that the nose is a little more expressive. A good 88 for Littlemill? Good potential for the opening of the bottle.

Color: gold
Nose: very fresh and fruity, a blend of lemon and orange. It is on a floral side that pulls the orange blossom; sweet.
Palate: always light and fresh. Then everything becomes rounded with vanilla and light oak side. It is also mineral: on iodine; ferrous slightly.
Finale: medium long. Fairly sweet, subtle spice stand (especially pepper).

It's really no wrong. It's soft and smooth and everything is melted. I'm pretty excited about all that it lacks complexity and changing tastes ets slightly marked.
Very nice.
Dominant profile: light, orange, vanilla, ferrous.

appearance: Riesling
nose: medium intensity, moderately well integrated alcohol (mild tingling at the beginning), honey from the forest, wax, stewed fruit, white chocolate, light acidity
taste: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, creamy, honey dominates, wood juice in the background
finish: medium


Nose: From the beginning, though strikingly fruity notes (tropical fruit). Later some more scents of barley, floral character and wild honey come up. After some time more vanilla. After tasting some more spiciness as well.

Taste: Immediately sweet, spicy and a strong taste. But some light bitterness (wood and nutty) too.

Finish: Fairly long, but especially spicy!


Color: Honey, gold yellow
Nose: Pears, fresh fruit, honey, grass...better with a bit of water as the butter, grass, toffee, caramel comes out, bit of sherry
Taste: Cinnamon, oak...with water more butter less oak
Finish: straight not too complex, pepper, oak...finish with some water extends a bit as the pepper comes out later.


Nose: Powerful opening notes with solvent and alcohol mixed with vanilla like bourbon cask strength.
Gets fruity with ventilation (orange, ripe banana) and almost exotic (pineapple, coconut) all sprinkled with a good layer of spice with the Creole way.

Taste: Rich and powerful as some old Clynelish however without reaching their level
Rather woody with the spices identified on the nose and a good dose of peppery mango!
The final is on the freshly grated coconut

Could be a twenty years old Macduff matured in bourbon casks?
A quite elegant nose and a nice overall balance for this whisky which lacks just a little craziness.

Color: Gold
From the start we are dealing with a very interesting nose. A subtle blend of ripe fruit and malt. Alcohol which seems perfectly integrated. However, it seems to lack a bit of complexity but has no aromatic imbalance. We can feel a hint of liquorice after a while.
The first impression in the mouth breaks a little the balance that had sensed at the nose. Alcohol is also much less well integrated and contrasts between dominant acid notes and hints of malt are too strong for this whisky to be excellent. It is nevertheless pleasant to drink.
The finish is medium in length and does not leave a lasting impression.

Nose: quite classic profile that starts quickly on freshly cut green fruit, then evolves on plum and grape. In the background, we feel dawn some nice sweet notes of barley sugar and green notes.

Palate: The clip is less sweet and fruity than the nose. We start very quickly on woody notes (licorice stick), which then come to echo the nose ... so too discreet. malt is present, with the wood, but it lacks a little chewy and integration of alcohol can be improved in my opinion.

Finish: The finish, it collapses. The nose does not keep its promises. It remains on alcohol, wood and lack of dimension.

A promising nose, a nice dram but fishing a mouth that does not convince.

Nose: Quite spirity start; it fades gradually. Fairly mineral, with citrus peaks slightly pastry (shortbread). Some background spices (vanilla, cinnamon). There is also a fruity heart, with white peach, blackcurrant bud, and candied fruits. After aeration, that's fruity dominates.

Palate: Oily, the controlled alcoholic strength. Spices, fruit, syrupy, and a bit of wood. Some tips "salted" too. I imagine that this whisky is relatively young (roughly ten years) and reduced.

Finale: Medium. The aromas are collapsing too quickly. It's a shame.

Comments: A whisky without complexity, it must be admitted, but has no defects. Pleasant to drink. I guess it can be a proper daily dram. I mentioned some coastal malts from the northern Highlands. Also made me think of some Irish malts.

Colour: Pale gold
Nose: Smells “modern”, which means lots of vanilla, ripe banana, custard, and perhaps a little lemon curd too. Sponge cake. Sounds quite appetizing, but there’s a kind of grassy austerity that slightly puzzles me.
Mouth: Not as tantalizing as the nose. The alcohol talks louder now. Pretty well integrated, but quite hot (58% ?). Pretty naked spirit. Nicely unfolds given two drops of water.
Finish: Short and slightly burning.
Comment: Water is mandatory here. Tastes like a young slightly shy Miltonduff.


Colour: White wine

Nose: toffee and grapefruit aromas, star aniseed and some fresh herbs

Palate: the alcohol comes with green herbal notes, malty - with added water it's getting fruity and some liquorice appears

The finish is a bit short - so it is a round malt with the chance to play with water.


Colour: deep gold
Nose: bourbon vanilla, very sweet with some mint notes, old hay
Mouth: very creamy, again herbs, bitter and some wood, a nice dram for every day.

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