WDTS (Whisky-Distilleries Tasting sessions)
(blind tasting)
Session 19

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Producers who made ​​this session possible are:

  • Wilson & Morgan sent us 2 bottles
    Master of Malt has sent us 2 bottles
    Malts of Scotland who sent us 1 bottle
  • The sixth bottle was rather a wink. A very cheap bottle and who does not enjoy a great reputation. This bottle was offered by whisky-distilleries.info

The palmares of this session is:

numero 1 Bunnahabhain Wilson & Morgan Twenty 87
numero 2 Macallan Wilson & Morgan 1988, Marsala finish 87
Numero 3 Springbank Master of Malt 19 years, cask #129 87
Coup de coeur Bunnahabhain Wilson & Morgan Twenty 87
Coup de coeur

This rating "coup de coeur" is awarded based on purchase intentions in relation to price. This bottle got 22 points during this session. This makes it a best buy in terms of value for money. This bottle was presented for the second time, and it already received a rating of "favorite" at its first presentation.
Followed byLoch Lomond tie with Deanston with 16 points, followed by the Macallan 14 points and Springbank which got 6 points. You obviously put these results, the price of Loch Lomond having benefited enormously ...

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Below is the complete picture of this session. The column of numerical results reflects the minimum and maximum ratings per bottle, and the gap between the extremes. For more details, click on the name of the bottle.