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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"


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1998, Marsala Finish

Barrel Selection
No age statement
Alcohol percentage
48 %
Wilson & Morgan
Marsala finish
Distil: 1998 Bottling: 2012
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
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WDTS2014-01 85/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 90/100
Lowest rate 79/100
Difference 11
Average 84,85


Total number of tasters 23
Excellent 1
Very good 9
Good 8
Medium 5
Bad 0
Macallan 1998 WM

The nose is first marked by sherry , red fruit and a slightly smoked. Hay, young fruit and citrus form the backdrop of this first approach. With aeration, a slight vinous side appears, cassis , spices, yellow fruits, beets , and then behind the iris powder , even apple and smoked . It is very pleasant. On the palate is soft, almost sweet . Peat ? It is discreet enough to go unnoticed. Spices, a slight bitterness , but also chocolate, dried fruit, ripe apricot . With aeration the fruit explodes (mango banana, coconut , dried figs ) . The final length of a beautiful leaves on a background of spices and other dried fruits ( dried apple , dried apricot ) . It has a bitterness and drought , these keys yet discrete.
With plenty of ventilation , appears a superb blend licorice - exotic fruit - citrus , pleasant at best. 90/100

Colour: gold
Nose: Some hints of smoke give way to some cassis and other fruity ester notes, adding some drops of water let malt comes up
Palate: Here some cassis as well, followed by chocolate and some peppery aromas. A touch of anis and, after adding water, I recognized vanilla too.
The Finish is long, warm with a little black pepper that stays for a while.

Overall this was a very interesting and complex malt I've really enjoyed.


Color light gold

Nose: the first impression is vanilla, sugar and honey.
Alcohol emerges from the glass, dense, with the return of sugar and pulp of fruits and especially quince
Lacks a bit of clarity.

Mouth with a smooth attack. Honey is very present. It returns to the quince. Hint of caramel.
Sweetness, toasted grain, corn.

Final on fresh caramel, cereal and cocoa butter.

I regret the a bit one-dimensional side, but the whisky is well done​​: the material, flavors and some power.

Color: light gold

Nose: Rich and warm notes of spices and candied fruits. Round and welcoming. Quickly becomes sweet.

Mouth developed the powerful astringent wood and exotic fruits. Then notes evolve on Christmas spices and polished wood. Bold and enveloping.

Final: Notes of fruits persist

A very nice whisky that seduces with a round enchanting bouquet. The attack is pretty wild, but the development is very beautiful. Maybe the mouth is a little less gready than the nose.

Nose: From the start very expressive, we find the typical markers of a sherry cask. Sherry, raisins, rancid, prune, candied orange, wet wood, earth, reminds an old ténarèze armagnac. Perhaps aging was in an Armagnac cask... I digress, but the relationship with some Ténarèze is troubling.
Water brings out the wood.

Mouth : we find the elements of the nose, Sherry (oloroso?) prune, wood.
Dryness and bitterness are pleasant here.

Finish: long and intense on nuts, a little bitter.

Comments: This does not lack character and is nicely complex, and I love it.


Old gold color

Nose: On opening the nose shows pastry notes (apple crumble) well integrated alcohol, the almond paste.
Fruitier after aeration (apricot, peach, pineapple) with a little freshness in the background also
With water evolves on candied fruit (galette)

Palate: sweet and fruity mid-palate (much more than the nose was announcing) some well integrated spicy notes let me think about a swim in fresh fruit tea .
It ends with almond milk but the finish is a little behind the rest.
Few drops of water make waxy finish, erase spices and ends with coconut milk.

Conclusion: A good whisky to begin this new session!
The nose needs a little time to fully express itself but the mouth is explosive
I would say it must be a malt a gross twenty years in a cask not yet touched by the patina of wood.

“Interesting whisky... not sure if it is from a sweet sherry cask. If only the nose would sing with the rest of the whisky...”
This dram has a amber-like color.
Nose (87): (5)more than average. honey, citrus, spices, cinnamon, vanilla, wood. It is familiar... but right now I have no clue of what it can be
Taste (90): powerful, oily. nuts, honey, citrus, wood, spices, leather, chocolate. Moscatel? Oloroso?
Finish (90): (5)longer than average. leather, citrus, wood.


Nose: direct, typed on cherry, rancid fairly monolithic
Palate: cherry, prune, rancid
Finish: medium length

Nose: In the beginning not that much... It clearly needs some more time to give the fragrances price! After a while sharp (alcohol), mineral-like, slightly smells of bandage plasters (brown Leukoplast), some slightly sherry tones, spicy (especially nutmeg), some light smokiness (smoked wood), but also traces of wet leaves. All in all very interesting, I think. After tasting clearly sultanas (PX sherry cask?) present as well.

Taste: Very spicy and zestful sweet tones combined with sultanas and some light bitterness.

Finish: Rather long, spicy (a.o. pepper), again some slightly bitterness with sultanas at the end.


Color: gold

Nose: slightly vinous, malt quite pronounced, cereals, orange zest, a little honey and wax; it evolves into notes of red fruits and a light sherry. It has a slightly organic side too. The second nose is more marked by the nuts (walnuts alcohol) and sugar.

Taste: malt, dried fruit, the attack of the alcohol is a little spicy, moving towards some exotic fruits (pineapple) and lemon; frangipane.

Finale: average, it develops notes of sherry and a bit of wood. Sherry really develops at the end.

Comment: good malt, well done. The mouth is released after some time. It lacks complexity, but it is easily drinkable. It also lacks a bit of body and alcohol is quite aggressive at first.
Water brings out the wood and does not bring him much. A good whisky though.

Nose: Discreet at the start. Some sulfur notes (scraped matches). Develops nicely with aeration. Demonstrates nice fruity, a little quince paste, but mostly red fruits, wood, lots of cocoa. Some coffee. All markers of whisky aged in sherry casks. A the end, a very expressive nose.

Taste: Fairly concentrated despite a low alcohol content. Acidity of the red fruit and bitter wood.

Finish: Long, on cocoa

Comments: A profile really for my taste despite that "diluted" simplicity. Evokesa young Speyside aged in sherry and diluted. I like. It is certainly a shame to have reduced it.

Nose: vanilla. Quite gentle to start. Citrus and herb notes. With the opening, the whole becomes more dry, with notes of nuts, hazelnuts, dried grass, hay, grain.
Taste: The texture is very dry. It remains in the register of cereals and dried fruit, with a hint of citrus, including grapefruit and lemon. A touch of bitterness begins on the finish. With water, all softened and becomes unpleasant.
Finish: Quite long on citrus and dry herbs rather bitter.

Nose: initially, walnut wine with a hint of vinegar acidity & red fruit (raspberry, blackberry). A more sophisticated side also with brown sugar, caramel, vanilla, referring to the pastry.
Palate: fresh flowers and vanilla sugar attack, slightly tart. After this rather long honeyed notes, other much warmer ones come, namely spices and red fruits.
Finale: woody, sweet
Conclusion: a rather nice dram without much fuss, perhaps less greedy in the mouth than on the nose

Colour: Deep copper.
Nose: Slightly shy at first nosing before unfolding on a nice and really elegant toffee-fruity combo, not unlike the Dailuaine 16yo F&F. Maple syrup. Plum jam. Smyrne grapes. Perhaps a slight weakness (43% ?), but pleasantly relaxing.
Mouth: Smooth and creamy. Very pleasantly creamy. Mouth coating. Surprisingly big given the rather low ABV. Milk chocolate and Cocoa liqueur. Very enjoyable and highly drinkable though quite simple.
Finish: Surprisingly long with a slight woody astringency.
Comment: A very humble and charming malt, crafted with great care.


Nose: Medium intense. On praline, nuts, and a slight rancid that will take a lot of momentum during aeration. There is also a little pizzazz that is brought by some citrus touches. This is simple but interesting
Taste: Again, this is rancid but it's a bit too much for me. Nearly sweet too, suddenly the balance is not great. Too simple. There is a weird finish behind it, marsala style?
Finish: Long, spicy much more including beautiful notes of pepper.
Conclusion: In general, I like to find these notes in a rancid whisky, except that there is now too much for my taste. Also lacks complexity. If I were to try to say what it is, I would say a 21yo GlenDronach.

Nose: Very fruity and sweet, Butter, Caramel, Peach, Fresh Plum, Apple, Sugar, Cinnamon, Cake, Citric Acid, Alcohol is present all the time
With water: More sugary, and more sherry, more alcohol

Palate:Again very sweet. More influence of sherry than fruity. Overall very punchy.
Plum, Herbs (much like Gin), Caramel, dry
Overall a little less complex than the nose
With water: Gets flat

Finish: Long, dried fruits, sherry and warm alcohol
With Water: The herby Gin notes stay very long

Doesn't improve with water. But without it's an ok dram.


Nose: fresh oak, vanilla, turning in fresh green herbs (parsley)
Mouth: liquorice, salty, light perfume, old rotten wood, a little bitter
Finish: medium long


Nose: Pastry, varnishes, ginger, grass.
It's fresh.
Taste: It's dry but it's still as fresh as the nose. By cons, a feeling of something really over diluted alcohol.
Dried fruits, chocolate, pepper and a weird taste limit soap.
Finish: Dry Fruits, peppery, woody, warm.
Overall comment: In general, the notes of ginger, limit soap that repels me a bit but it gives a cool impression at the nose. I find unbalanced mouth because it's too diluted. The water makes the palate fatter and more balanced.

appearance: reddish gold
nose: medium to strong intensity, fairly well integrated alcohol, sweet (cereals, almond paste), haribo sweets, fresh fruit, light acidity (like acid sugar on candy), freshness like Earl Grey tea, after 15 minutes of breathing more acidity and burnt caramel which adds, a very pleasant nose (87/100 for me)
taste: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, sweet and fruity start, then pepper and pronounced bitterness (burnt caramel) from the mid-palate, pronounced bitterness is not at all my favorite taste, therefore taste only worth 77/100 for me
finish: medium


Colour: Old gold
A nice nose, perhaps a little overly flavored, provides hints of ripe fruit and some boiled sweets. Without being complex, the nose seems to invite the buds to a small, friendly but not too festive glow. After a few minutes, the nose becomes stale beer ...
The mouth is at first more complex than the nose. A mixture of malt (muesli) and acid notes, but not those notes of green fruits. Rather something relatively artificial. But it is nice, without making it an essential whisky.
The finish is relatively short and the feeling of artificial acidity dominates.

The nose is on yellow fruits (peach, nectarine ) and citrus (orange, lemons ), with some herbaceous tips. It is a well done and enjoyable mixture. Then comes something more on pastry and sweet (chocolate milk). Water highlights heather. A fresh and pleasant nose.

The palate confirms the nose. It has beautiful ripe fruits ( apricot, peach ) accompanied by something like cornstarch . Then comes a very powerful alcoholic wave, uncontrolled, which radically change the whiskey profile. We then don’t perceive anything, there is a huge lack of integration. At least can we get certain herbaceous and woody notes. Too bad. Even the addition of water only partially solves this problem.

The final average is softer than the mouth. We have a few little yellow expressive fruits and some pastry notes. Water brings strawberry.

In conclusion, a more than acceptable whiskey until mid-palate, where the lack of integration is really harsh.


Nose: Toffee, burnt sugar, slightly sulphuric but still pleasant . Vegetal, is there celery? Almost no alcoholic nose. Overall very concealed aromas

Palate: Toffee first, then salty, again a little sulphur, dry, tannins, crispy in a way, surprisingly spicy and alcoholic. A hint of fenugreek

Finish: Medium to long. A little bit tending to the bitter side, oaky, tannins with a trace of smoke or better rubber. Very dry, black chocolate


Colour: Gold, with a green tint.

Nose: The alcohol is strong within this one as it starts on a nose of ether, then evolves toward fresh soil, hazelnuts, a fairly young and green sherry, reminiscing of forest roads. Eventually I found hints of berry jam, gunpowder, cucumber and apricot. This developed on a more animal character as well as fresh chestnut.

Mouth: Strongly marked by sherry, this was fairly sour, spicy and fermented; warm and woody.

Finish: Alas not much pleasant, strangely mineral, against all odds. Aqueous and drying. Its warming side saves it from remaining a bad memory all in all.

Comment: I wasn't convinced by this one; perhaps it was too young a sherry for me. The nose was interesting and complex but its mouth was simply not my cup of tea. It remains coherent in itself though. I thought of Glen Garioch throughout the tasting session.

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