WDTS (Whisky-Distilleries Tasting sessions)
(Blind tastings)
Session 18

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Producers who have made this meeting possible are:

  • Wilson & Morgan who sent us 3 bottles
  • Dugas who sent us 3 bottles as well.
  • This session was special in that it is the first session to present only new releases. This is also the reason for the tasting delay to be shortened. A big thank you to all the panelists who made ​​the effort to send their notes in time.

The "winners" of this session are:
numero 1 Springbank Official Longrow Red, 11 years 87
numero 2 Caol-Ila Wilson & Morgan 18 years 87
Numero 3 Cragganmore Wilson & Morgan Twenty 87
Coup de coeur Sprinbank Official Longrow Red, 11 years 87

Coup de coeurThis rating "favorite" is awarded based on purchase intentions in relation to price. This bottle got 24 points in this session. This makes it a best buy in terms of value for money.
Followed by the official Tamdhu with 23 points, followed by Caol Ila Wislon & Morgan with 10 points, then such co-winners of the Cragganmore Wilson & Morgan and Bruichladdich Scottish Barley and finally Bunnahabhain Wilson & Morgan, with six points.

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Below is the complete picture of this session. The column of numerical results reflects the minimum and maximum ratings per bottle, and the gap between the extremes. For more details, click on the name of the bottle.