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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"

Highland Park

Français | English


1989, Bourbon Hogshead

23 years
Alcohol percentage
53,2 %
Malts of Scotland
Bourbon Hogshead
Cask number
single cask 12030
Distil: 04/1989 Bottling: 05/2012
95 of 281 btls
Non chillfiltered cask strength
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
links & average quote
WDTS2013-04 83/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 90/100
Lowest rate 71/100
Difference 19
Average 82,72


Total number of tasters 18
Excellent 2
Very good 0
Good 8
Medium 8
Bad 0
Highland Park MOS 1989

“A great whisky without ambitions of anything else. Just pure natural pleasure”
This dram has a fino-like color.

Nose (90): (5)more than average. honey, citrus, spices, wood, vanilla.

Taste (90): powerful, oily. honey, citrus, vanilla, spices, wood. 15 to 17 years old? 46%?

Finish (90): (5)longer than average. honey, spices, vanilla.


Color: Straw.

Nose: Orangeade mixed with white wine, with a iodine layer on top. The orangeade fades and the sea peat then prevails. I'm taken on the wrong foot with this one.

Mouth: First a water sweetness, then a fierce pepper attack in the cheeks. Minerals invade the mouth afterwards.

Finish: Rather short. The wine side comes back, followed by another pepper attack.

Verdict: Very particular. Very very complex. And I like complexity a lot ! I have the impression to drink a young fierce whisky, but this complexity could also make believe at an older and wiser whisky. The rather short weights the scale towards the young side, especially as a lot of things are gone after airing (this drops the note a few points). A whisky to quickly drink !


Nose: Pear, white fruit, lemon.

Taste: Vanilla, white fruits.

Final: Pear, white fruits, spices.

Comments: Simple but nice. Better to avoid a long breathing!


Nose: elusive and if you get too close attention to stitching some rebels esters ... leaving room for citrus, mostly lemon.

Palate: warm, very lemony

Finish: long and pleasant

Colour: Pale gold.

Nose: On the smoked malt, but not too much. Quite some grass, mint, eucalyptus. Licorice. Grows on tropical fruits (guava, mango, lime).

Mouth: The mouth is per cons on smoke, sea, on algae and some menthol. The whole is ashy, peppery, spicy. Still the more intense tropical fruit. Almost looks like a white agricultural rum exotic fruits. Alcohol is this time very well integrated. More iodine. Final ash and meat.

Notes of Williams pears, mirabelle plums, very, very sweet, little glue notes.

Colour: light gold

Nose: A very intense sweetness (sugared almonds) is followed by a light bitter-sweet fruitiness like candied tangerines.

Mouth: A sweet and creamy mouthfeel is followed by spicy notes of white pepper. Later fruity and floral notes appear.

The whole thing is rounded up by a long and malty finish.


appearance: Riesling
nose: low to medium intensity, fairly well integrated alcohol (present but not disturbing), fine peat, sea freshness, oyster juice, malty sweetness after breathing
taste: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, black pepper dominates without overwriting the other flavors already present on the nose, malty sweetness comes mostly at the end of taste, not bad at all but the fact that I do not like spicy pepper in my whisky penalizes my final note


Nose: From the start flowery aromas, vanilla and wood tones with fruitiness (young and sour). The sour side increases sharply after some time! Later on some more smells of yeast also.

Taste: Subtle sourness, yeast (it makes me think of that), some sweetness and wood tones.

Finish: Medium long and spiciness.


Nose: quite discreet. A little sulfur in the register "scraped match scraped". Reminds me of a new spirit in some aspects but then more melted. Austere. Slightly floral. A little vanilla and frangipani.

Palate: Concentrated for sure! And cask! Rather fruity and more to my taste than the nose!

Finish: long on that taste of slightly floral and fruity spirit.

Comments: this is far from the whisky of the year and I'm not a fan of this kind of profile, but I must admit that there are no defects if it is perhaps to have been bottled too young or in an inactive barrel. However, I think I understood that kind of whisky has a lot of fans ..

Nose: starts very slowly with notes of verbena-lime infusion type, of herbs. It then goes on something closer to the peat, with a hint of smoke. Aeration reveals more caramel and even some floral notes. The nose is really shy.
Palate: very soft smoke with notes of dry peat, with a sweet background that accompanies the set. A little rebuked by spices and pepper, before returning to a welcome touch of bitterness, malty, with a molasses side. Good round mouth, sweet end to end.
Finale: the smoke tree, drier than the rest
Conclusion: easy to understand peat, without great defect but without much originality. A bit austere.

Colour: Pale gold.
Clearly a floral nose unfortunately accompanied by tingling probably due to alcohol. Notes of honey. Apart from the obvious presence of alcohol, one could characterize the nose as discreet.
The first sip is undeniable close to what we found at the nose. Firstdiscreet and floral, after a few seconds it's a rise of alcohol that crushes everything. Flowers and honey
A fairly long finish, dominated by a few floral fragrances and still the slight presence of honey.
Damage that alcohol overwrites the palate throughout the tasting. With better integration, we have been dealing with a very decent whisky.

Nose: very mineral and rather herbaceous (Lowland?). A little spicy. Some fruit notes also (pear ....). Lack of presence.
Mouth as nose is not really satisfying. It's not bad, but it lacks character and power. Salt
Fairly short final
Conclusion: A flawless malt except that will not appeal to the most demanding or enthusiasts seeking density!

Nose: Lemon confit, anise now, honey. This is very sweet and dense throughout. the vegetal is not exploding heavily on freshness. The opening reveals a bit of malt and milk chocolate. Some farm notes (back), peach, salt and a hint of minerality are added though everything is compact. Meanwhile again, the salt becomes really ultra present.

Mouth: very rich texture with chocolate milk, salt, honey and anise. It's not bad but it is unfortunately very salty that imbalance all. Adding water is not particularly beneficial.

Final: Final well-salted, smoked a little sporadic with vegetal notes of honey and lemon. The salt remains strongly aftertaste with lemon. Overall it's pretty off the finish.

Comment: A whisky that has a beautiful nose, complex and multifaceted. In the mouth, the ubiquitous salt does not integrate well in that rather pleasant aromatic device but without power. The finale, too, is very present but scattered perfumes.

Nose: reminds me on paper glue, but also fruity flavors, pineapple. Little alcohol which stays in the background

Palate: sweet, again pineapple, bit more artificial than in the nose, a cocktail of flavors which disappear to quick to be named somehow salty

Finish: medium to Long, develops some bitter notes and keeps them after the other flavors are long gone, not really my taste

Remarks: A bit too bitter for me and I wouldn't buy it most likely


Nose: It tickles! Stale beer, vomit ... Yuck! Becomes much more enjoyable by aerating (not difficult!): Very floral, very clean. There is a little cereal, fresh fruit (peaches, pears) and some citrus
Taste: Powerful. Some chemical: sour candy, floral, fruit cake. A lot of spices but what? The mouth is unbalanced.
Finish: Long and warm on spices.
Conclusion: Alcohol poorly integrated. I also struggle to cling to the aromas of this whisky

Color: white wine

Nose: a fresh nose, with metallic character, sauerkraut, green young apples, maybe lime, a little bit of sauerkraut, wood ruff, ginger, and some tea leafs
with water: more pleasant, fruitier , fresh wine gum, buttery, creamy vanilla, apples, pineapple,

palate: strong alcohol, comes with buttery vanilla, green apple, some herbs, austere, a bitterness – everything is much quieter than the alcohol.
with water: less alcohol but it is still present, the bitterness is to strong, some smoke, wood, citrus,

Finish: long, strong, alcohol, bitter limes
with water: still bitter, alcohol, and not much more - long


Colour: White wine.
Nose: Starts dry and hot. Greenish and quite rooty. There’s lots of alcohol in there. Lots of wood extracts as well, but not the one I fancy the best. Quintal of liquorice, and tons of pepper. Printing ink and dusty crumpled old newspapers. And perhaps a slight coastal tang. Given time, you might catch a hint of low-end apricot flavoured yoghourt. Not really entertaining, huh?
Mouth: Surprisingly soft. Well, not that surprising actually, as heavy alcohol sometimes delivers this strange warm softness. Starts on lots of vanilla. More and more pepper as the alcohol grows bigger.
Finish: Long and hot, getting drier and drier, and ending up on a big grassy bitterness.
Comment: Hot peppery slightly briny stuff. As there been a Cask Strength Tobermory released these days? Well, anyway, this one is not for me...

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