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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"


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Original 12 years

12 ans
Taux d'alcool
40,0 %
=25 euros=25 euros
liens et cote moyenne
WDTS2013-04 83/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 89/100
Lowest rate 69/100
Difference 20
Average 83,22


Total number of tasters 18
Excellent 0
Very good 5
Good 7
Medium 4
Bad 2
Glendronach Original

“Not bad but a rather uninteresting whisky”
This dram has a gold-like color.

Nose (86): (5)more than average. honey, citrus, spices, vanilla. 43%? 10-15 years old?

Taste (87): powerful, oily. honey, citrus, spices, herbs, vanilla, wood.

Finish (86): (5)longer than average. honey, wood, spices.


Colour: Old gold.

Nose: liquid caramel chocolate in the center. Rapidly developing on ripe fruit (prunes, dates, candied orange). The coffee cream is delicious. We find the bitterness of orange peel, walnut. On old wood, but without excess. Cake with dried fruits (like British Christmas cake). On typical notes of sherry aging. Red fruits (strawberry, currant, red fruit jam).

Palate: Rich in fruit and very smooth. We find notes of prune, dates, citrus. Of great chocolate sweetness, greedy. A hint of sweet spices and smoke tip finish.

Nose from the start, this whisky is showing lovely aromas of sherry. Lots of red fruit, cinnamon, orange marmalade. Some wood too. Coffee and cocoa in the background. A fairly classic nose thus but has the merit of being expressive.

Taste: Sweet and nice, but less interesting than the nose. Not bad cocoa, a little red fruit and a light woody bitterness in the finish.

Final: fairly long final

Comments: Well done. Easy to drink. Zero defects. Not a big whisky but an excellent daily dram sherry! Made me think of a young sherry kind A'Bunadh diluted Glendronach Revival or a batch of at Wilson & Morgan Highland Heart.

Crème brulée, Caramel, creamy, Toffee, Werthers Original, dry finish.

Nose: Bright sherry notes and spicy. Clearly wood tones and some fruitiness.

Taste: Lots of wood tones (bitterness) and spicy with a hint of sweetness.

Finish: Medium long, spicy and a bit sour.


Nose: Clear. Macerated fruit, cherry brandy, rancid, lots of rancid and much more at the aeration and also nuts.
Palate: Lively. We find the same aromas on the nose with a little more wood, leather (but very delicate). Also dried fruits, especially grapes.
Final: Moderately long. On raisins and rancid.
Conclusion: A fairly strong sherry. Maybe a little young, it lacks something. A GlenDronach?

Nose: roasty/ parchy, wine, spicy, some salt, caramelized vanilla sugar, fresh tea leafs, limes, acid (citrus), fresh herb from the garden,
With water: gets more fresh, more limes, blueberries, peach, less spicy and not so much herbs

Taste: again roasty, sweet sherry, gravy, some berries, leather, plum, grapes,
With water: very mild, nice lime character, less gravy, vanilla, a lack of power

Finish: nice finish with a butter, vanilla and wood, not very long but okay
With water: longer and warmer, still some vanilla , less wood


Color: Amber.

Nose: Rather particular. A lot of wood on the start and thin peat hiding behind. The wood fades and cooked and sugared fruits come to the foreground. It smells good !
After a while the (heather) peat is more present, nevertheless without occulting the rest.

Mouth: Very sweet and sugared, but the overal taste is also very discreet. It's wise, even too much. Not passionate for a cent. Yellow fruits prevail. The alcohol is not very present.

Finish: Very short. It flows easily as it is very sweet. Just some ticklings at the top of the tongue.

Verdict: A very good nose, but the rest is quite below. Not passionate enough for my taste.


Nose: Pungent, hints of ... cheese, notes of burnt rubber, hazelnut, notes vinous, Sherry (?)

Taste: smooth, book mouth it has not already revealed complex nose

Nose: Dirty, overripe fruits, menthol.

Palate: Fruity, sweet, menthol.

Finale: Pretty fruity, dirty, menthol, spices.

Comments: I've never been a big fan of whisky with overipe fruits, this one is no exception!


Nose: Sherry clearly typed, it borders the sulfur note that I do not like, without reaching it (phew). Dry and very ripe fruit. Quite nice and balanced.

Mouth no surprise after the nose. We are in the presence of a fairly strong sherry: coffee, dried fruits (date), very ripe fruit). Little / no evolution for me.
Final: especially on a certain bitterness / unsweetened coffee, yeast
Conclusion: a malt that should appeal to fans of the genre (marked sherry), but that is not my preference, because a little too extreme for me.

appearance: yellow Gold
nose: low to medium intensity (loses intensity while breathing), well integrated alcohol, mix of fresh and slightly burnt rubber, light sulfur (burnt matches), marshmallows, candy floss
taste: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, dried fruits, lightly meaty, sweetness of marshmallows returns but the burned rubber dominates the palate, a very modern profile (which sells well according to my favorite whisky dealer) but that does not match my personal preferences
finish: medium


Nose: A bit boring at first nosing, no heavy influence of such as heavy peat or dark Sherry, quite clean. Alcohol mainly in the Background. Develops marshmallows with the second nosing, roasted cereals.

Palate: Creamy mouth feel, not really salty, but with the impression of salt; somewhat bitter; burned rubber

Finish: Long finish with a Little peaty note which sustains quite Long in the mouth

Remarks: does not need water to my taste, nose is a bit disappointing, but the taste is much better, very interesting


Nose: Quite silky and melted at first. Vinegar which quickly gives way to leather with nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts), a hint of butterscotch. The opening goes latte with vegetal tips, blackcurrant, apple butter, a little solvent. Also a little dusty. A nice nose, well balanced and does not fall into the archetype.

Palate: A lovely texture, a nice balance between chocolate and hazelnut latte. There are also spices. It is well done but it has become boilerplate in the profile. Melted makes it a little smoother.

Finale: chocolate remains perfectly balanced on the palate and with spices and orange zest (sugar, acidity and bitterness). The greedy hand tends to s crush pretty quickly but the aftertaste is honorable. The aftertaste is the dried apricot.

Comment: A well balanced dram. This is consistent with good variety with a boring melted by now. Easy drinkable but not up to his nose when we go to the tasting.

Color: Light amber
A first rather unpleasant smell of cheese mixture and ants insecticide , yeast and then the sherry. This nose settles down after a few minutes to become more discreet and focus on a few notes of plum jam.
Mouth at first seems a little higher than the nose, but a lack of complexity and balance handicap it. Again it ends up on the plum jam.
The finish is of medium length and well reminds we were dealing with a sherry ... as indicated by the plum jam nose and mouth.

Nose: spices, malt, wood. Then with more mineral rock, smoke. The set is very simple, a bit wobbly.
Taste: sweetish attack low. A little fruit, almond, green wood & bitter. Some spices here and there.
Final: fruity
Conclusion: This sample does not play in the same league as the others. Not bad either, it is still unattractive, due to its exaggerated simplicity .

Colour: dark straw

Nose: It starts with some aromas of paint thinner but then flavours of sandalwood and mushrooms follow.

Mouth: A mixture of leather, tobacco and dark wood is very present, then again some malty notes and hints of mushrooms appear.

The finish is long with a slight bitterness.


Colour: Pale amber.
Nose: Start rooty and youngish. Smells like those little green chunky dinks you get in low end industrial cakes. Heady as a nasty blend can be despite a rather low ABV, if I trust the "bubble test". Now I can hear my parents warning me "bad whisky just smells like a squashed bug!". Well, let’s make it orgeat syrup. You sometime get this in young whisky ended in some Cognac casks. Calms down after a while, turning to orange blossom water flavoured brioche (ever heard about Mouna?).
Mouth: Much better now. Or at least, not as bad as I would have expected. Big, nutty and bold. And quite some vanilla. Have I been trapped by the bubble test? Tastes more like a 60% whisky than a 43% one! OK, that’s big and creamy, but the taste itself is not really in my area, I’m afraid.
Finish: Long, with heavy tannins now, and a return of these green, drying aromas I dislike.
Comment: A malt that tastes more like a CS blend than like a Single Malt. A youngish Auchroisk or Glen Ord?

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