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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"


Français | English


28 years

Single Cask Series
28 years
Alcohol percentage
60,2 %
Master of Malt
Bourbon barrel
Distil: 24-02-1984 Bottling: 11-2012
76 of 182 btls
Non chillfiltered cask strength
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
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WDTS2013-04 84/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 91/100
Lowest rate 70/100
Difference 21
Average 84,22


Total number of tasters 18
Excellent 2
Very good 4
Good 8
Medium 2
Bad 1
Tormore Master of Malt

Nose: immediately oriental scent with sandalwood, Asian spices. Fruity with fresh apple compote but, cinnamon, pepper. Notes of old polished wood, fragrant leather, bark and wood just cut. After aeration opens on fresh mint, bitter dark chocolate.
Taste: apples, malt and complex quickly fragrant blend with a strong spicy bouquet, curry, spices & herbs Thai (coconut milk, coriander, ngo-gay ...), notes of old wood a little acid and more astringent on the cork. The set is extremely fade, shimmer, warm, very good length.
Finale: woody & spices
Conclusion: incredible finesse nose and melted in the mouth, with a perfect balance superb malt make this a beautiful expression. The comments do not do render all impressions, something we lack at the reading. Impression to find the same feelings when I read the tasting in the book of M. Jackson: words next to each other, but some magic. As an old bottle that would have aged for years, would patina.

“Quite interesting. Sweet, vanilla, spices, powerful. Maybe a Master of Malt Single Cask? Arran maybe? 10 to 12 years old”
This dram has a gold-like color.

Nose (89): (5)more than average. honey, vanilla, spices, citrus, cinnamon. 50% ABV? an Cnoc? Arran?

Taste (90): powerful, oily. honey, spices, citrus, vanilla, wood.

Finish (90): (5)longer than average. honey, citrus, spices.


Classic Bourbon-notes, dry leather, exotic fruits, very complex, sweet and long finish.

Nose: white wine, white fruits, exotic fruits, rice cakes with lime and vanilla. Nice!

Taste: Very sweet, slight hint of lime that grows with aeration.

Finale: Very sweet, white fruit, rice cake, vanilla.
After aeration: Pastry, floral.

Comments: Very nice whisky, with lots of fresh fruit and a touch of vanilla. It improves with aeration!


Color: Gold
A nice fruity nose and nice notes of vanilla dominate the very pleasant nose even if a slight tingling reminds undeniable presence of alcohol. Also a nice contrast between the sweetness of vanilla and acid notes giving it a pleasant freshness in addition to a nice complexity. Also menthol notes ...
The palate is very acid, which confirms the very fresh side of this whisky. A fruity acidity dominates the palate from start to finish. This is certainly not a classic profile for a whisky. But once you have accepted that freshness can also generate a good whisky, it is quickly conquered. At least that is my case. Followed by spices with a strong presence. This makes this whisky a "love it or hate it" by well-marked contrasts between the various sensations.
The finish is long and remains in the original register marked especially by the freshness.
This is a whisky that is uncommon. Far from being an archetype for Scotch, it has a very particular profile and fireworks of unusual tastes can make you love it or you hate him.

Nose: Delicious combo of barley and fruit tones, sweet cookie dough, vanilla and light wood tones.

Taste: Sweet and a combination of some bitterness and sourness (reasonably well in relation to each other). The taste shall be better after some time in a glass.

Finish: Long and spicy (pepper) with a little bitterness at the end.


Nose: very nice, vanilla, almond milk, barley sugar nose "pastry."
I also believed perceive notes of milk chocolate, cocoa.
At times rather spirity then softenes to always remain fresh and vanilla.

Mouth hot mouth (alcohol level failry high), vanilla, barley sugar, fudge, anise.

Finish: long, spicy finish.

Colour: Yellow gold.
Nose: Nicely fragrant. Juicy yellow fruits (apricots and tinned pineaples), and soft vanilla (marshmallow). Lots of gentle and creamy vanilla, but careful: this seems to be quite hot (over 50%). Soft spices from the cask (nutmeg), and given time a hint of coffee. Something like a high ABV custard or Advocaat. OK, this smells like "modern" whisky, but in a very pleasant way, I must say. Not unlike the nice Tormore the nice guys from WB had us taste recently.
Mouth: Oh yes! This is hot! Closer from 60% than from 50%, if you ask me. We still have this creamy fruitiness (apricot milk shake?), but with an additional spicy kick from the oak. This has probably spent some time in the cask (around 25/30 years?).
Finish: Black coffee, liquorice, and slightly drying tannins.
Comment: A rather luscious nose, and a creamy fruity mouth. It was time to bottle this nice Speysider: the oak was about to speak too loud!


Colour: straw

Nose: It starts with sweet cereals followed by hints of apple strudel with raisins.

Mouth: Sweet and malty at the beginning, then apple strudel comes up followed by cold ashes and some oak. With drops of water hints of cream appear and bring out a slightly salty impression - a bit like Werther's Original.

This malt has a long and mineral finish and gives me the image of water running over a limestone.


Nose: vanilla galore hiding a fruity heart (ripe banana). While aerating, expresses a malty side, almost hopped beer with a lot of cereal (my morning muesli). It almost smells the Scottish shortbread. Pastry icing side too.

Mouth: oily. Powerful. Slightly fruity and spicy.

Finish: long and almost a peppery spicy side.

Comments: I will go on a highland whisky, not reduced (high-degree turn around 60), raised in bourbon barrel, fairly young (aged between 10 and 15 years maximum). Apart from that, I liked it because the whisky is very expressive, flawless, long lasting and easily drinkable despite the high alcohol content. It lacks the complexity to be really to my taste and have a great note.

appearance: Riesling
nose: medium intensity, fairly well integrated alcohol (soft aggression which disappears while breathing), white fruits, fresh grains, haribo sweets are added while breathing, toasted bread in the background
taste: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, acidity like unripe fruit, pink pepper, cereals, white fruit
finish: short to medium


Nose: sweet and elegant, fresh, with notes of young Cognac. Slightly mineral and dusty. A little alcoholic. Vanilla and spices a relatively young malt from a quite an active (or even new). Even quite engaging. The burned wood of an empty cask.
Mouth: Auite strong start (spices / black pepper and ginger, a little spirity also) in line also with vanilla from the nose. Indolent and somewhat simple.
Final: average without surprise after the mouth. Chocolate.
Conclusion: a nice honest malt, which is fun as long as you do not expect anything other than a good daily dram. Maybe a little spirity however.

fruity, and a bit coastal; A pleasant nose with creamy vanilla and sugar on the start, then you get lemon „bite“ (a mix of lemon and alcohol – its like they were meant to harmonise), some peach, blueberry's, pineapple, green apple, some salt, a little bit of smoke (gets less intense the longer the whisky breathes), effervescent powder, and a herbal touch all over very pleasant and complex
With water:
looses complexity, green apple and citrus-aromas gets stronger, while the rest more or less disappears

powerful on the palate, caramel, very citric , lemon peel, fresh sour apple, some wood, yeast, alcohol, a little bit of bitterness, wine gum
with water:
more mild, but the palate gets more flat , very easy drinkable

long, powerful, warm, lemon and some wood
with water:
still long, more on sweet citrus, no more wood, a little bit peppery


Colour: Gold

Nose: Quite sweet on pastry notes (almond paste, butter cookie, caramel and vanilla). The fruit is ripe (ripe banana, juicy peach, pear), a malty background pretty present. Rapidly growing woody notes (old polished wood) and brewer's yeast. Grows on more floral notes (violet, lavender).

Taste: Citrus, both by the acidity and the fresh lively juicy. Seems very high in alcohol. Fairly spicy. Needs time to express itself. More flexible with respect to water, still quite woody and sweet spices on the finish and praline.

Nose: Light. Initially very influenced by iodine, slightly citrus. After aeration, becomes very vegetal: herbaceous, floral hint, cheap perfume
Taste: Fairly intense. Much softer than the nose suggests. Some fresh fruit, a hint of honey. And still this floral touch.
Finish: Quite long. Saline mainly.
Comment: A special atypical whisky. Nothing is transcendent but whisky is rather well done and well balanced (tasted slightly cooled).

Nose: The nose shows a bit of paper glue in the beginning (ethyl acetate), somehow soft, sweet with a trace of fruit (banana?) but also coconut. A short impression of ice-cream.
Palate: the alcohol bites if no water is added. Reminds me on older Grappa. Nevertheless, too secretive for me and a bit too bitter for my taste
Finish: Medium finish which gets a longer at the second/third sip, slightly bitter notes, surprisingly dry.
Remarks: Somehow more pleasant in the nose than in the palate.
Not a bad Whisky, but nothing which would find a place on my shelves.


Color: Gold

Nose: Cacao beans which quickly fade. A pinch of eucalyptus, white wine. Acidity in the nose.
After several minutes of airing, most of the smells are gone and the cacao beans comes back.

Mouth: Very acidic and alcoolic attack, then citric acidity settles and occupies all the space. A drop of lemon is good, but here it is just too much. On the background I can taste a strong wine presence with dry wood.

Finish: This scrapes my throat off when swallowing, and the acidity stays far too long in the mouth.

Verdict: Quite atypical profile which reminds me of a dry white wine finish. Far too much acidic for my taste, from start to finish.


Nose: notes of marzipan, orange and flowers. Alcohol is highly present at the beginning. The opening as water gives chemical accents (laundry lavender), syrupy peach, fried pineapple. There are a few waves of clay also. It quickly disgusting but not really unpleasant.

Mouth:massive but hot texture, with strong alcohol on chocolate, vanilla and yellow fruits (traces). Alcohol is far too present. The water did not help: Alcohol is still not acceptable and the flavors are so fleeting. Even drowned while leaving the bitter almond, it is still identified by alcohol. Frankly irrelevant but frustrating because the flavors could be pretty.

Final: The final contains almond and vanilla flavors but the power is almost insignificant compared to alcoholic development.

Comment: A very special sweet nose but the content will appeal. However, the mouth is suffused with alcohol (with or without water) covering some markers underlying. It is preferable even without water since then has a relative expression. The end comes quickly and is crushed by ethanol.
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