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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"


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16 y.o. Sherry finish

Barrel Selection
16 years
Alcohol percentage
56,6 %
Wilson & Morgan
sherry finish
Distil: 1996 Bottling: 2012
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
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WDTS2013-03 87/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 91/100
Lowest rate 81/100
Difference 10
Average 87


Total number of tasters 16
Excellent 2
Very good 7
Good 6
Medium 1
Bad 0
Bowmore 16 Wilson & Morgan

Appearance: yellow gold
Nose: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol after 10 minutes of breathing, different kinds of peat and smoke with farmy notes, extinguished campfire and smoked bacon, fruits (pineapple), fresh grains and slightly spicy (green tea)
Taste: medium to strong intensity, well integrated alcohol, different kinds of peat and smoke are back on the taste, a "dirty" note of burnt rubber and old grease is added
Finish: medium


Nose: The first nose is off-putting. It smells strongly of gas, scraped match, sulfur. Thankfully it fades after a few minutes of aeration to make room for a heart of lovely red fruit. The power of alcohol is detected. In fact, I sense some dried fruit. I even almost seem to feel a bit of peat smoke in the background.

Palate: The palate is striking and concentrated. These are smoke flavorings and jam that are the most present.

Finish: long aromas of wood smoke and red fruit.

Comments: I love this kind of whisky. It would even have been better with more pronounced smoked flavor ... But it is still on top!

Nose: Fruity, bakery, many different spices, mint, lemon, iodine. It's fresh also!

Palate: Peat, dry, powerful, lemon, green apple, iodine.

Final: peat, green apple, dry, slightly spicy. Gaining exoticism with breathing.

Comments: Peaty who discovers once swallowed the first sip (otherwise you do not feel peat).
More complex than my comments let seem. I loved it(maybe not to the point to buy a bottle, the price factor will be important).


Nose: initially on stewed fruit, jam, quickly turns to a more woody register, softwood types (pine, juniper) and on peat, leather. Some spicy notes and an acid register which is good (sherry vinegar, blueberry, wood acid) and add a little spice, making everything nice. At aeration, more on fireplace, wood fire.
Palate: dry acid attack and then peat & conifers, herbs, wood & salt. More fruity (dried fruit, candied fruit) on the end extends into a nice smoked until the final.
Conclusion: beautiful expression of peat 'dry' register, with its rotating & fruity acids. Sherry cask? I love.

Clear copper color with green highlights

Nose: The nose opens with the sweetness of spices (cinnamon). Alcohol comes in a second time bringing with him what is special about the whisky: Smoke and streaky notes. This smoke finesse reminds me of smoked andouille de Vire.

Palate: Powerful. Alcohol first dominates before releasing the burnt and bacon notes discovered at the nose. The second part is creamy, almost oily. It is full with notes of sherry maturation with caramel and leather always subtended by the larded side.

Finish: medium long. The finish is powerfully aromatic, smoke gradually gives way to the sweetness.

Very nice whisky.

“Sherry and peat! Maybe a Bunna? Maybe Caol Ila? Not bad at all”
This dram has a copper-like color.

Nose (88): (5) more than average. honey, citrus, nuts, leather, peat. Looks like 15 to 18 years old.

Taste (89): powerful, oily. honey, citrus, nuts, peat, wood, smoke.

Finish (89): (5)longer than average. honey, peat, nuts.


Nose: powerful and wealthy where we can detect many peat moss, humus, exhaust gases, accompanied by citrus (orange / lemon). It also distinguishes notes of rubber and paprika.
The palate is oily lemon, very farmy, salt and of course very peaty (the plant side of the peat).
The finish is good chocolate and salt length with the presence of orange peel.
A good peat and coastal bomb a Ledaig?
The more I tasted, the more I love ...

Colour: chestnut oloroso sherry

Nose: farmy notes of horse stables intermingled with eucalyptus. Earthy tones as well. Cough Syrup. Hints of smoke. It's all very interesting.

Taste: hot and spicy. Quite stingy actually. Cloves and nutmeg. Ginger and paprika. But also rich oak with a strong menthol influence again. Sherry notes at the background.

Finish: medium long. The pepper develops in bitterness later on. Complex.

Comment: a interesting whisky with a very uncommon nose and palate. May be a little bit too hot and spicy for me.


Nose: a bit restrained but seems quite complex, in any case melted. You have to go and get it. Mineral and fruity matrix. A veil of smoke. A hint of sherry.
Taste: quite sweet attack and smoke evolution on some fruity notes and burnt wood. Salt. A little spicy. Improved significantly in sandstone time to take a few reflections see exotic fruity (but it's still quiet!).
Finish: rather long and scalable over a drought, smoke, minerality. Also the salt.
Conclusion: Most likely an Islay in sherry cask (or so it is imitated!). An interesting version, but lacking a I do not know what to fully convince (perhaps a few more years in cask?).

Color: Amber
Nose:Cookies fruits, orange liquor
Mouth:Orange jam, cherries with spirit, balanced
Finish : Medium


Nose: In the beginning, soft and warm. Beautiful sherry notes and nice fruitiness (red fruits). Some clearly wood tones and then sharp spiciness (nutmeg), which is becoming more prominent.

Taste: Very accessible, but also very spicy with some dark chocolate. After that some bitterness with a little bit of sweetness.

Finish: Long, spicy with light wood tones and tannins.


Colour: Pale Amber

Nose: Fresh, ranging from bitterness to acidity, something of a Tonic with a greener notes, vegetal bonus. Aeration makes it smooth, sweet, profile changes very significantly. Alcohol is still quite present.

Mouth: Powerful from the attack. Not unpleasant, but this is one deserves his drop of water. It's pretty sweet, plus a slightly soapy appearance, but nothing unpleasant, instead. Some raisins too. A little water soothes the burn of alcohol. This is actually sweet, almost syrupy, sticky palate, but with more a sense of excitement. Side flavors, tangy notes mix with raisins and a veil of smoke.

Final: Returning to a controlled bitterness, quite long.

Conclusion: Too heavy and sticky mouth for me.

Color: sustained gold

Nose: quite expressive, with spicy and delicately smoky notes. Unaggressive, more sweet and heavy notes are discovered over time.

Palate: Surprising, on the wood then quickly roasted on hanging notes.

Final: On wood and vanilla. Astringent with bitter ends, but long enough

Pretty rough around the edges for me, but pleasant enough. Roasted side is surprising.

Colour: Chestnut, with red hues.
Nose: Nicely peated and sherried, with something winey. A claret or port finish? Quite some alcohol (56% ?), and some bark chips. Soft fruits emerge after a while, though difficult to pin down which one. Apricot jam? Grenadine syrup? Something quite unconventional, like in some wine finished peated Benriach. But who cares: I like it.
Mouth: Hot, peated, sherried, fruity, winey. And much sweeter than on the nose. Sweeter and saltier. Grows sootier and woodier after a while. Dry and sweet at the same time. With lots of organics. Strange.
Finish: Long, acrid, with quite some tannins, and strangely soapy, it leaves your mouth full of perfumed cold ashes, like after smoking a cigar dipped in lavender cologne water.
Comment: A quite unconventional peaty-sherry malt with a strange perfumy tang.


Color: Old gold
A nice nose marked by a slight peat mixed with ripe fruit. However, the nose is relatively monolithic, but rather balanced. A small sea air.
Mouth plunges us straight into the peat and smoke. Not very complex either, the mouth is marked by the power of the alcohol which is however not a problem.
The finish is long and warm, dominated by peat and marine character of the mouth.

Nose: Quite closed. The nose is heavy, weighing: notes of sherry, and a lot of alcohol. A slight breeze is also present and refreshed all (hopefully).
Palate: Dissociated between an earthy peat, iodine and marine notes and a very sherry, too sweet.
Finish: Long. Saline, on marine algae and shellfish
Comment: Nose too closed, the mouth lacks of coherence and unity. Many things are there, but I do not hang
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