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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"


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Thirty Six

W&M Collector's Edition
36 years
Alcohol percentage
58,3 %
Wilson & Morgan
Sherry butt
Cask number
single cask 5748
Distil: 1975 Bottling: 2012
271 btls
Non chillfiltered cask strength
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
links & average quote
WDTS2012-01 88/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 93/100
Lowest rate 80/100
Difference 13
Average 87,83


Total number of tasters 42
Excellent 10
Very good 11
Good 15
Medium 5
Bad 0
Glenlivet 36 WM

Nose: sherry has a fine structure. Round and melted. Rancio, timber, cocoa and coffee are in harmony. Hints of sulfur and varnishes. A classy nose that I like.

Palate: very sweet. Oily texture. It tasted red fruit and more specifically the strawberry. Concentrated. Some savory touches at the end.

Finish: long and warm on strawberry jam and woody hints.

Comments: a beautiful expression of sherry. Salty hints aftertaste make me to think that malt was influenced by proximity of the sea ...
I love.

Colour: amber
Nose: lovely rich and sweet oak like in Bourbon whiskey. Vanilla, honey but also fruity notes of mango and bananas. Mint as well. Even some leather in the end. Very complex.
Taste: very punchy! Tropical fruits accompanied with spices like nutmeg, pepper and cinnamon. Tannins, but fortunately not too much.
Finish: long and warm. The sweetness remains.

Comment: this reminds me of very good Tomatin 1976 expressions I had in the past. For me the best whisky of this second WDTS of 2013. Thanks again JM!


Light caramel color

Nose: The nose is marked by very strong dark chocolate. It is a very nice sherry. Alcohol is very present and gives a sweet feeling. This sensation fades after 30 minutes of ventilation.

Palate: The palate is powerful too. Alcohol gives a dryer impression. The marriage of whisky with sherry is splendid. It evolves by strata: roasting and Van Houten cocoa and creme brulee and finally caramel.

Finish: The finish has a nice chew. A good bitterness gives relief. then we evolve a sense of Malabar. It ends with a nice power and good length.

My favorite of the session.

Color: Amber

Nose: You enter on the ground floor in the area of the old aristocratic malts. Polished precious wood , red fruits (strawberry jam, black cherry), orange confit, balsamic vinegar. Aeration reveals notes of nuts and coffee and more animal fragrances (old leather?). Everything here reminds a venerable high Speyside in sherry.

Taste: Yum, this is good! The attack is fresh and powerful. The mid-palate grows on gourmet flavors, strawberry jam, milk chocolate, candied orange, all framed by a masculine woody but not overwhelming.

Finish: Long, both greedy and tannic, it shows as default a very slight astringency.

Conclusion: A great malt.

Color: light mahogany
A nice spicy nose with great complexity. As we leave it some time, the more nose unfolds and offers its beautiful sensations of light wood, nutty, sherry. The nose isbecomes after a few minutes a real treat.
The first taste is very pleasant, bittersweet mixture of wood and a nice sherry. Plums, chocolate nuts. Very complex and well balanced, the mouth provides a great pleasure.
The finish is very long and very intense. Notes of sherry mixed with a fine woody remain visible after several minutes.

appearance: light amber
nose: medium to strong intensity, quite well integrated alcohol, dried fruits (walnuts, almond), leather, candied fruits, marzipan
taste medium to strong intensity, well integrated alcohol, in line with the nose, pepper adds and a little bit of wood juice increases the complexity and balances the sweetness of the candied fruits and the marzipan
finish: medium to long


Colour: old gold
Nose of candied fruit (quince, pineapple) and polished wood, fall notes and vinous, sherry, old pharmacy side with notes of camphor and herbs that provide fresh vivacity. Nice
Palate: Beautiful complex development, first on fruit (jams autumn) and woody, with a slightly exotic side when in the mouth, then the development is done on a little greasy, oily side then on dried fruit with almonds, raisins and dates, hints of cocoa and mint, good length, very nice

Nose: Prunes, figs, slightly meaty also. Old wood. With water, caramel appears together with vanilla.
Taste: Wow that is good stuff. In no particular order, chocolate, coffee (lots of coffee), dried meat, earth, nuts, pepper, spices, wood! A little bitter however, but what a power. With water, we find the same flavors but surprisingly it is more unbalanced.
Finish: Very long on bitter dark chocolate.
Conclusion: A very nice super punchy whisky, close to be unbalanced by real present wood and a bitterness.

Color: Copper
Nose: Roasted fruits (pineapple) , orange peel, mandarine
Mouth: Juicy, Orange Liquor, sherry,
Finish: Long


color: amber
nose: old wood, licorice, raisins (lots) nicely balanced
taste: very smooth, chocolate, toffee, cacao and spiciness, the finish is sweet and spicy and very very long...

Nose: Warm sweet sherry notes, spicy (spiced gingerbread), pencil shavings, menthol and strong wood tones (resin).

Taste: Punchy, spicy, sweet and some menthol also.

Finish: Long with a warm spicy finish and a little bit of bitterness (wood).


Color: light amber.
Nose: a little alcohol in the beginning, very closed. It needs water and lots of time. Even after 2-3h in the glass is not very expressive, it would take a few months. Too bad because we feel a real subtlety behind many citrus, orange, mandarin, mint notes too.
Mouth a little more open than in the nose, but it is not there yet. This is very powerful (close to 60%?), Moderately marked by sherry, especially fruity, mandarin orange, peach, hints of eucalyptus (an old Glen Grant?), It is fresh and tangy, it seems quite old.
Finish: very long, on orange, not wood, unabated whisky. A little chocolate in the empty glass.
Difficult to quote it, you must bet on its potential as it is closed at the moment (especially the nose), but I think it will be great with more openness.

“Refill cask? Maybe between 25 to 30 years old? Really interesting dram.”
This dram has a tawny-like color.
Nose (91): (5)more than average. honey, wood, spices, corn, dust, spices, cinnamon.
Taste (89): powerful, oily. honey, citrus, wood, spices, apples, pepper.
Finish (88): (5)longer than average. spices, honey, citrus.


Colour: Tawny.

Nose: Tadam! Now we’re talking! Deep and vibrant, with this tantalizing fruity-juicy-spicy-sour mix I enjoy so much and that is to be found in the very best old refill sherry casks. Spectacular and exciting! All sorts of jams sticking at the bottom of the cauldron. Mango chutney. Roasted pineapple. Green banana. Just a pinch of elegant cinnamon. And a very slight grassy note (green tomato?).

Mouth: Oakier now, with quite some tannins and soft spices. Quite rummy actually. Demerara sugar. Less extravagantly fruity and complex than on the nose, but remains fresh considering its age, thanks to its nice sourness.

Finish: Long, lingering, with a nice demerara rum aftertaste.

Comment: An old refill sherry cask (between 35yo and 40yo?). Sweet and sour whisky at its best as far as the nose is concerned. The mouth is slightly on the downslope, if you ask me. Slightly frustrating, but excellent whisky anyway.


Nose: Exotic fruits with mint and eucalyptus. A little marshmallow.

Palate: Hugely fruity and melted. A true fruit basket. Alcohol is present but carries the aromas.

Finale: Short at the beginning, she get longer with some breathing. It is fruity with mint and precious woods.

Comments: Wonderfull whisky with aromas quite difficult to identify. The flavors are very smelted and despite the color, not the slightest trace of sherry.


Color: Dark amber.

Nose: The nose is rich with notes of dried fruit (raisins, dates) becomes almost vinous, juicy, with notes of liquid caramel, dark chocolate, praline. The dried apricot grows precisely in the manner of an old white wine. Adding a dash of water develops notes of black fruits, especially prunes. A hint of smoke is also felt.

Taste: The flavors are dense, soft, supple and well integrated. Notes of chocolate, ripe orange, nuts, fruit cake, with a good dose of sweet spices (cinnamon, four spices) for length.
Adding a dash of water brings out very peppery notes with a discreet but present peat.

Finale: A touch peppery on old wood and cocoa.

Color: sustained gold

Nose: Aromas of dried apricots, light wood and alcohol. Relatively dry, fragrances are set back and the alcohol tip is hazardous for the nose. Adding water revealsmore vegetable and spicy notes , almost licorice.

Palate: Without water, the attack is very oily and enveloping, but the wave of alcohol is too strong. With time, many good things emerge, wood, spices, slightly astringent with round grains notes. But alcohol is too present, breaking the spell. The water is highly beneficial revealing a light but rather complex whisky. The attack loses its bite, but developed a long and greedy gingerbread?

Final: long, soft and enveloping.

Not necessarily immediately available, the alcohol level can be a barrier to taste. However, it agrees well a hint of water reveals its complexity. Nothing flashy, everything is subtle and smooth. To enjoy and appreciate the length.

Nose: Fresh, vinous and metal. Seems complex and melted (too). More gourmet after aeration (ripe fruit and Granny!). Tip of sherry too. Nuts.
Taste: not bad, but difficult to analyze. At the same time it is still fun, which is essential. Not super complex anyway. Aftertaste with a hint of nuts.
Finish: rather short notes of port / sherry (date for example).
Conclusion: Not bad, but no a favourite for this honorable malt anyway!
It could be a finish ... or at least one of pretty typical sherry cask.

Color: sustained amber

Nose: This nose is clearly marked by sherry finish! Dried fruit, vinous side, spices and even coffee.

Palate: Dried fruit including notes of hazelnut, prune, raisin. Sherry side (too) this is much better with a drop of water even if a little bitterness is present (surely woodey side).

Final: Persistent but too classic on sherry and dried fruit, it drinks well with a drop of water, but it lacks complexity for my taste

Nose: At the opening, the roundness is required: Chocolate and chestnuts are running. Its notes yet hide some spices but it is a nose that seems one way, driven by the sherry. Raspberry burst but remains behind. Overall this lacks of beauty but it is enjoyable. When everything fits, the impression persists: disorderly flavors are difficult to distinguish. Notwithstanding we feel shy swell: Raspberry and chestnuts ...

Taste: Very large, it still alternates gourmand notes (chocolate, praline, chestnuts) and less glamorous but soft touches (spices). Adding water breaks its superb (the flavors are bullied) but still retains hints of chocolate with spices (cinnamon). Adding water or not, the mouth has defects (hidden flavors or complete amputation but highlighting survivors).

Finish: The finish is very long and dries slowly to maintain beautiful cake notes on the palate. There is a little nuts aftertaste.

Comment: A simple whisky but smelling nicely like cake at all levels of the tasting. A daily dram that it is better not to swim under penalty of finding too stripped (and inaccurate).
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