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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"


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L'Esprit Whisky, 14 yo

L'Esprit whisky
14 years
Alcohol percentage
46 %
Whisky & Rhum
first fill sherry butt
Cask number
single cask 6863
Distil: 02/09/1998 Bottling: 04/09/2012
96 of 197 btls
Non chillfiltered
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
links & average quote
WDTS2013-02 82/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 88/100
Lowest rate 60/100
Difference 28
Average 81,95


Total number of tasters 20
Excellent 1
Very good 1
Good 9
Medium 8
Bad 1
Benrinnes W&R

Colour: Gold

Nose: The nose is very fruity, on citrus (especially orange, peel, bark), with hints of nuts (walnut, hazelnut). Pretty vanilla. The texture is creamy and delicious with notes of pastry (almond paste, caramel). Aeration brings notes of heather, lavender.

Palate: The palate is original, with notes of sweet spices (ginger, cinnamon), with the tannic dimension, drier, almost vinous (sherry) on the kernel (bitter almond and marzipan sweet) and dried fruit (raisins, apricots).

Finale: On notes of leather, sweet spices and always bitter orange.

appearance: yellow straw
nose: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, balsamic vinegar, mineral, fresh mint, caramel, roasted grains
taste low to medium intensity, alcohol well integrated, lemony sourness, malty, slightly burnt caramel
finish: medium

“Toffee on the nose and a slighty sulphury palate. Glenmorangie? Maybe 10 to 12 years old. I would say 50€ but it really doesn't worth them”
This dram has a gold-like color.
Nose (89): (5)more than average. toffee, citrus, vanilla, floral.
Taste (86): smooth, powerful. honey, sulphur, wood, nuts, spices.
Finish (87): (4)average. nuts, spices.


Color: Gold
The nose is marked by that smell of yeast that I personally find quite unpleasant. Grains and flint. Not very complex. Hope that the mouth is more expressive. After a long aeration, the nose ​​eventually become pleasant with subtle nut notes.
In the mouth, little surprises. The mouth is in the exact extension of the nose, with notes of cereal mixed with a slight bitterness. Without being very complex this mouth remains interesting and is also well balanced. Also a slight citrus presence.
The finish is long and prolongs perfectly the mouth.

Colour: pale gold with golden highlights

Nose: rather floral, a touch of raisin is present with hints of coffee, rather small nose, but as there is some complexity.

Palate: it is very fruity (passion fruit, pineapples) and a touch of coconut, one side salty / sweet that reminds me of Old Pulteney. The body is robust. At the second tasting I felt a big difference in the mouth with nice notes of raisin.

Finish: Medium with fruit and a sweet / salty interesting

Refined but discreet nose, in the mouth was an interesting explosion of flavor

Nose: The nose reminds baking (apple turnover), returns with almonds, coffee. There is also a bit of malt and butter. Overall, this is a simple nose but the theme is on a pastry journey without sugar gluttony.

Palate: The texture is quite silky and neutrality nose is found, circling butter, malt, but also grain notes and a hint of apple. This clearly lacks expressiveness and precision but it is not devoid of charm. Adding water is useful, removing the excess alcohol.

Final: Tis Pity it's a little short and it loses all its small details (almonds, malt, fruit) which was his balance before. The aftertaste is on the green apple.

Comment: A strange whisky that does not shine by its aromatic punch. We must recognize him against the charm and uniqueness pleasant especially the nose, which is free from defects.

Color: Gold

Nose: First vegetal (agave) and mineral (talc, chalk), the first nose then turns slightly sulfur aroma accompanied by raisins.

Mouth: it also has sulfur notes, but more organic aspects (black mushrooms), as well as raisins, salt. The texture, fluid, lining the palate. The whole is pleasant.

Finish: Medium length, it is not very expressive, and gives pride to green bitterness

Conclusion: A pleasant whisky although the final is not up to my taste.

Nose: Immediately fermented fruit aromas (not pejorative), then a pastry side, biscuit and butter (Breton butter palet shortbread). Cereals, almond paste. Some yellow fruits in the background. Sulfur touches.

Taste: Surely reduced, pleasant, slightly woody and rather sweet. Alcoholic power under control.

Finish: Long hints of citrus and minerals. Medicinal side appears after a while.

Comments: Everything suggests that this profile is a young Highland Malt reduced and high bourbon barrel or hogshead. That said, I like roundness.

Light gold color

Nose: The nose is a powerful at first glance, a little heavy. The aromas are placed on cereal, beeswax before revealing notes of maritime pine ( st marc cleaning product). I finally found traces of smoked fish (haddock).
Dilution highlights even more the Landes pine.

Palate: The texture is creamy before alcohol appears in the middle palate (evaporation on the tongue). The second part of the tasting is clearly on the Landes pine before giving way to such bitterness like the cooked chicory.

Final: The final evolves on several registers, bitter, fat with the return of haddock mixed with pine sap that turns gradually into maple syrup.

Surprising whisky.

Nose: Fruits too ripe, bold, heavy, fresh apricot. Fireworks appear after a while.

Taste: Spicy, lemony, fresh apricot.

Finale: Fruits too ripe, a little fireworks who's getting louder with the addition of water. Long with spices, fresh apricot and a meaty side.

Comments: Nice to drink but a little disturbing to my taste.


Color: Gold
Nose: On the fruits
Mouth: Rubber, sherry, dried fruits. Longue tingling
Finish: Medium on the dried fruits


Nose: Very fruity (plums), sweet and sourness with some slightly sherry notes. Afterwards a little bit of spice with some wood tones.

Taste: Spicy, some sweet and bitterness.

Finish: Long with some little bitterness again.


Colour: pale gold.
Nose: I feel sweet notes straight away that remind me a refill sherry but it will be less the case in the mouth. IThere is also a bit of caramel, apple, apple pie, vanilla, butter cake, cereal, some citrus too.
Mouth is quite soft (43-46%?), Nice creamy texture, rather sweet but there is also a quite pronounced acidity and a slight bitterness in the finish. There are cereals, crumble, caramel, a bit of fruit.
Finish: medium length, less fruity, always cereal, butter cookie.
Easy to drink whiskey, not necessarily very complex, which does not seem very old. Not my style.

Colour: Straw
Nose: young sherry notes with a hot rubber side rather present, it was with a lot of dried fruit: green walnuts, prunes, raisins, hazelnuts and almonds, on the side of the spices, cardamom, in the background there is a vegetal side (dry grass) and some exotic notes emerging, pity that we should try to find them up behind this hot rubber
Palate: soft with a nice oily side, dried fruits earlier detected on the nose, including almonds, raisins and prunes, hints of rubber and tar are present and fairly well built, relatively balanced overall, final average length on dried fruit and hints of tar

Nose: The nose is mineral (flint) and vegetal (buds ...). With aeration, it is right and on the same flavors. Slight hints of honey sweets and salted butter caramel point the tip of their nose.
Taste: Quite light. The texture is rather oily but the whisky lacks power (mouthfeel quickly becomes watery). The mouth is first on pepper. Chalk too, light fruit (tangerines may be) and grapeseed oil. There is also something rather "fat" but difficult to identify: Engine oil may be.
Final: Little persistent. We find the same flavors in the mouth with perhaps a little more fruit.
Conclusion: Ok on this one. Not my thing.

Colour: gold
Nose: fresh and clean. Grainy and yeasty. Fruity (melon, pear and green apples) with a floral edge. Also herbal notes.
Taste: sweet and smooth. Medium bodied. Nuts and pine. Fruit flavours again. Some pepper and nutmeg later on.
Finish: quite long. Bittersweet.

Comment: not a dram to remember for a long time.


Nose: Very typical sherry (nuts and dried fruit). Buttered pastry and aeration. Very ripe banana. Do not tempt me.
Palate: especially on very ripe banana note that persists then slides into a bit too strong bitterness for my taste. A rather simplistic hint of kirsch too. Yeast at aftertaste.
Final: average, in line with the mouth.
Conclusion: Not really my style and a little too simple in my opinion. Lack of balance. Looks like a young whisky which was in a too active cask(medium-quality sherry).

Color: clear

Nose: air and volatile, with notes of lemon and grapefruit. Alcohol. More woody background is revealed with time.

Taste: After an explosive attack and alcohol, all turns on persistent notes of butter. It is surprising, but lacks complexity and roundness. Volatile citrus notes are very fleeting.

Final: Butter and still persists, making the final rather long though simplistic

Whisky hardly greedy but warns before striking. Citrus from the nose lack of ripening are very fleeting in mouth. Base turns surprisingly on the butter, but this change is not enough to give body to the whole.


Colour: Pale gold.

Nose: Cheapo crystallized angelica, see what I mean? Those green little squares you have in low-end industrial pound cakes. What else? Well… low-end industrial pound cake… Not really to my liking, I’m afraid.

Mouth: Better now. Salt strikes first. Lots of salt, actually. And mushrooms too. Lots of dried trumpets of the dead. Becomes sweeter as it becomes hotter, with a light taste of violet sweet, but salt is still here. Quite some tannins and a balance on the edge, though a rather low ABV (~46%?).

Finish: Long, slightly soapy, with a flowery aftertaste.

Comment: Salt, angelica, dried mushroom, violet… A queer mixture that doesn’t match my taste.


color: gold
nose: sour sweets, some apricot and something daft.
taste: not really, it's also daft as in the nose with some fruitiness and spiciness

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