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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"

Undisclosed distillery

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House Malt 21

21 years
Alcohol percentage
46 %
Wilson & Morgan
Sherry butt
Cask number
single cask 50
Distil: 1990 Bottling: 2012
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
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WDTS2013-02 86/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 94/100
Lowest rate 78/100
Difference 16
Average 86,1


Total number of tasters 20
Excellent 3
Very good 7
Good 6
Medium 4
Bad 0
House malt 21 yo WM

Color: light cognac

Nose immediately delivers aromas of sherry: wax, dried apricots, candied orange. A touch of acidity on a carpet of spices and citrus walls. Captivating.

Mouth: Fully accessible, it delivers the palate a gentle caress ranging from wood to spices. Cereal sugar puts it luggage in the palate, with a whole candied fruits small battalion led by a benevolent little acidity. The set is very consistent and fully consistent with the nose. Exciting.

Final: dries slowly becoming more bitter, but a retro-olfaction still wonderfuly fruity. Very long, very good. I love it.

A sentence in the glass case looked good. The nose is well-typed by the barrel of sherry, but the balance is there from the first perfumes. The mouth contains the main theme without fail in a concerto for very soothing ripe fruit. A touch of acidity to give tone to the whole. Superb. Sherry Monster, I love you!

“Remind me a lot of Macallan 10 years old Sherry Oak. Not bad, not bad at all. I would say 40€”
This dram has a copper-like color.
Nose (90): (5)more than average. honey, nuts, tropical, fruits, citrus, wood, spices. Very nice nose.
Taste (90): smooth, oily. honey, nuts, wood, tobacco, vanilla, floral. Looks like 40%. Maybe a Dalmore? A Macallan?
Finish (89): (5)longer than average. nuts, leather, tobacco.


Color: Mahogany
Pretty notes of plum jam show the undeniable presence of sherry. Then the fruits are appearing together with some notes of barbecue, a little smoke and a little bitterness. Cashews. The nose is rich and perfectly balanced.
The first impression in the mouth is the exact extension of the nose. A slight bitterness, hazelnuts, cashews and sherry. Fruits announced by the nose are not to go here and the bitterness prevails. This whisky is nonetheless balanced and pleasant.
The finish is the perfect extension of the mouth. No surprise here. Some bitter memories and sherry continue to haunt the palate for long minutes.

Nose: Sherry, ... Immediately, a lot of matches (sulfur side),metallic side and red fruit juice. Quite a lot of rancio, of strawberry jam, coffee, cocoa ... A nice sherry. Vegetal touches. Immediate, not very complex but very appetizing.

Taste: Powerful and expressive. Grenadine syrup and strawberry. Very pleasant.

Finish: long and candied fruits on red

Comments: Not the most complex but easily drinkable.

Nose: Requires a lot of aeration before really expressing itselves. Greedy shell fruit (pecans), pretty vinous note and some caramel which is not at all cloying.
Palate: Full, round. A delicate blend of light oak, sherry, tobacco. Lightly toasted vanilla. Not bad actually vanilla. Also a side spicy (pepper and other)
Finish: Fairly long on spices and much saliva (a little salty).
Cconclusion: Easy drinkable. A tad lack of expressiveness, but a very nice whiskey.

Color: Amber

Nose: Very vinous and well marked by sherry, with lovely notes of nuts and a hint of sulfur (burnt match). Some coffee too, raisins, in short, a very sherry nose but remains relatively thin and elegant.

Taste: Sherry, sherry, sherry, full of raisins (good ones), still with a hint of sulfur, far from disturbing, brings a bit of complexity to the whole. Wood eventually be felt, but not excessive, it pleasantly structures that mouth. No weakness nor excessive power, good balance.

Finish: Quite long, on sherry with as an added bonus, flavors of herbal liqueur Chartreuse Verte.

Conclusion: A classic sherry, a bit monolithic, but well done.

Nose: Fresh mint, nuts. Lightweight but powerful.
After 5 days: A little smoke, honey / wax, a little lemon.

Taste: lemon, red fruit, mint.

Finale: Fruity, citrus, mocha, latte. Long.

Comments: A very good whisky butthe aromas are too integrated together to discern.


color: amber
nose: full flavor, raisins, old wood and coffee
taste: full flavored, again raisins and fruitiness of blackberries, the finish is long with hints of coffee and spices


Color: Copper
Nose: Fruity, (strawberries)
Mouth: Redcurrents, sherry, dried fruits (hazelnuts, almond)
Finish: Short


Nose: Warm fruit tones (red), much spiciness (delicious) and sherry notes. Later on some more wood tones also.

Taste: Powerful herbs in combination with some sweetness and some bitterness.

Finish: Medium long, spicy and some bitterness.


Color: Amber dark.

Nose: citrus (orange and orange peel) will open immediately with typical sherry character (nuts, raisins, dried fruit), greedy (caramel) and juicy. Sweet spices (cinnamon, nutmeg) accompanying woody notes (wood polish, polish). Gradually opens with notes of black fruits (dates, prunes, figs).

Palate: The attack is soft, then growing in intensity, the bitterness of sherry this time, with notes of leather, orange peel, burnt caramel, roasted coffee, with a peak sulfur enjoyable.
Adding a water feature enhances the gunpowder notes with a hint of smoke on the finish.

Nose: The opening is on vinegared notes, leather (not as explosive than some Glendronach at opening). This sherry pageantry with chocolate appears to have a freshness that only the opening can reveal. This brings first dried fruits (nuts) while cherishing chocolate. We still have vinegar but the arrival of cream to eggs in orange. Ultimately, we are facing a sweet nose and nut pastry back from time to time carry out an attack.

Taste: A nice malty presence and chocolate with a winning return of taht vinegar character giving a punch to that pretty basic duo. There is a beautiful presence, alcohol is perfectly integrated. There are also the nut which is grafted with the opening.

Finale: A little short but conducted smoothly in the extension of the mouth. The aftertaste found the nut that was lost in the meantime.

Comment: A perfect evolutionary sherry nose which will delight aficionados. Then it is quite simple but quite well done. It simply lacks a little presence (mainly chocolate) to be really good.

Color: Amber to reddish reflection

Nose: One feels the influence of sherry, beautiful notes of dried fruit and underbrush and a hint of citrus, the nose is very fine, complex and rather subtle sweet notes.

Palate: The palate is a little below the nose, in my opinion, you are on a diluted whisky I think. We find dried fruits, rancio with orange zest and a slightly woody. The caramel is also present and a good touch of spice that I can not describe more precisely. A good sherry.

Finale: Average, we find the same flavors in the mouth (sherry, rancio, spices)

Whisky aged in sherry well done but surprise (a Glendronach?)

appearance: light amber
nose: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, candied fruits in the foreground, in the background: cough syrup, balsamic vinegar, burnt tire
taste low to medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, burnt tire in the foreground (but not overwhelming the other flavors), candied fruits, young balsamic vinegar
finish: short to medium


Light brown.

Nose: The nose is concentrated and begins on old leather. It then closes and leaves an impression of burned before turning red berries morning beeswax.

Palate: The palate is smooth even if we find the concentration of flavors with an alternation between the leather and dark chocolate.

Finish: The finish is long and narrow, with notes of camphor, cocoa bean and polish.

Color: light amber.
Nose: well marked by sherry, seems sweet, caramel, chocolate, orange, dried fruit and spices. Fairly standard, I think it is young, a little too much caramel.
Taste: light oak, light varnish, many dried fruits (raisins, apricots), sherry spices (cloves, ginger?). In the mouth it is quite dry, in fact, moderately powerful (46%?), Lacks a bit of punch. Classical and a little young but very easy to drink.
Final: much drier, more "oloroso", especially dried fruits and spices, lacks a bit long for my taste.
Nice sherry and easy to drink.

Colour: old gold
Nose: pleasant with vinous notes of sherry, walnuts, raisins marinated in rum (cake), prunes, wax, chimney (cold ashes), notes oil (tar) and rubbery cigar
Mouth: a little oily, followed nuts (walnuts, almonds, raisins) and oil and rubbery notes found on the nose, roasted notes and cold smoke. Good length on the rubber is still a little too much for my taste, especially since this is the side roasted (or burned) emerges in the final damage

Colour: chestnut brown
Nose: a tad dirty at first. Sulphur, burnt rubber and pencil shavings. Later on more honey and vanilla.
Taste: spicy (nutmeg and pepper) but also toffee. Notes of sherry and some wood. Hints of smoke?
Finish: medium long. Oak.

Comment: nose is quite odd. but the taste is all right.


Nose: Chalk. Typed dry sherry with some ripe fruit in the background. Vegegal bitterness. A little too quiet even outside notes of burnt wood / sherry.
Palate: very typical sherry and the limit of burned tire (in any case too bitter for my taste). The bitterness hides everything else. Lack of balance and complexity.
Final: average and above all on the bitterness of the mouth. Blacknougat retro-olfaction.
Conclusion malt enjoying (I hope) sherry fans. For others, I think the lack of balance and the bitterness could disappoint.

Colour: Chestnut.

Nose: Spices and caramel. Gingerbread. Freshly ripped off bark, with dust and wood particles floating in the air. Big sherry , if not very sophisticated. Probably a teenager from a very active cask.

Mouth: Hotter than expected. Heavy tannins. Lots of caramel, and quite some salt. Seaweeds. Briny. Like drinking some highly mineralized water (make it Vichy Célestin). A Strange sweeten-salted mixture. A baked apple (but a poor weak Golden) topped with cheap toffee.

Finish: Short and somewhat flat, tainted with salted liquorice.

Comment: A young salty malt (Clynelish?) that would have taken the sweetish character of an active sherry cask but left the gentle side behind. Not that it is bad whisky, but I like my sherry malts more “aristocratic”.

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