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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"


Français | English


23 years

Single Cask Series
23 years
Alcohol percentage
46 %
Master of Malt
Refill Hogshead
Distil: 20-10-1989 Bottling: 11-2012
3 of 253 btls
Non chillfiltered
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
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WDTS2013-02 84/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 89/100
Lowest rate 75/100
Difference 14
Average 84,3


Total number of tasters 20
Excellent 0
Very good 6
Good 8
Medium 4
Bad 2
Bunnahabhain 23 MoM

appearance: Riesling
nose: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, fresh fruits, peat (mainly as farmy flavors), hot milk, freshness
taste medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, smoth peat and farmy peat, salty, malty sweetness
finish: medium to long


Colour: Straw
Nose: fruity and spicy, fresh fruit (pear) and exotic (pineapple, maracouja), hints of light smoke and pleasant vanilla ginger, some floral notes, a hint slightly navy background
Palate: very soft, the fruit side is less present than in the nose, we are here instead on nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, raisins) with a hint of smoke, there is also a bit oily side which gives a feeling of fullness, alcohol and oak are well integrated, balanced and fun, the final continuous on nuts

Nose: rice paper, light lemon, very ripe pear and william pear. Fresh and sweet.

Palate: Fruity sweet/acid, always this good ripe pear.

Finish: Long. Pastry, light peat apple, a little mint, and especially ripe pear fresh well.

Comments: In this style, we are tuching perfection. It is soft, light and very pleasant to drink. The alcohol is very well integrated.


“Is that a whiff of peat? Seems like a young bourbon cask at high strength. Maybe 10 years old? I would pay around 60€ for it”
This dram has a white wine-like color.
Nose (89): (5)more than average. honey, peat, toffee, citrus, vanilla.
Taste (88): powerful, oily. honey, citrus, spices, vanilla, pepper.
Finish (88): (4)average. honey, spices.


Colour: Very pale. White wine.

Nose: Surprisingly fragrant. A nice fruity-phenolic combo. Lots of white orchard fruits (mainly apples), but uncommonly enough, the fruits we have here are quite unripe, bringing a pleasant sourness that tease your nostrils. Something rustic and raw, like these ultra-dry Spanish ciders, the one that strip your teeth. Intriguing it is…

Mouth: Starts on some soft vanilla, but the beast quickly wakes up. Beware: hardly no colour nor bubbles, but this is no whisky for sissy! Raw (some may say "austere"), but quite thrilling. Lemony and grassy, with heavy tannins. And quite bitter, but in a rather classy way. Reminds me of some Rosebanks by SMoS I had in the past.

Finish: Long and liquoricy, it ends up on a grapefruity bitterness.

Comment: A rustic malt that keeps its cards closed behind a harmless colour. For those who love uncompromising raw malts.


Colour: Straw
Quite a fresh nose,with beautiful fruity notes and something as milk. Here we can talk more about subtlety than complexity. The nose is very pleasant despite an intense discretion. Some citrus notes and a little smoke. Everything is very subtle.
The first impression on the palate is nicely marked by slightly peaty notes, slightly bitter (hazelnut) and beautiful fruit notes. Here too, we can speak of a beautiful subtlety. We would have liked this mouth to be more open, a little more alcohol degree to enable it to its full potential.
The finish is long and hazelnut bitterness which was well marked in the mouth predominates here.

Nose: Marshmallow. Honey. White peaches. Flowers. Delicate and elegant. Too well-behaved. Wet wood.
Mouth: nice mouthfeel and smooth, hint of peat, slow evolution of a certain minerality and some white fruit a little too quiet. There are subtle marshmallow nose.
Final: average, mainly on the tip of peat and some minty freshness (see lavender!). A pinch of salt.
Conclusion: A fine malt, balanced and pleasant but a little too well-behaved for me.

color: hay
nose: fruity, bananas, apricots and vanilla
taste: very mild, also fruitiness and delicate flavours of wheat and grains, the finish is medium long with subtle sweetness of vanilla


Color: Pale Yellow
Nose: Peat
Mouth: Fat Peat , salt, artichoke
Finish: Long


Colour: Pale gold.

Nose: The nose develops floral notes (especially heath), with notes of candy (honey) on a light background breeze (Menthol). Exotic fruits develop with aeration (pineapple, grapefruit), and a sprinkling of black pepper.

Palate: Sweet, herbaceous tones of floral, with coconut, almond milk, vanilla, honey, while remaining very fresh marine, even mint.

Finale: In the sweet spices and pepper, sweet, light and bubbly.

Nose: Immediate. Mineral, lemon vanilla and oak. A little candied pear. I frankly think a nose of white wine.

Palate: The confit side first takes over early to make room for mineral and lemony acidity.

Finish: long and mineral. Some woody hints.

Comments: quite simple and austere whisky, but I like it. Note that I am rarely a fan of this style of whisky but in this case, It is more than OK.

Straw color with brown highlights

Nose: light, fresh with notes of white fruit (pear brandy) before giving way to grassy notes (menthol). The alcohol theb brings freshness. Then develops aspects fatter with soot.

Taste: A fluid texture with in a first step a swee impression and then the development of citrus and mainly lemon before soot returning.

Finish: The finish is of medium length. It is the sweetness of cocoa butter before the retro-olfaction offers hints of tar.


Nose: It is quite expressive: Honey, lemon yellow, peach yogurt but also nuts (cashews). It's pretty greedy but we feel that behind this facade, there is also something more dry, more lively (spices).

Taste: There's a lot of nuts (which will hold sway in the mouth), chocolate, spices, but also a little honey, very discreet. Water balances a little and recalls the sweetness of the nose (but not the fruit).

Finale: The hazelnut is quickly only with the spices. It's a bit monolithic, while the second mouth announced more contrast.

Comment: The nose is really good,rounded , but its minority appearance dominates the mouth. It is fairly standard although the presence of honey gives the change. Not revolutionary, not bad but could be improved in the mouth.

Color: Gold

Nose: Tart with lots of citrus top notes (bergamot), cinchona and a certain freshness. Something white wine too. A fresh nose, nice and toned.

Palate: In the line of the nose, tart and fresh with a bonus veil of peat that I did not detect the nose and a bitter green can be a little too strong.

Finish: Long, but the bitterness is really too present for my taste.

Conclusion: A fresh spring nose mouth is too bitter for the palate.

Nose: Rather restrained: butter, marine iodine, salt. With a little aeration some farmy notes appear and intensify to become truly dominant after half an hour.
Palate: Beautiful greasy texture. The mouth is initially a little tinny (aq) but is growing. It is a pretty peat rather earthy, slightly lemony. By cons, something bothers me one of the first flavors that appear: a sweet sensation Haribo Bears candy style, which has not much to do here. Damage
Finish: The finish of medium length, rather floral or soapy
Conclusion: A relatively simple whisky, but flawless nose or mouth will not get me more excited than that

Colour: straw
Nose: very fragrant. Flowery: roses and violets. Also a lot of tropical fruit: melon, pineapple and peaches. Very nice!
Taste: juicy fruit sweetness again. Some stuffed peppers and ginger. Hints of smoke as well. A little thin however.
Finish: not that long. Becomes very dry.

Comment: taste unfortunately doesn't deliver the expectations of the nose.


Colour: pale gold.
Nose: very fruity, apple, pear, hints of yellow fruits too. It seems relatively young. A bit of grain, grass clippings too. Rather nice because very fruity.
Taste: Quite sweet, probably about 43%, still a lot of green fruit (apple, pear, apricot, too), cereals, pretty cool.
Finish: medium length, slightly less fresh and less fruity, a little cut grass.
The nose was nice, but the green fruits betray its age, not my style of whisky.

Nose: Fresh (young), sourness, fruity and a little vanilla.

Taste: Sourness, bitter and what is sweet.

Finish: Long, a tingled feeling and some wood tones (bitterness).


Colour: very pale

Nose: Smoke immediately, difficult to feel through this screen. Aeration reveals pepper.

Mouth: quite oily, marked by smoke, iodine and alcohol. Fairly basic expression, the smoke gradually dispersed without revealing candid new shades. Aeration is no surprise, but retains its overall coherence.

Final: average, leaves and cardamom notes dries.

Whisky frankly maritime as the nose suggests. The mouth is no surprise but frank and consistent. The wave recedes quickly, without leaving shells. I was hoping for more surprises but the drink is still well done.

Color: white wine with light golden reflections

Nose: vegetal with a hint of peat, it is apparently (seen the color and nose) a young, whisky I perceive also notes of green apples. The nose appears to me as rather dry it lacks fullness.

Taste: Very light, whereas nose sugar was not there I find sugar in the mouth and still peaty notes that it is very unusual, still vegetal and floral, then I do not know if having tested sample 1 befores helps it to succeed. Notes of quite ripe melon are present together with lemonade.

Finale: Short, little depth and I can barely describe what I have in the mouth. I do not like this whisky.
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