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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"

Glen Scotia

Français | English



Barrel Selection, 20yo & older
20 years
Alcohol percentage
44,2 %
Wilson & Morgan
sherry wood
Cask number
single cask 1
Distil: 1991 Bottling: 2012
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
links & average quote
WDTS2013-01 85/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 91/100
Lowest rate 76/100
Difference 15
Average 85,32


Total number of tasters 38
Excellent 2
Very good 11
Good 16
Medium 9
Bad 0
Glen Scotia Wilson & Morgan

Colour: Chestnut.

Nose: Superb! Deep and vibrant. Very jammy and smoky at the same time. Smoky, but not the“regular” Islay smokiness. An "antique" smokiness, with lots of organics: Dried mushrooms (black trumpet mushrooms?), all sorts of oils (especially hot industrial lubricant), freshly tanned leather (or is it freshly sheared wool), and a hint of solvent, like in a high end blend or an old bottling. Terrific nose, complex, and very entertaining!

Mouth: Great, great, great! Same jams, same smokiness, same oils, same “dirty” organics than on the nose. Just seems a little weak at the beginning (40%?), but who cares: just take a bigger sip and you take off!

Finish: Long and smoky, assuming the sip was big enough ;-) !

Comment: I could drink liters of this. An old style bottling that smells (and tastes!) as antique as an excursion in my Grandma’s attic.


color: amber
nose: Old oak and fresh forest fruits, mild saltiness, vanilla, caramel, toffee and a moccachino.
taste: smooth caramel and toffee, nicely spiced with dark forest fruits, more spiciness towards the finish with a salty touch.


Nose: Clear sherry tones, sweet smokiness, raisins, spicy and even somewhat chocolate.
Taste: Very sweet with some bitterness.
Finish: Medium long, spicy and some sweetness at the end.


“This is is more subtle than sample 4th but works a bit better overall. Anyway, it would be really hard to choose one over the other.”
This dram has a mahogany-like color.

Nose (91): (5)more than average. honey, nuts, citrus, cinnamon. Smells slightly younger than sample 4. Maybe 10-15 years old?
Taste (90): powerful, oily. honey, nuts, wood, citrus, floral, cocoa.
Finish (90): (5)longer than average. honey, citrus, wood.


Colour: deep amber
Nose: A whisky rather marked by sherry.
It has a little rubber, spices, orange, chocolate, even a slight smoke brought by the wood and a little incense.
Mouth: mouth not astringent and less marked by the barrel, a gourmand and fruity sherry.
Spice, orange, chocolate, vinous and some notes of dried fruits.
A balanced palate.
Finish: rather long, the sherry.

Nose: initially, it smells much like sherry and especially the fruit (cherry) and then over the aeration, I feel a mixture and that fairly marked, of sherry and medicine flavors ! A medicinal sherry?? Some peat too. A mixture of ketum (for athletes!) Or Vicks and sherry. Very fresh and minty with sherry in the background. Marzipan.

Palate: On the palate, it is rather powerful, dry, austere compared to the nose. Peat and medicinal side predominates. The fruit is in the minority. Some smoke too.

Finish: Long, fine. Minty, medicinal, a bit fruity. Herbs (thyme and rosemary). Some hints of cherry.

Comments: Very special but very interesting and original. Is this a young Laphroaig sherry??
I liked it. A quite rich and complex whisky though young in my opinion.

Colour: amber
Nosing: starts with strange earthy flavours. Cardboard and rubber, but also grassy notes of hay and heather. Gingerbread. Cinnamon, leather and some smoke as well.
Tasting: round and robust. Sherry and peat intermingle quite well, though a tad bitter. Tannic. Some spice at the end.
Finish: medium long, dry peat. Nutmeg and pepper.

Comment: an intriguing dram. In particular the nose is nice.


Nose: Sherry, red fruits, mocha, coffee, nuts. It's fresh (mint).
After 3 weeks: It's more fruity with notes of mandarin.

Mouth Mocha latte. A little bit light.
After 3 weeks: Light lemon and green tea. Or may we say green lemon tea?

Final: Coffee with milk, spices that take precedence over the rest with time, nuts (walnuts broux). Medium length.

Comments: No fault but something is missing. Not very complex. I love it!


Color: Amber

Nose: we are here on the front of tangy sherry, with beautiful aromas of tangerine, blood orange. Then caramel, but not excessive, some woody notes and a touch of fresh mint. This really a nice nose.

Palate: Less fruity / sour than the nose announced, although we still have a bit of mandarin, with lots of wood, sherry and still this little fresh note of menthol. Damage the fruits are no longer present.

Final: Chocolate, tangy, with a well marked tannic bitterness and a hint of astringency.

Conclusion: A nice malt, with a nice nose, but a little too marked by wood at the mouth without, however, being prohibitive.

Color: Mahogany
The nose is initially quite beautiful and exudes discreet notes of sherry and then evolve into dried fruit, such date followed by the appearance of pepper. Nice nose promises for the future ...
The first mouth is less pleasant than the nose foreshadowed. Sherry wood notes are added, all with a sense of excessive dilution. He clearly lacks a few degrees to allow the whisky to give everything it seems to have in it.
The finish is long and warm, and the memory of mocha and nuts persists for a few minutes.

Colour: Copper
Nose: Strawberries, precious woods
Mouth: Red fruits (raspberries, black currants), hazelnuts, almond
Finish: On the wood and walnuts


At the nose, prune is clear, before the hazelnut and a subtle grapefruit. As in the old leather appears ventilation and citrus are no longer present. And with good ventilation, slight traces of camphor and an equally slight bitterness appear on a background of white fruits, apple first. On the palate, the attack is frank and gentle, like a supported caress. Amount of fruits including citrus mingle with spices, dried fruit and peat cutting. And, paradoxically, presence of alcohol brings out a sense of bleach, such as the swimming pool. The finish is on the shortbread with cinnamon, but also a small sherry and a severe drought.
A well-made whisky, which does not show a great complexity, but nice.

Dress: Amber.
Nose: rich nose first, heavy, close to sulphur candied fruit, fruit jellies. Alcohol and red fruits (blackcurrant, raspberry). A little bitter cocoa. Some fresh vegetal notes (juniper) appear from time to time. Leather and sherry vinegar also. The profile is softened with time and is adorned with a dusty side ... surprisingly, perhaps metal.
Palate: Creamy and smooth, well-rounded, very soft, but lacks expressiveness.
Finale: Starts a wave of bitterness woodland.

Comment: A little difficult to identify as is. Probably a potential opening with time, but can not be confirmed in one tasting.


Colour: Old gold
Nose: Smooth, on sweet fruity notes and light floral aromas.
Taste: Very round, grassy, slightly floral and smoky, with some sweet fruity notes. The finish is medium, grassy, slightly smoky and bitter, with some cardboard, tangerine, a touch of rubber and malty notes.
Impression: A good and enjoyable well rounded and smooth sherried whisky.


Color: tan with brown highlights

Nose: A pure sherry, wax, rose water, leather dust, but with a twist: a very valuable tip saline.

Palate: The palate is smooth. You immediately know where you are. Defined aromas on the nose are present with a rule of leather and the contribution of dark chocolate notes that give a good density. the second part of the mouth offers floral (hyacinth).
The mouth is still too soft with a lack of depth and tone.

Finish: The finish is very fine, very delicate before going on softness. Damage after a nose so attractive if it comes to a lack of power. The gap between what is expected and what happens is too big.

appearance: light amber
nose: low to medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, dark chocolate, balsamic vinegar, "Huba Buba" chewing gum, a half sweet / half dry sherry profile
taste: low to medium intensity, alcohol well integrated, i line with the nose, at first it's the sweetness that dominates, the mid-palate is balanced and the finish is dryer, not very complex but very pleasant / drinkable
finish: short to medium


Nose: pretty sherry notes (chocolate, black fruit) coe out of the glass immediately. Then some chemical fragrances (leather, smoke), accompanied by marinated cherries. Aeration confirmed my impressions. We look for a bit of complexity but everything seems in place, still playing as a duo. Eventually, with patience, the trio finally forms, still in balance. I think that it is a bit simple but it is very nice, with a beautiful fragrant amplitude.

Palate: The sherry is slightly spicy (still smoked) beginning the mouth on gourmet chocolate. Lemon tart slips briefly then mid-palate before leaving its place to the discrete cherry with the arrival of a persistent bitterness.

Final: The final will be out soon on fruit and bitter chocolate makes a noticed comeback (but not in a good way).

Comments: The mouth takes the ugly defects that the nose seemed gird. The emancipation of the flavors go through some successful attacks. It's not bad but far from memorable. Pity that the cherry is so bullied once the nose (promising) past.

Color: Amber

Nose: The nose is initially fruity, apple and ripe pear, sprinkled with sweet spices (cinnamon, ginger). Notes of soaked raisins develop. Fragrances of old polished furniture grow with aeration, noble wood, polish ...

Palate: Very soft, harmony between dried fruits, sweet spices and woody notes, cocoa and black coffee too, neither too sweet nor too bitter, old, with notes of leather that develop later. Greedy. A gentle hint of smoke in the finish.

Nose: The nose is dusty: newsprint. After aeration, engine oil, chocolate and caramel. A meaty side: gravy and leather.
Palate: The palate is relatively light (significant reduction?). Oily and woody, full of chocolate. Smoked a little as well (style bacon).
Final: Final moderately long and slightly saline.
Conclusion: Lack of punch unfortunately

Color: amber

Nose: Light and aggressive. Rather mild. The nose reveals notes of herbs, spices and notes heavier wax. Rather elegant and delicious, the alcohol level helps appreciatin it quickly. Rounds with time on notes of ripe fruit fun while keeping a spicy background.

Mouth: Aggressiveless and progressive development of the wood and cereals. A bit of astringency. With aeration, the gap between the nose and the mouth becomes more obvious. The latter keeps astringent and woody base with a slight bitterness while the nose becomes thinner and more captivating.

Final: Fairly short but consistent.

Sympathetic whisky which can be approached very quickly. But ultimately, this gentle aspect withdraws amplitude. While the nose becomes thinner and caressing, with notes of frank sherry, the mouth remains fairly monolithic, woody and relatively short. But it's still a good whisky developing scents and tastes francs. Not necessarily for an evening, but very well cordial.

Colour: amber copper

Sherry nose, a bit too focused on the alcohol this time. Dusty notes of honey are there. A strange smell which makes me think that I breathe dust chalk texture. Damage that alcohol is a little too present.
It does not hurt, but it did not help either. It will then go to the coffee and still that damn smell of alcohol. It fills me, it fills me ... With water profile will be substantially the same.
It may be more about the milk chocolate with raisins. Ha actually, it evolves a little and happily! I like the smell of red wine vinegar and then that's it.

Mouth rather weak attack and woody. Spicy (pepper) a taste of wet newspaper. A little too watery for me. Then an alcohol taste like the nose. With water, it collapses completely.
It may be more vegetable cooler.

The finish is short. And not very expressive ... It's a shame. Oh yes, there may be a slight taste of roasted peanuts. Then back in the mouth a little "rough", I do not speak of astringency.

Comment: uh .. Not very excited. The nose was nice but alcohol bothered me in the end. With water, it was better but not transcendent.
For the rest I can say the same thing. The mouth was not already fabulous without water, then with it was worse. And the final too short. I did not like and I stick it 80 only for the nose.

Nose: Bizarre. Notes on hydrocarbon as a Caroni Rum 1983 but very diluted. Green and vegetal. Is not really desirable in the first approach. Is a little too light, even with aeration.
Palate: quite bitter and unappealing even if in line with the nose! Nice mouthfeel. Lack of clear material.
Finish: quite bitter with our grilled / burned that appears ....
Conclusion: first intriguing (nose) and disappointing (in the mouth) and even borderline rude (final).
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