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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"

Glen Scotia

Français | English


19 years

Sestante Collection
19 years
Alcohol percentage
59,2 %
Silver Seal
Distil: 1992 Bottling: 2011
Non chillfiltered cask strength
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WDTS2013-01 87/100

Details de la dégustation

Cote maximum 92/100
Cote minimum 70/100
Ecart 22
Moyenne 86,55


Nombre total de dégustateurs 22
Excellent 3
Très bon 9
Bon 7
Moyen 3
Mauvais 0
Glen Scotia Silver Seal

Color: amber
Nose: very nice nose of greedy sherry, vinous notes, dried fruit, black fruit, chocolate, spice, light varnish and marine notes, seaweed, shading.
Beautiful mineral notes are also present, worthy of great Sancerres.
Mouth original on a elegant peaty sherry combo was chocolate, a fine peat, seaweed, iodine, some vinous notes of sherry vinegar.
Then more gourmand and fruity notes arriving, on orange, black fruits and dates.
Finally it ends with meaty notes and mineral wish.
Finish: Very long on the peat, fruit and sherry

Colour: Old gold
A very nice nose marked by sherry and pleasantly woody notes behind a veil of moisture. Alternatively the sherry and the oak dominate and then new odors occur. Cocoa, ripe fruit.
Very promising anyway.
In the mouth, the same notes are present. Here also a nice evolution with a clear presence of sherry and then first appearance of fruity, acidic. Notes of cocoa and coffee follow. The palate is very complex and well balanced. A little wonder
The final prolongs perfectly the mouth. Long and both hot and gently cool. We find all the sensations of the mouth.

Nose: Exotic fruits who are gaining strength with aeration, red fruits, haribo strawberry.
After 3 weeks: haribo strawberries disappear and that is unfortunate. We got some rancio, many nuts and it become waxy with a little water.

Mouth: Uber uber fruity (citrus style), light smoke. This is powerful.
After 3 weeks: Slightly waxy and bitter. We lose some fruits along the way.

Finale: Fruity, light peat, spicy. A lot of spices when adding water.
After 3 weeks: The fruitiness is very exotic. It is bitter, powerful with nuts and spices. The finish is very long.

Comments: Very nice fruity whiskey which does not seem long enjoyed a vent more than that. Unless you love spices (pepper, etc.), I would avoid water at all costs. And I emphasize this last point.


color: amber
nose: wow, old wood, toffee and coffee, chocolate, vanilla, blackberries and almonds.
taste: very delicate flavor of a sherried dram, some spiciness, chocolate, nuttiness, warm apple pie and cinnamon, the finish is nicely spiced with nuts and coffee/mocha flavors, very nice and not too woody, great dram.


“Hahaha! Very welcome sherry character! Just the whisky I needed at the very moment I needed it! No idea which whisky could be... maybe 12 to 15 years?”
This dram has a tawny-like color.

Nose (91): (5)more than average. honey, nuts, citrus, floral. Good sherry! Aye!
Taste (90): powerful, oily. nuts, honey, citrus, wood, spices, herbs. Quite a lot of sherry here!
Finish (90): (5)longer than average. nuts, wood, honey.


Colour: Yellow gold.
Nose: first nose is rich and oily, flowers and heady undergrowth, humus, peaty soil at the foot of azaleas in bloom. This nose rocks quickly on tart notes on the red wine vinegar, sherry vinegar, along with potpourri. Dried fruit, some spices, a lightweight timber, hot heather. Drinking red fruit, cherries in brandy. Precious wood, sandalwood, cedar wood.
Taste: A bit of wood and a lot of spices. The earthy nose that is more discreet.
Finale: Starts in the extension of the mouth, very warm, then evolves by approaching the nose.

Comment: Pleasantly surprising. Of different aromas and flavors that could oppose, but here perfectly complement and enrich each other.


Nose: Very special. Has a beautiful sherry manzanilla. I almost feel like smelling a yellow wine too! Many nuts, rancio and wood. As the aeration, I feel the damp earth, geranium, red fruits, cocoa and coffee.

Palate: Sweet, smoky, woody, oily and vinous and I think I feel peat!


Comments: It would be an aging cask Bunnahabhain manzanilla it would not surprise me! I loved this whisky especially given great originality ..

Nose: It stings a little, alcohol is quite present. Smell of dust and old newspaper. Ok, we'll wait a bit to give aeration a chance... After aeration, the dust remains and combines with pepper. Maybe some kind of meaty character. Quite a lot of wood and leather. A slight (beautiful) acidity contrasts with all these heavy flavors.
Palate: Round, full. rather oily, motor oil, powerful, very powerful. Mechanical, very masculine whisky, almost animal. The mid-palate is quieter: wood, pepper and leather.
Finish: Fairly long and a nice minty freshness.
Conclusion: Very particularly whisky. I'm on the verge of not liking (because of the dust), but manly sherry (if it is a sherry) I like a lot. I would go for the distillery on a GlenDronach, or maybe a Glen Scotia, why not!

Nose: warm and sweet (red) fruit tones, nice clear wood influences, spicy but also marinade.

Taste: Sweet, spicy and some bitterness.

Finish: Long and spicy (pepper).


Colour: Amontillado Sherry.

Nose: Spicy and woody. Quite some cinnamon and clove. Chocolate coated candied orange slice. And lots of burnt wood. Spicy and resinous. Musky. Cedarwood, and a touch of incense. Very Japanese-oriented, actually.

Mouth: Hotter than expected. Deserves a drop of water (or even two!). Thick and bold. Lots of precious wood mixed with cocoa powder and a hint of prunes. Tasty, but the whole thing sounds a bit rough and ready. The kind of bottle that would deserve a long breathing to be tamed.

Finish: Some nice high grade milk chocolate brings a nice softness.

Comment: A powerful and tasty dry sherry malt ala Mortlach, probably from a heavily recharred cask. For those who like their whisky hot and spicy! Good stuff, but a little sophistication is more to my liking.


Color: light brown with gold highlights

Nose opens on the shot of alcohol but it passes very quickly on classic notes of maturation in sherry casks. Leather, black fruits. The nose is fruity sherry than the other series, but offers pep.

Palate: The attack is smooth, alcohol involved in a second time. The middle of the mouth is characterized by the concentration, alcohol and flavors are blended into one another. One floral side comes and improve the structure.

Finale: back on the sherry with leather and cocoa. The final has a good length, and a little sharp searing. notes of rose and peppermint bring freshness.

Color: Amber.

Nose: Quite delicious notes of caramel, licorice, leather and cocoa. The nose develops with notes of dried fruit, especially with nuts, raisins, roasted and grilled appearance also takes place and leaves imply notes of coffee (grain). Notes of black fruits grow, leather, everything is rich and well melted, woody noble.
Taste: Very Chocolate Milkshake and very "cofeeish" the mouth is also very woody and spicy (mild spices including cinnamon, nutmeg, 4 spices). Recharred Oak cask? Woody spices are present, and notes all with heat.

Color: amber

Sherry nose! Overripe strawberry, plum (jam) a touch of black pepper. A little red wine also. With the vents, I would have milk chocolate. But not any.
No, the one with raisins and dusty. Thereafter slightly malty, but it remains in the background, not enough to override sherry. I might say something stupid, but I have the feeling of soap under the nose .. With a dash of water, it seems to me a smell of tea. I do not know which one by cons.

Frank mouth (spicy) and rather dried. Woody and sherry of course. With water, as I seem to have sharpened a pencil.
The metal pencil with sharpener on top.

The finish is long and spicy. Still in the same register.

Comment: Nice stuff. The sherry is not too heavy, the flavors are nice and good continuity between the nose, the mouth and the final.
Just a shame that sensation of alcohol "waste" the whole a little bit.

Nose: At the first nosing sherry remains very present but a bitter herbal note (wormwood) stands out. Chocolate and hazelnut then share the spotlight. It makes you want to soak the lips but it remains relatively closed.
After a while, fresh spring grass with apricot and a little chesnut. After the typical brutality (chocolate hazelnut), partial appeasement (the power is still there) is appreciated. Watermark is detected as a hint of smoked meat.

Taste: A nice greasy texture that brings out chocolate, malt with a big power. Lemon and bitter herb (lightly smoked) are then introduced. Water changes only little but tempers the ardor gives this dram.

Final: falls quickly on a nice cool (but do not fear herbaceous bitterness), quite pleasant after hostilities commenced by sherry.

Comment: A most unusual sherry it seems. Schizophrenic, it distils its power quota as much as sherry sweetness tart and bitter, against point. Surprising if not perfect. The nose is really fun.

Color: beautiful amber

Nose: Opens with rich notes on vegetal background. Promising after aeration, notes of dried apricots and wax are more present. And then wood. A touch of water alleviates all and reveals aromas of chocolate and cognac. Very pleasant with time.

Palate: The alcohol is huge but it can not hide the flood of wood. Vanilla and oak are very present and very long. The water opens the beverage, but the wood remains dominant, hogging the attention. Coarser than the nose, but with lots of character.

Finish: present and long, especially on the wood, drying out at the end.

This whisky is promising although the alcohol level is a bit of a barrier to fully appreciate such. The addition of water in a whisky marked by sherry is often a challenge, but here it is frankly welcome. However, behind all these small invitations hides a whisky for lover of wood. The barrel is very present and you have to accept to enjoy a whole. But I love it!

Colour: Copper
Nez: strawberries, red fruits
Bouche: Sulphur hints, sherry, wet wood, dried apricots,
Finale: on the sherry dried fruits

We start the tasting with a slight bitterness on a distant sulfur and dust on a wet dog. But this is only a first impression, quickly overtaken by milk chocolate, spices reinforcing slowly rare tannins, and prunes. The smoke is clear and spices are a little more present. More consistent ventilation brings nothing more. On the palate, the attack is dry and slightly alcoholic. Wood, but also prune, a touch of honey and another coffee, rare citrus, almond make the mouth pleasant. The finale revolves around the eucalyptus or camphor, which accompanies a slow extinction of sherry.
The profile is very different between the mouth of one hand, dominated by wood spices, and secondly, the final more earthy. An interesting whisky.

Nose: Seems pretty complex, on the basis of sherry, but very compact and difficult to analyze. Relatively little change at the aeration, apart from a peak of glue or varnish.
Palate: spicy, peppery sauce. Evolution on a fairly dry sherry, somewhat complex but balanced. A surprising herbaceous note. Glue notes like at nosing.
Finish: rather short even if there is a persistent sherry side and some bitterness.
Conclusion: A honest malt , interesting although not a favorite. Might deserve that one is interested if the price is reasonable.

appearance: light amber
nose: medium intensity, fairly well integrated alcohol, sweet / sour mix, almond paste, stewed sour fruits, freshness, milk marmalade
taste: medium intensity, alcohol fairly well integrated, more sourness than the nose, especially stewed fruits, walnuts and walnut skin
finish: medium


Colour: amber
Nose: lots of tannins! Rich sherry and dried fruits (figs, apricots and sultanas). Later on oranges and tangerines as well. Leather.
Taste: very woody and spicy (pepper and nutmeg). However the sherry influence is pleasant and contributes to the roundness of this whisky.
Finish: the wood remains for a long time. Nutty and bitterness as well.

Comment: I like sherried whiskies a lot, but this one is too woody for me to score very high.


Colour: Old gold
Nose: Smooth, fruity, rich, on peach and some other sweet fruits. Complex.
Taste: Very floral, on violet, perfume, marzipan, vanilla and some pears? The combination of flavours is not very easy to describe and to characterize. The finish is medium, malty, with some starch, cardboard, light grassy notes and some honey. With some nutty retro-olfaction.
Impression: A very smooth and light whisky. Refreshing.


Color: Amber

Nose: The nose is aggressive, marked by the alcohol vapors. Let's give him time to aerate a bit. OK, it's getting better thereafter. We are faced with a pleasant blend of woody and tangy tangerines, blood oranges on a background sweet (caramel), with a small premium key chemical (felt Velleda). Still a lot of alcohol anyway. Water soothes the spirit and brings out notes of fresh spices (star anise), but also cardboard, candied fruit cheaps.

Mouth Outcha, there's volts! Wood and caramel emerge, but without water, difficult to say anything else. Yes, it's more drinkable like that. It starts on a wooded young, with a lot of bitterness, low acidity too, and spices, but the whole remains a draft. Not very pleasant.

Finish: Quite long, marked by a bitter green.

Conclusion: Nothing objective at this stage, but I do not like. There, I said it. Reminded me of the Allt a 'Bhaine the Witch.
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