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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"


Français | English


17 years

Single Cask Series
17 years
Alcohol percentage
56 %
Master of Malt
refill bourbon
Distil: 21-02-1995 Bottling: 02-2012
037 of 265 btls
Non chillfiltered cask strength
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
links & average quote
WDTS2013-01 83/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 90/100
Lowest rate 72/100
Difference 18
Average 82,64


Total number of tasters 22
Excellent 0
Very good 6
Good 4
Medium 10
Bad 1
Aberlour Master of Malt

Pale gold

Nose starts very well! Well on pear, exotic fruits. I love this boot. A little waxy with a bit of dry wood.
Alcohol stings a little. But not enough to be considered as aggressive. Funny, but with the texture of the nose plus some fruit, I feel bitter fruit in butter.
This is quite greedy. Something vegetal happens next. Quite fresh and green. We also have a little pepper, just ground.
For the fruit, I have some papaya cubes (those of mixed drink sachets). Then a little vanilla pod. But fortunately, it is not too heavy.
It brings amoothness. With water, one just smells squeezed lemon juice . One we will take a drop in the eye :)

This mouth. Rather fluid. Fruity as the nose. Same with vanilla. Pepper. we may have the coconut more (in the bag "ready")
The voltage is there, it is fairly straightforward.

Finale also present than the mouth. Slightly bitter. Some malt and a spicy back well.

Comment Very nice nose. Fruity, round with the vanilla. The palate follows well and this is a good thing. Peps enough to have a nice relief.
Pity that the final is too short. The rest is very good.

Nose: A lot of Vanilla, physalis, floral, lightly fruity and exotic. Powerful.
Water and aeration brings out the exoticism with nice aroma of fresh fruits and melon.

Mouth: Powerful, fruity, vanilla, spices. Water and aeration highlight the exoticism.
Uber fruity at the second tasting.

Finale: Exotic fruits and spices. Long.
Water brings out the exoticism.
Second tasting: Vanilla, a bit aggressive.

Comments: Very good whisky who swims like a champion. I just had a little trouble with the spices. Imperfect balance does not allow it to reach 90 points, but I'm sure others will not hesitate to go over this limit.
Second tasting happened 10 days after the first one(didn't changed much for the nose)


Colour: Straw.
Nose: The nose is very floral first with a note of alcohol, essential oils, orange blossom and tangerine, orange, blood orange, candied orange peel, some notes on the cake pastry, the "financier". A slight subtle oak a bit pungent reinforces the nose. At moments, so fleeting notes of citrus lemon on the move and iodine, lemon marinade. The orange marmalade too. With time studded with orange cloves.
Mouth: We find the orange form of alcohol, liqueur. Is reminiscent of Grand Marnier, see Curaçao.
Finals: Warm, more orange candied fruit jelly's mouth.

Comments: A very nice whisky, a real charmer.


“Lovely fruity notes. Not young, maybe a bourbon cask... maybe Japanese?”
This dram has a gold-like color.
Nose (87): (4)average. honey, citrus, floral, vanilla, apricot.
Taste (88): powerful, oily. honey, mango, citrus, floral, vanilla, spices.
Finish (88): (5)longer than average. honey, spices, mango.


Color: Gold
The first nose is quite discreet then pretty and very cool fruity fragrances appear. A kind of mixture of green apple and right ripe banana. The nose is very pleasant if not complex.
The first impression in the mouth is also enjoyable. Alcohol is present but feel perfectly integrated. Here too, nice fruity notes and a little more complex than the nose. In the beginnig pleasant acidity takes over eventually settle down and give way to more fruity sweetness.
The finish is long and fresh. Again fruits clearly dominate.

Nose: Alcohol which is fairly good emerging. Apple and lots of pear. Aeration helps enhancing, lemon is clearly present. Very nice acidity. It remains me of a gueuze (beer, eh!)
Palate: Round, but undeniably young: pear first and mirabelle brandy (plum). Alcohol is clearly present although it is relatively well integrated. The mouth also looks like a lambic ...
Finish: Moderately long on the lemon.
Conclusion: A well done (very) young malt. Alcohol is a little too obvious on the nose, but this is a very interesting malt.

Colour: Straw
Nose: Oaky to very oaky, intense, slightly malty and floral, on vanilla and some smoky notes. It needs some water to release the diverse fragrant and peaty notes.
Taste: Young, slightly dry, with some cooked fruits, speat smoke, light bitter, fragrant and floral flavours. Diluted, it becomes peatier. The finish is medium, rather light, fragrant, on peat smoke and a slight bitterness and astringence.
Impression: Close at first nosing straight, the delivery on the palate is a good surprise, offering a rather complex and elegant range of flavours. Most enjoyable with a dash of water.


We begin tasting in a smoky room where a big wet log is burning in the fireplace. It is not unpleasant, but a little - how to say - suffocating. Fortunately someone opens the window and aromas of melted butter, ginger and licorice can develop. Then vanilla comes and strengthened, with red fruit, dried grass or hay. But what pleases me is the redcurrant jelly with remote pine. On the palate, it is sweet with a little bitterness, coffee, caramel and spice rub apple cider and oak - one we made ​​barrels. The final, of average length, is almost modeled on the nose with his association bitterness and acidity, tempered by a hint of vanilla.
A simple whuisky, with a nice nose but the rest was difficult to follow.

Colour: Straw.

Nose: Young and fresh, led by a rather pleasant grassy and clean fuitiness. Gooseberries, Green apples (Granny Smith), unripe pineapple, and a little melon. And perhaps a slight honeydew after a while. Quite sharp and alcoholic, with a balance on the edge. Simple but not unpleasant.

Mouth: Sweeter on the palate than on the nose, with a better balance (54%?). Much oakier too, with quite some soft liquorice. Becomes more citrusy now (grapefruit), and a little green tea. And a slight salty tang.

Finish: Medium long, dry, with rather heavy tannins and a few bitter herbs.

Comment: A rather naked malt with a discreet coastal influence, not unlike some Bourbon-matured HP or Bunnahs.


Color: light gold with brown highlights low

Nose: The nose opens on caramel apples on any statement by a score of parsley or freshly cut grass. It then evolves on fresh caramel which gives a nice creamy feel.

Palate: The sweetness quickly gives way to spicy alcohol. This gives pep whiskey. Back then the salted butter caramel. the last part brings notes of tea.

Finish: The finish is medium, caramelized then on roasted coffee bean.

All makes this whisky a bit monotonous. Damage.

Nose: The nose opens with rose water before quickly shrivel on a more homogeneous model. There is at this stage a return of hazelnut cream and yellow fruit with honey in the background. There is also a little lemon in the actually quite melted nose.

Taste: The malt commence hostilities then adding the coated hazelnut honey. This brings a little balance. While simple, but not bad with a floral still significant presence. Alcohol is very present, water should help to revelate the actual character of this whisky. However, it distorts the roundness while calming.

Final: The final is present. We find the same flavors as the mouth pulling the flower a little sickening at the very end.

Comment: A too spirity whisky in the mouth and whose dilution is vitiated by a regrettable drying. Too bad because the presence honey was nice.

Nose: Demonstrates suffer initially. Opens on flowers, dried apricots, honey. After some time of aeration, the whisky shows lemony mineral side. Maybe a little vanilla. Fairly standard in the end.

Palate: Explosive and concentrated! It is even very surprising given the "classicism" of the nose. At first, they are candied fruit stand to let then place the yeast, beer and spices (cumin, cloves). Little bitterness in the finish.

Finish: Long aromas on the mouth.

Comments: Really surprising. The nose has lovely aromas but conventional. The mouth is very good. I prefer the mouth to the nose, which is so rare that it deserves to be highlighted.

Colour: straw
Taste: nose starts sweet and fragrant. Mango, lychee and passion fruit. Some anise as well. Later on notes of hay and heather. Interesting and complex nose.
Nose: warm mouth feel although the whisky is light in structure. Bitter-sweetness with some green tea flavour. Fruitiness again and pepper.
Finish: medium long, quite dry, slightly bitter.

Comment: unfortunately the taste cannot fulfil the expectations of the nose. Overall not bad though.


Colour: Straw
Nose: Fruty on the apricots
Mouth: acidulous sweets, cherry
Finish: On Morello cherries


Nose: Attack on a (beautiful) note of fragrance for man! Marin, spicy floral ... can also be evanescent at aeration and it is frustrating. Unusual and quite attractive anyway. A little too lightweight nonetheless.
Mouth rich texture, round, more notes of ripe fruit (or candied) than at the nose. Kirch. Surprising. A little spicy.
Final: average and rather aromatic
Conclusion atypical malt for several reasons. Deserves that one is interested even if it is ultimately slightly disappointing ...

Colour: Pale gold
Nose: rather thin on the pear, sugar, cereals and almond paste.
Taste: Quite sweet too, almond paste, sugar brioche, white fruit and some spice in the background.
Final: medium on sugar.

Nose: Slightly fruity, somewhat grainy and herbal.

Taste: A combination of some acid, sweetness and bitterness, which quickly follow each other in this order.

Finish: Medium long and spicy.


Color: white wine
Nose: It does not tell much at first. A bit pear syrup, and especially the smell of freshly copy outlet Mimeo (alcohol duplicator for Fench speaking readers), mixture of ink, alcohol and paper. After aeration, a little Turkish delight with rose.
Palate: The attack is soft, texture is relatively fat. It remains in the sweet, sweet, with a little side bonus of soap. Candy, cotton candy, a little white pepper, peach pits.
Finish: Medium length, its intensity decreases rapidly. It is more bitter and green than the mouth suggested.

Conclusion: Not my kind of dram, however, it may appeal to lovers of sweets.

Color: very pale gold

Nose: very hard alcohol. Asks aeration or dilution. Over time, very floral notes appear followed by hints of vanilla with a woody base. With water, flowers and lighten a more acid is taking place. White flesh fruit becomes present.

Mouth: The mouth is fleeting, but with time and water, all switch to a fruit brandy, pear instead. It requires a lot of water to reveal the basis of fruit.

Final: fairly short, especially on the fruit with a hint of acidity.

Difficult by the level of alcohol, adding water is quite complex. However, develop in the fruit is interesting and makes it rather enjoyable. But it is not long enough to really win.

color: hay
nose: vanilla and fresh wood, sweets and wet stuff (maybe dog), some marzipan.
taste: very mild but not really exciting, some daft attic aromas and vanilla, the finish is short and again with some 'wet dog' kind of flavors. Not my 'cup of tea'


Colour: Pale gold.

Nose: fir, coniferous, dry grass but remains rather discreet nose first. It opens slowly on more floral notes (lavender). Adding a dash of water brings more notes and fresh vegetable, mineral. Minty. Fishing. Closed without enough water ... With water with citrus lemon in particular are present, with fresh acidity.

Palate: The palate is spicy first, then herbaceous and woody. Slightly bitter. With water, more consistency, very focused on the lemon, hot spices.

appearance: Riesling
nose: low intensity, fairly well integrated alcohol after 10 minutes of breathing, dusty, fresh grains, fruits (especially cherries), grappa
taste: low intensity, rather bad integrated alcohol (alcoholic tingling), fruity, grappa, bitterness
finish: short

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