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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"


Français | English


1998, Marsala finish

No age statement
Alcohol percentage
46 %
Wilson & Morgan
Marsala finish
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
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Tasting detail data

Highest rate 91/100
Lowest rate 77/100
Difference 14
Average 82,64


Total number of tasters 22
Excellent 1
Very good 1
Good 9
Medium 11
Bad 0
Glenrothes 1998

Nose: Uber fruity (unfortunately less and less after breathing), green apple, vanilla, pepper, dust, apple cake, exotic fruits, paprika, barbecue chips, balsamic vinegar. Powerful.
Water strongly brings out bacon chips.

Taste: BBQ Chips, spices, fruits. Dry, bizarre, unique.
Second tasting: More fruity with fewer barbecue chips. Bizarre.

Finale: Fruity, floral, spicy, slightly woody (not in the negative sense) biscuit. Long and weird.
Second tasting: More fruits, some citrus, more spices.

Comments: I found the beautiful nose (without water), the rest is a little less interesting even if ventilation improves it. A whisky that is very strange, make me think about some single cask Glenturret 1977 (or 1980). I would avoid adding water, unless you love bacon chips!
Second tasting happened 10 days after the first one.


Colour: Pale straw
Nose: Peaty, clean, intense, tarry, dry, oaky, with some vanilla, a light maritime influence and some hemp rope. With time, some notes of toffee are released.
Taste: Peaty to very peaty, aromatic, slightly floral, with a touch of honey and heather, some light grassy and toffee notes, with a lingering sweetness and tar.
Impression: A very pleasant peaty and aromatic whisky, nicely balanced and most enjoyable to drink.


Colour: Straw.
Nose first nose leather, smoked, and then moves quickly on coffee, roasted notes, tiramisu. The nose evolves on very sweet black coffee, see the irish coffee. A meaty hand on the bacon. Orange chocolate after a certain time.
Taste: There are mostly strong coffee and sweet with spices. The meaty side / smoked is much less present
Finish: Rather long and fairly warm in the wake of her mouth.

Comments: Although it does not shine a very complex, this whisky is not less pleasant.


“It's interesting. At first it looks too young but then a nice fruity character with lots of cocoa reveals.”
This dram has a fino-like color.
Nose (86): (5)more than average. fruits, apples, cinnamon, wood, honey, citrus. It is a fruity dram with a young character.
Taste (87): powerful, oily. honey, wood, fruits, apples, spices, cocoa. Remind me of a highlands whisky... maybe a Glenmorangie?8.7
Finish (87): (5)longer than average. wood, honey, cocoa.


Straw color with glints of gold

Nose: The nose is powerful, dense and fruity (yellow fruit). This fruit is beautifully disturbed by the arrival of a first point of menthol and fine spices, ginger basically.

Palate: The palate is fresh. The flavors develop in waves with the sweetness of the fruit and the spiciness of alcohol. It is on sweet spices, cinnamon and ginger. It then goes on to cereal evolving oncaramel. It ends on a sweet impression.

Finish: The finish is soft and creamy. The finesse of milk chocolate. final rather short. The retro-olfaction is on spices (curry).

Color: very pale gold

Nose: very light at first, but not unpleasant. Rounds over time to become more intoxicating. Notes of gingerbread will gradually discover.

Taste: A whiff of spices with small spicy notes which frankly saw on the forest. Aromas of wax and cloves arise and remain present. The mouth dries slowly.

Final: wood fades to give way to spice and dries more vinous notes on making me think port. Sherry white? Very good length.

A small but interesting nose, level of alcohol under control without water, a beautiful developed surprising flavors and good length. A good surprise.

Nose: First nose rather light: both malted and mineral. The first impression is that there is no flaw but nothing wildly exuberant. With aeration, a little pear, plum and nuts, especially walnuts. Then toffee, lots of toffee. One side Macvin from the French Jura area.
Palate: The palate is rounde or even oily. Whisky lining the whole palace. Yellow fruits, a nice woodiness and praline. Surprising.
Final: A salivating and saline one but too short
Conclusion: A nose first progressive which requires good ventilation, then it remains locked into toffee. Alcohol is well integrated in the mouth and the texture is nice. For cons, the finish is too short. Well done whisky.

Colour: Pale yellow
Nose: Creral, malt
Mouth: Butter caramel, malt, biscuit
Finish: Slighty bitterness


Color: white wine
Nose: delicate and discreet yet. A little earthy peat. Well, not that of Islay... Maybe a little fruit, it is light. A touch of nuts and cheese (cheese with whole nut above (I do not remember the name)) with a veil of dust. Yes, clearly the nuts, this is confirmed after aeration will also give a hint of honey. And with all that, there will be a hint of peanut. And it's weird, but I feel that there are citrus background .. Genre sour and orange sweet. Or lemon ...
Taste: pungent in attack. Woody with the same nutty as the nose but more pronounced. Some vague smell of coffee.
Also makes me think of a "café Liégeois" with a ball of vanilla ice cream. Without forgetting its small beans above :)
Finale: woody, slightly bitter and of medium length. We still find the same coffee for the mouth.

Comment: Quite weird. Weird, because I do not know what to think. On the one hand, I have the nuts, then comes some citrus.
Strangely enough, it juggles several registry. Difficult to judge. Otherwise it will be a bit feeble and small lack of degrees.


color: light gold.
nose: mildly perfumed, vanilla, earthy peat, caramelized sweets and raisins.
taste: sweet vanilla and fresh wood, some spiciness with less peat than the nose, towards the finish more spiciness and grain-like flavors, very mild and fresh


Colour: Pale gold.
Nose: The nose is very floral and herbal notes ... rather sweet citrus (lemon), lemon, vanilla, heather, ripe fruit (banana, apple), everything is pretty smooth. Aeration brings intense notes of coffee cream, very greedy. The fruitiness remains no less intense (apple always), apple pie, biscuit, vanilla, almond paste. With a dash of water, it becomes even more biscuit, coffee cream is net plus sweet notes of leather, rubber (not without displeasing).

Palate: The palate is soft, the acidity of the apple and lemon this time, with a certain bitterness (very) old wood, with a hint of white pepper and lemon peel. Adding a dash of water brings some licorice notes of old wood. The apple is always ripe. Autumn. Dry white grape. Almost vinous. Slightly peppery finish.

Color: straw yellow
Nose: Quite original, a little nuts, spices, fine mild smoke, a touch of caramel and some floral notes in the background.
Mouth: Disappointing compared to the nose, pepper, walnuts and some dried fruit.
Final: Medium and nutty

Nose: Alcohol immediately carries its own set of salt and dry malt. Found behind this first stage, some quite fleeting peach melba. The opening gives rather intense caramel pastry notes and some grape touches.

Taste: Dark chocolate and malt dominate with hints of bourbon (vanilla, caramel). Discrete peach but disappears just as quickly. One still feel the alcohol, but it is difficult to perceive flavors in the first mouth. This is a quick one-upmanship in chocolate.

Finale: There is some milk chocolate. The aftertaste becomes more fruity.

Comment: A pretty average overall whisky. The nose is very "dessert" but confuses with more drying. malt In the mouth, a lack of finesse and elegance. The implementation is brutal and yellow fruit just to live.

Colour: Pale gold
The nose is fairly smooth, with a mixture of smells of yeast and sweet notes. Crème brûlée, honey. This is far from my favorite profile.
In the mouth, it is fairly quiet first before moving on to slightly metallic notes. Behind these notes of acidic metal, you can feel the softness wants to express but can not. This betrays a lack of balance.
Certainly this whisky is not for me.
The finish is relatively short and all the impressions of the mouth are there.

The nose is farmy, with light marine and woody touches. The bitter almond and dried oregano make an early complexity. With aeration, still wild and rare traces of vanilla make their appearance also accompanied by discreet notes of humus. Not very complex and I have some trouble to appreciate. On the palate, the attack is soft, almost erased: oregano and a slight vanilla reminiscent of the nose, while the tannic bitterness vies with the bitterness of coffee. Fortunately some too few fruits brighten the scene. The final, of medium length, is on sea and salty and sweet notes. Rare spices resistant hard tannins that comeback.
Whisky, faute de mieux ...

Nose: Not engaging. Mix of new make and drug. Nuts, mustard.
Palate: silky and then again the new make side of the nose. It really does not evolve and it remains on a rather bitter and unpleasant note (the bark of the walnut).
Finale: absent except for a slight bitterness
Conclusion: not much to tell except that I have not been hooked by this malt, unfortunately.

Color: white wine
Nose: rather austere, a mix of lemon, cut grass and minerality. Some notes of alcohol fruit also, as a still young grappa. Aeration also reveals walnuts.
Palate: The attack is aqueous medium spicier, has a certain bitterness (walnuts), blended with some spices and vegetal notes (agave) and minerals.
Finale: Pretty little short and most intense.

Conclusion: No major flaws, but not enough to get up at night either.

Colour: Very pale white wine.

Nose: Starts simple, quite youngish, and uncomplicated. And after a little while, becomes… strange. Quite grassy, with lots of pure, freshly extracted cane juice, or is it agave? And brown sugar (or is it cheap toffee?), which is quite surprising given the very light colour. And soft liquorice as well.

Mouth: Yep. Rooty and rummy it is. White rum. And a noticeable salty tang. Briny. A featherlight malt (43% ?), but not weak at all.

Finish: Of medium length. The briny notes become even more prominent.

Comment: Not really my cup of tea, but not uninteresting, I must say. Something between the nutty and uncomplicated side of a young Speysider and the briny style of a young coastal highlander.


Colour: white wine
Floral, grassy and malty. Later on more fruitiness (green apples, melon and pear).
Taste: spicy! Pepper, cloves, ginger and nutmeg. Very light and clean. In the end a whiff of smoke.
Finish: short. Dry and bitter. Nutiness. Not very well balanced.

Comment: nothing spectacular in my view. Aperitif style whisky, but probably a little bit too spicy for that though.


appearance: Riesling
nose: medium intensity, fairly well integrated alcohol, fresh vegetables, vanilla, toasted bread, malty sweetness, after 10 minutes of breathing an aroma of burnt caramel appears and increses to become dominant
taste: medium intensity, alcohol fairly well integrated, burnt caramel (in the foreground but less dominant than on the nose), sweetness, vanilla, malted
finish: short to medium


Nose: At first, young, fresh with some light alcohol and fruit tones (pear?). Even after some time the fragrances are still superficial what’s suspects there wasn’t that much (nice) influences of the cask after all.

Taste: Sharp, alcoholic, some slightly sweetness and some bitterness (tannins) as well.

Finish: Long and peppery and again with bitterness.


Nose: It smells peated spirit! With aeration, it becomes a bit more complex. Wood, a little pear flavors and hints of empyreumatic aromas. There are also a lot of alcohol (slightly disturbing) and some flowers. Cauliflower ..
Taste: lemon and mineral.
Finish: Medium length, slightly saline and mineral.

Comments: This whiskyhas no significant interest for me although no real fault.
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