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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"


Français | English


20 years

Single Cask Series
20 years
Alcohol percentage
55,5 %
Master of Malt
refill bourbon
Distil: 25-05-1992 Bottling: 19-07-2012
40 of 259 btls
Non chillfiltered cask strength
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
links & average quote
WDTS2012-08 85/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 90/100
Lowest rate 75/100
Difference 15
Average 84,85


Total number of tasters 20
Excellent 0
Very good 7
Good 7
Medium 3
Bad 2
Longmorn 20 MoM

Colour : Dark Yellow
Nose : Very nice sweetness, oranges, marmalade, a little dry in the end
Taste : Sweet, dried fruits, and a little bitterness in the end
Finish : Long and warm

Overall : Very nice and well balanced whisky


The nose is clearly dominated by sherry, dry sherry and fairly quiet at first. There is caramel, coffee cake, dark chocolate and coffee beans. Deep and subtle, the nose however lacks a bit of complexity. Aeration makes it more spicy and earthy, and water gives greater accuracy with still the same flavors.
The mouth is all about chocolate. With a marked influence of sherry with milk chocolate attack, then a darker chocolate and dense, almost syrupy thereafter. Aeration makes the mouth more complex, with a nice coffee and pastry aroma that appears.
The final medium length shows beautiful farm aromas, with red fruit liqueur and chocolate. It also has a bit of strawberry and caramel due to the addition of water.

In conclusion, a very drinkable whisky, but it is a bit too linear.

Color: Amber
Nose: Exotic fruits
Mouth: Strong about alcohol. Need water. After dilution becomes smoother on dry fruits.
Finish: Long on wood peat and woodcoal


Subtle, humble, lovely. Nose is a bit short with honey, citrus, vanilla and candies. The vanilla, spices, candies theme repeats on the palate and finish. I like it.

Colour: old gold
Nosing: malty and dusty. Difficult to define, takes time to develop. Some oak
Tasting: thick and waxy. Warm mouth feel. Balvenie style sweet honey. Spiciness as well, but fades away quickly. Fudge and fruit cake
Finish: long, sweet, mellow, complex

Comment: in my opinion in particular the taste is delicious, creamy and sweet.


color: old gold
nose: sweet notes of vanilla, sugared sweets and fresh wood
taste: sweet vanilla and sweets, some spicy peppers and liquorice, the finish is firm and spicy but also very sweet


appearance: yellow gold
nose: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, a mixture of native and exotic fruits, roasted grains, candy with caramel and milk
taste: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, cloves in the foreground, the aromas of roasted grains, candy and fruit are back at the mid-taste
finish: medium to long
Conclusion: A whisky with two different faces on nose and taste and of good quality, the big dryness in the taste does not match my personal preferences


Colour: Yellow gold.
Nose: nose first on the red fruit dough (raspberry, blackberry, blackcurrant) slightly chocolaty. Fruit nougat. Candied orange zest. Orange marmalade. Pastry. Red fruits. Biscuit with strawberry tart. Genoese. Slight pungency. Greedy. Heady.
Adding a few drops of water that leaves very pleasant nose, although easier.
Palate: Oily, but starts on the fruit comes quickly spice and a note a bit too woody for my taste.
Water rebalance the mouth and makes it easy drinkable
Finale: In the wake of the mouth, more intense at startup. Warm, strong and rather long.
The first water strengthens woody bitterness, but it goes very quickly in order and the effect is the same as on the mouth.

Comment: Very nice nose, a little wood eaten by the mouth, the water makes it easy drinkable.

Colour: Old gold
Nose: It appears so, but pleasant, with a nice tangy fruity (green apple, peach, lemon), malt, a little musk too, vanilla sugar and mashed bananas. Water brings out the greenness at the expense of smoothness.
Taste: Powerful, it will require a bit of water. However one perceives already a profile dominated by a green fruity. More fun with water, it actually receives herbal notes along with citrus fruits, with ginger premium.
Finish: Long, dominated by a bitter green, but still fruity.

Conclusion: A nice malt, summer, who needs a little water to fully express themselves.

Colour: Old gold.
Nose: The nose is juicy with notes of citrus (orange), black fruits (dates, prunes) and the toffee and vanilla. The texture is thick, the nose is pastry (almond paste, biscuit, brioche). Is macerated raisins, chocolate is rich, ripe banana. Notes of apple and pear ripe too. The wood is polished, noble (old polished floor). Grows constantly. Honey is now with the gingerbread, beeswax.
Palate: The fruit is yellow (peach and apricot), citrus fruits also juicy and sweet, the vanilla and some fine caramel with some sweet spices thereafter. Rather fatty and sweet mouth for a cask. Notes of heather grow thereafter, with hints of ginger.
Final: On mild spices and oak.

Nose: Winey, very sweet (raspberry candy) with there through cookie dough and a little nutty.
Taste: Powerful with subtle sweetness and somewhat spicy.
Finish: Medium with at the end a little peppery.


Color: amber
Nose: notes of rather elegant bourbon on the coconut pastry notes, sweet and fruity.
Then spices arrive.
Taste: Quite woody on coconut, hints of bourbon, rose water, sugar and spices.
Water reduces somewhat the exuberance of the barrel.
Too bad the wood has taken over.
Final medium, on the coconut and spices.

Color: Brown gold
nose: Sweet, orange-citrus, light
Taste: it opens in the mouth with a small explosion, than spicy sweet, creamy oak.

After: Fades away quickly, but very tasty.


Nose: not very expressive at first. Improves with aeration. Presents a rather fine and melted sherry. Cocoa, plums and berries. The fruity side emerges especially. It really requires a long aeration to reveal itself. Maybe this is a rather old whisky?? Few drops of water do not metamorphose the whisky but make it more sweet (fruit jam yellow and red) and spicy.
Palate: Powerful and concentrated. It scrapes a bit anyway. The power of alcohol is present even if the cocoa from nose frankly appears. There's even a bit of astringency. Adding water civilizes the mouth, but the whisky loses a little flavor in my opinion.
Finish: long on prunes and spices.

Comments: This whisky has certainly qualities, particularly in relation to flavor but is too influenced by alcohol. Perhaps it would be better after a few months of aeration bottles??

Colour: Old gold
The nose is very intense and tingling indicates the undeniable presence of alcohol. Beyond its intensity, the nose is very sweet, too ripe fruit. He recalls at times the smell of sweets. Without being very complex, it is enjoyable and a is very honest.
In the mouth, a kind of sweet acidity dominates first, explosive and a bit aggressive. A strong sense of artificial fruit, and still the strong presence of alcohol. Not much to add, the mouth does not significantly relate to my preferences.
The finish is long, indicating a strong presence, especially due to alcohol, in the same vein as lq mouth, acidity artificially sweetened.

Nose: Dry, peppery, with the presence of solvents (nail polish), citrus notes.
Palate: More sweet than the nose suggests. Cereals, acacia honey, herbal notes and nutmeg.
Finish: Long, in the same tone.
Curiously, it does not let me feel like a single malt ... Maybe a grain whisky?

Nose: toffee is very straightforward revealed. Behind this somewhat artificial character, some confectionery (candy lemon, banana Haribo) and some herbs. It lacks a bit of discernment but it is not unpleasant.
Palate: The texture is quite rich giving notes of malt, caramel chocolate, vanilla and sour always confectionery. Yet there is a good quite intrusive layer of spices even with the water added. Mouth not really controlled and requires a lot of water.
Finale: It falls quickly in the continuity of the mouth with a return of sour candy and tingling on the back of the mouth.

Comment: A dram whose very "sweet" nose remains the best part. Indeed, after his a little odd start, there is an unbalanced malt (malt ubiquity / spices unspecified) and no real charm. This aspect remains sweet and tart that will appeal to lovers of sweets on the final.

Colour: Old gold.
Nose: Wow! This does start nicely! As appealing as the nicest grain whisky could be, with these nice whiffs of white board pens (aka “Velleda”), coconut liquor (aka “Malibu”), and straight out of the oven sponge cake. Remains quite vibrant thanks to some nice citrusy notes, and a slight whiff of ether. Reminds me of some nice Linkwoods.
Mouth: Much drier and woodier now. The oak speaks loud. Much too loud, with a big grassy bitterness. Grows really hot (56% ?) with a balance over the edge, unfortunately. And were have all the nice flavours gone ?
Finish: Short, bitter and grassy.
Comment: The nose was really grand and tantalizing, but the mouth was really overwhelmed by this big woody dryness. How unfortunate.


Color: Golden amber
Nose: It is very evanescent, on flowers. It does not speak much, will have to give him time or torture him.
A pretty mint freshness.
Mouth: The mouth speaks more, but this is not necessarily my cup of tea. It is very bitter, on orange liqueur, but it is not flashy. It is very sweet, not soft, but not much to tell.
Finish: Medium, sweet and bitter.

Conclusion: A dram that is not accessible at all on the nose as well as mouth. A sweetness that does not make it very pleasant. Not my thing.


The first nose is discreet and quite inexpressive. With difficulty, we can distinguish honey, wax, confectioner's custard (vanilla), some rare citrus. It remains discreet. Aeration, even consistent, just reveals even rare spices. On the palate it is watery. With great concentration distant spices and alcohol just as light. And trying again, it is ... nothing more. The final of this short length caramel distance.
That this is not a bad whisky, but it is so expressionless.
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