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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"

Caol Ila

Français | English


1979, Bourbon Hogshead

33 years
Alcohol percentage
52,3 %
Malts of Scotland
Bourbon Hogshead
Cask number
single cask 12022
Distil: 03/1979 Bottling: 04/2012
37 of 280 btls
Non chillfiltered cask strength
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
links & average quote
WDTS2012-08 89/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 95/100
Lowest rate 79/100
Difference 16
Average 88,3


Total number of tasters 20
Excellent 4
Very good 9
Good 3
Medium 3
Bad 0
Caol Ila MOS 1979

Colour: Ripe corn
Nose: Now we’re talking! Starts on a whiff of diesel oil before opening up on a peculiar mix of peat and cooked vegetables. And very ripe prunes. Rotting prunes? And a heavy cheesy note as well. I like this profile, very farmy and very complexe at the same time. Seems really strange, but this is soooo entertaining! Actually, there’s nothing closer to this than a 30yo Brora.
Mouth: Oh yes! This is farmy indeed! I just went through the farm yard through the hens for a little walk in the cow stable, eating a 36 months old piece of old Salers cheese. Balance is great, alcohol (53% ?) is perfectly hidden, wood remains discreet (no bitterness, not overwhelmed by soft spices). Great stuff.
Finish: Long, endless, cheesy, sappy, great.
Comment: OK, you got it, I deeply loved this one. And if you tell me this is no old Brora but another 1992 Ardmore, all I will answer is that this distillery has moved one step further and time has come to store as many bottles as you can. Anyway, a second great Christmas present from our favourite sponsor (well, one of them !).


appearance: yellow straw
nose: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, sea air, fresh fish and shellfish, peat, light smoke, farmy (cows manure with straw), white fruits, flavors are well melted
taste: medium to strongintensity, well integrated alcohol, hot pepper, taste in line with the nose with smoke in the foreground, then the farmy flavors followed by the other flavors
finish: medium to long
Conclusion: A nice peaty and farmy whisky enhanced by other flavors, well melted and linear flavors on nose and taste


Color: Gold
Nose: Some light and elegant notes of rancio, ripe bananas, spices, some citrus and a bit of smoke in the background.
Very nice balance between tertiary notes and fresher fruit ones.
Taste: Very complex, ranging from spices, vinous notes, fresh fruit and a lot of spice.
It has a slight peat bottom, a little chocolate and beautiful floral notes.
Finish: long and fruity notes of smoke.

Nose: The milk strikes first. Vegetal smoke appears with a little lemon juice, pepper and a little iodine. It is accompanied by hazelnut and malt. There is also a bit of fresh litchi in the background. A really nice nose, both smooth and accurate.
Taste: A very fine peat (marine and ash) that grows progressively as the mouth accompanied by a fat donut (middle), lemon and chocolate spicy (pepper). A very well balanced mouth happens to retain flavor.
Finale: In the line of the mouth with a comeback chocolate and chilli. Great length that keeps all the ingredients, leaving the salted comes and goes.

Comment: A peaty marine whisky finding a nice balance when lightly sprayed with water. Yet this lack of flavor when it came to really convince in the mouth. The final is more convincing, revealing underlying flavors.

Color: Gold
Nose: Interesting. We are not here on a sexy bomb type fruity whisky / vanilla. Was jumble of plastic (like new car inside), the apple a little chard, iodine and sea spray, Velleda felt a little too vanilla and a hint of peat cutting. Everything is melted, and changes only very little.
Palate: On the palate the complexity of the nose, with a nice bitter green, well controlled, tangy notes of citrus, malt, white pepper, iodine and salt, mineral (limestone), of green apple and still this aspect a little chemical (plastic?) and a tad thin peat. The texture has just the fat needed to be comfortable while maintaining a certain nervousness in the mouth, the strength is perfect.
Finish: Quite long but relatively intense, it is dominated by mineral and citrus. There is also a little iodine and green apple.

Conclusion: An excellent malt, nice complexity to coastal whisky lovers.

Color: Gold
Nose: It starts with superb ashy and lemony notes at the same time. This is coastal, but not only. We have roasted almonds, a little licorice, but not too much, a little peat. Some complexity, with a beautiful blend peat / lime. A slight meaty side (sherry?). A slight astringency, but that adds to the complexity. A little vanilla, white pepper. We finally passes on exotic notes (passion fruit).
Palate: This is again very nice, on peppery notes, smoke cream. It is sharp, alive, with notes of lemon and exotic fruits. Smoke, ash, peat. Very nice combo. Finally, some wood that gives just a little perspective. Finally, a little vanilla and pepper, which could make the whole sickening at high dose.
Finish: Long, on exotic fruits, wood and smoke.

Conclusion: An excellent and complex whisky, which focuses both on the exotic side and on the peaty / smoky one. A great power and a great depth.


The nose, dominated by peat, is powerful, fresh and chopped. There is a lot of cold ashes, sap of pine, a little leather and smoke. It really is very fresh, almost cold. Complex aromas and well integrated aeration brings out even more the smoke smell. Water makes it deeper. Very good work.
Mouth attacked by a great tip of coffee before a wave of peat very fresh again, which dominates all the other flavors that can be found, namely, dark chocolate and a little farm. It also has cold ashes. Aeration reveals citrus (lemon) and water a little dark chocolate. This is again very complex and integrated.
The finish is peaty, but on a more earthy peat. It also has a bit of spice. It is long and on cold ash and smoke.

In conclusion, a very good peated whisky, fresh and chopped


Color: pale gold
Nose: Peat, fruit, sweet alcohol.... very nice
Taste: Alcohol boost, peat and sweet, than dryness and malt. Very nice and balanced peat
After: medium dry malt and oak with again balanced peat.

This is great!


Couleur: Jaune pâle
Le nez est caractérisé par un mélange de fumée et d'agrumes. Une belle tourbe par-dessus le tout. Ce contraste entre la tourbe et les agrumes lui confère une belle complexité. Une légère gêne cependant, due à l'alcool qui est bien présent.
La première impression en bouche est un agréable mélange entre les agrumes et la tourbe, une fusion subtile et parfaitement équilibrée. Du chocolat, du café avec cette pointe d'acidité. La bouche est plus agréable que le nez et ici aucune gène due à l'alcool. Que du plaisir.
La finale est longue et chaude, avec surtout le souvenir d'une belle tourbe. L'acidité des agrumes a disparu.

Colour: old gold
Nosing: leather and shoe polish, like stepping into a shoe repair shop! Lots of earthy notes. Slightly rubbery and some peat.
Tasting: now much more smoke than the nose. Tobacco and citrus notes intermingle very well. Leather again, you can't miss that in this dram.
Finish: long with smoky and tobacco flavours.

Comment: a very nice whisky; mellow, rich and balanced. I particularly like the nose.


Nose: Delicious and warm tones of peat, citrus, light vanilla and even scents resembling tar.
Taste: Spicy with some sweetness and wood tones.
Finish: Medium to long with a little bit of bitterness.


Nose: there's peat in there! The nose is very interesting I think. Peat is not "classic". Indeed, it seems to me "cool" and very vegetal. I can feel it also earthy. Quite a lot of chlorophyll or menthol (almost medicinal) and green banana. It is strange butthe nose reminds me of my breakfast, namely a bowl of muesli with banana slices and soy milk.
Palate: powerful (alcohol well controlled) and really in the extension of the nose even if a peat smoke dominates the mouth. A bit of astringency in the mouth and earth, but it is not unpleasant to the contrary.
Finish: long on peat smoke and medicinal.

Comments: I almost feel like I have a glass of Laphroaig and I love it!

Color: Gold
Nose: Peat, Seawind, Lemon
Mouth: Peat, ashes, bonfire, iodine
Finish: On peat and salt


Colour : Gold
Nose : A lot of smokiness is coming, great some vanilla
Taste :again smokiness all around
Finish : Long and warm

Overall : Very nice balanced Islay


Honey, citrus, green apples, floral, ginger, spices.
Nose is quite good but there is something greenish that is really distracting me


Colour: Straw.
Nose: nose first on the elastic band and pungent, slightly acidic, a little sugar honey. Heady flowers. Wood. Perhaps the resin? Pastry and cereal. Wax also. Elderberry, too. Notes pastry. Note bacon fleeting. Litchi. Some hints farm from time to time.
Water brings a soapy hand.
Palate: Smooth. Found wax, bacon and lots of wood. Slightly fruity.
The water makes the mouth rather commonplace.
Finale: In the line of the mouth.
The water has the same effect on the palate.

Comment: Starts a curious nose, which hops from one subject ot another. Mouth and the finals are a bit more traditional.

Colour: Gold
Nose: The nose combines exotic fruit to the fine underlying peat. Grapefruit, citrus (lemon, lime zest), all dry, almost smoky peat. Almost on agave notes that also brings a higher profile medicinally.
Palate: The fruit is intense on exotic fruits in particular (those of the nose, lemon, lime, grapefruit). Menthol notes bring freshness, accompanied by herbaceous notes. Smoke takes over at the end with notes of pepper, toasty wood, fire chimney that grow in power and pungency.
Finale: On the notes of lime smoked dry.

color: wet hay
nose: very 'spirity', floral and sugared fruits, lots of vanilla, hints of bacon
taste: very mild but also 'spirity', lots of flowers and vanilla, little bit salty taste with peppery notes


At first, the peat is clear with clear notes of iodine and salt, but also fresh plaster. The sea takes over while notes of freshly cut wood appear. At aeration, peat decreases and is replaced by spices, bile. The marine character remains. And, far behind, we can distinguish burnt paper, grapefruit and a slight smokiness. In the palate it is sweet and slightly bitter, becoming downright bitter. Difficult to distinguish behind the salt, gypsum and rare citrus. The final which has a beautiful length shows peat, licorice and some rare fruits.
This whisky has not really a profile I like, and is, in addition, not served by a aggressive mouth .

Nose: Nice smoke, bacon accompanied by beautiful citrus notes.
Palate: Lots of peat but also grapefruit and violet. A little metal note .
Finish: rather long, floral and bitter.

I really like the nose, mouth less ...
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