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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"


Français | English


Thirty Five

W&M Collector's Edition
35 years
Alcohol percentage
51 %
Wilson & Morgan
Sherry (half of butt)
Cask number
single cask 10
Distil: 1976 Bottling: 2012
310 of 396 btls
Non chillfiltered cask strength
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
links & average quote
WDTS2012-08 90/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 95/100
Lowest rate 85/100
Difference 10
Average 89,6


Total number of tasters 20
Excellent 5
Very good 11
Good 2
Medium 1
Bad 0
Tomatin 35 WM

Colour: Burnished
Nose: Not very talkative at first, but I have the feeling something grand may be hiding behind this shyness. And indeed, it grows by the minute, becoming really big. Lots of jams (all sorts of) and sweets (Haribo bears and crocodiles). Great sweet and sour combo. Antique books. Incense and beeswax. And quite some milk chocolate after a while. Old Speyside as I like them.
Mouth: Raaaaahhhhhh! I’m dying and climbing up to heaven! Here we have it! The big exotic kick just in the ass (sorry… big burst in the face…). Don’t care if it’s passion fruits or mango or guava or whatever else. It’s just here. And it’s soooooo enjoyable! And after, let’s say, 35 years in the cask, the fruity freshness of this, let’s say 1976, let’s say Tomatin mingles sooooooo well with the “dark side” of the, let’s say sherry cask, that we can’t do anything else but thank our good fortune for having the opportunity to taste this.
Finish: The wood influence is a bit more obvious now, with a little cocoa powder and a slight bitterness at the end. But who cares: this remains soooooo drinkable at around 50%!
Comment: A great old 1976 sherried and exotic Speysider (anyway, if it’s not, it should have been!) and a great Christmas present from our beloved sponsor. THANKS!


The nose has aromas of light sherry, sulfur, cream, currant jelly with traces of caramel and wood. After a short ventilation the evolution is on pretty fruit, amongst others quince (which is not a nice fruit... but the whole flavor is!), but also dust and moisture from the neglected attic. I also found traces of rosemary and turmeric explosion accompanied by ozone. More consistent with aeration, sherry is precise and refined - licorice, bitter orange peel - and spices appear with peppermint. This is a fresh nose and dense announces a beautiful tasting. On the palate it is tangy and opens with intense citrus to grow on spices and coffee. Growth of bitterness is in parallel with a fresh hazelnut. The finish is on these same notes and it is a very good length.

Nose: Almond Milk, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, peppermint and a good dose of red fruits (blackcurrant, raspberry). The nose is a good amplitude, a formidable precision and knows how to balance a very beautiful way. We feel there is flavor to resell and bubbling energy. Water brings forest odors.
Taste: A nice nose with malt, chocolate and a beautiful expression of blackcurrant and raspberry to support its drier notes (spices, a pinch of pepper). The balance is found and the addition of water bullied both fruity and alcoholic fiery.
Finale: a good lenght with a nice feeling of density according to the palate with spices included. The aftertaste returns crème de cassis and mint successfully.
Comment: A sherry to die. Formidable balance and it beautifully highlights notes of red fruits around the malt while maintaining a beautiful freshness. Even more, integration of alcohol is just excellent. You can always blame a lack of complexity but the accuracy is there to make us want to resservie. Highly recommended.

Color: Amber
Nose: Hmmm, it smells good! There is something exotic there, mango, ripe papaya but also strawberry jam and a note of solvent (Velleda felt, turpentine). The fruitiness is more exuberant after aeration, with a superb melt, and premium mashed banana, vanilla sugar ... Whoa!
Palate: Perfect ... just powerful enough, and always these beautiful exotic notes that explode in your mouth. The woody side is expressed in the finish with bitter tannins, but without excess, which brings a more manly touch to malt without distorting it.
Finish: Long, tannic, fruity and Chocolate Milkshake, it suffers from a slight astringency, but is not fatal.

Conclusion: Superb malt, I want it!

Colour: Old gold
A beautiful nose both fruity and spicy (pepper) with a perfect balance and a nice complexity. Fruit, chocolate, pepper, all seamlessly integrated.
The first impression in the mouth is a real treat. A subtle balance between ripe fruit, the bitterness of hazelnut, chocolate and a hint of fresh citrus acids form the core of this beautiful mouth, example of balance and complexity.
The finish is long and very pronounced on the same notes as the nose and mouth.

appearance: reddish gold
nose: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, yellow fruits (especially peaches) and red fruits, minty freshness, fresh grain, medium soft profile
taste: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, green tea, "Big Red" chewing gum, pepper, malty, red fruit at the end of taste, better if you take a greater sip
finish: medium
Conclusion: One of the rare whiskys where i prefer the taste and that has already a high quality nose


Colour: intense amber
Nose: lovely perfumed nose with notes of ripe fruit, a little vanilla, cinnamon, floral and dried fruit.
With aeration and some vegetal notes of caramel arrive.
Mouth: nice balance between spice and fruit, citrus, tropical fruits and some nuts.
Some notes of aged rums on the lime.
Finish: rather long on exotic fruits and citrus, especially lime.

Colour : light amber
Nose : great nose, oranges, marmalade and the alcohol coming through
Taste : great whisky, nice sherry notes
Finish : great finish, lovely whisky

Color: Amber
Nose: A very nice nose to start with, very soft on ripe mango, papaya, peach. The alcohol is beautifully integrated. Mango is overwhelming, it's really beautiful. Fresh lemon in the background.
Palate: This is punchy. Peps, acidity, fruit. We stay with notes of fruits, mango, guava, but adding the acidity of lemon and green apple. This is good. We feel that there is power and complexity.
Woody bitterness, under control, which does not hurt and underlines the fruit and acidity. A hint of vanilla.
Finish: Long, woody and acid on green apple and mango.

Conclusion: A very good dram. The nose and mouth are two aspects that make it really good, without letting us sleep after the first soft impression.


Nose: Powerful, initially very spicy. At ventilation it becomes much more fruity (including berries) with hints of hazelnuts.
Taste: Opulent, it develops fruity aromas. I perceive blood orange, exotic fruit then everything changes blackcurrant.
Finish: rather long and fruity.

A bomb delectable fruity, although not very conventional.

The nose is fruity and powerful, mainly yellow fruits (mandarin orange), but also red fruits. Its presence, spicy at first, gradually reveals all its complexity. We have sherry, almonds and coffee. Ultimately, it has a beautiful mix of sherry and yellow fruits. Water brings the orange blossom and lavender.
The palate opens with yellow fruit (mandarin) and hazelnut. Then a great farmer impact, bitter chocolate coating, wood and dry sherry appear. It is extremely warm and pleasant to taste. With aeration, structurally more things like smoke or pepper are added to this beautiful dominant fruity taste.
The final length, medium to long, is on oilseeds and farm. It also has bitter chocolate, and some traces of woody peat. Water brings out the citrus (orange).

In conclusion, a very nice fruity whisky, well supported by a good farmer influences.


Nose: beautiful from the start. Confit and very fruity. Grows and gains enormously with aeration. Demonstrated a good sherry, fine and melted. Spices, dried fruit and red. Top notch.
Palate: frank sherry and oak on one side
Finish: long on red fruit and spices.

Comments: really great nose but mouth a bit less good quality although enjoyable. Super easy to drink. I love. Lacks a bit of complexity to be a winner.

color: amber
nose: caramel, toffee, coffee, some cacao and dark wood
taste: full flavoured, some spicy notes, also caramel and toffee sweets, the finish is sweet with a spicy bite and full of oily woodiness, love it


Color: Amber
Nose: Fruits
Mouth: Roasted pinacle, peaches with sirup, apricot, mango
Finish: Long on the fruits

Molasses, citrus, ripe pears, raisins, vanilla. Is this a rum? No? Really? It is a quite interesting dram but smells more of rum than of whisky.

Nose: Fresh clear sherry notes, spicy, chocolate with raisins and also some influences of wood. Even a smell that reminds me of sweet dates.
Taste: A nice powerful combination of bitterness, spice and sweet tones.
Finish: Long, spicy with a little bit of bitterness at the end.


color: old gold bronze.
Nose: Appetizing, marzipan & fresh marmalade.
Taste: boost of alcohol, more marmalade and dry spicy.
After: dry, old oak.....

Nice aged whisky, if i am not mistaken.


Color: Amber.
Nose: The nose is richly fruity (citrus fruits) and dense. Notes of cocoa grow slowly, with a slightly woody side(old wood, toasted oak). Sweet spices make their appearance (cinnamon, ginger). The banana is ripe.
Palate: The palate is oily, thick, rich, fruity (dried fruit), spicy (sweet spices, cinnamon, nutmeg). Develops notes of caramel, chocolate, toast and brioche.
Finale: A hint of smoke with a hint of fresh mint, then finally a hint of black pepper, perhaps with some fine notes of iodine.

Colour: Old gold.
Nose first nose jam and fruit pulp. Slightly waxy. Grapevine (candied orange and chocolate). Slight woody pungency. Rose petal jam, apricot jam and almonds. Slightly acidic. Marzipan. Pastry, sponge. Potpourri. A little soap, shampoo. Over time, the baker wins on the cake.
With a few drops of water, offsetting well, the nose becomes beautifully floral.
Palate: Oily and immediately pungent, woody, spicy, alcohol, astringent. A limit of aggression.
The calm water greatly that mouth, but without actually balancing.
Finale: In the wake of the mouth, gradually softened with a veil of smoke and a slight hint of dried fruit.
The water makes the final sharper, almost sharp.

Comment: A pretty nose is pleasant, expressive, complex, beautiful evolution. Unfortunately, the mouth is unbalanced. The water does not bring much.

Colour: amber
Nose: round and smooth. Sherry-like sweetness. Oranges and tangerines. Toffee, vanilla and earthy notes as well. Complex. Very nice!
Tasting: malty, oak, some dried fruits (plums). Licorice and coffee beans are also present. Not very powerful in my opinion though. Disappointing.
Finish: Medium, bitterness with some pepper

Comment: nose is very intriguing. Unfortunately the taste doesn't deliver those promises.

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